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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a Week

Well it's been busy around our house the last week or so. Alana Mum and his Nanny were here from Thursday to Tuesday. It was a great visit. We did he usual mall and dinner. Played 5 Crowns which I love, went the the Farmers Market and went to the Royal Alberta Museum.

Nanny is truly a remarkable woman. She is 81, and she's as sharp as a tac and you can't get anything by her. She is a little slow moving and can't bend all that well, but she is 81. She remembers so much of the past. She was raised in England, married Grandad and his work as a geologist discovering new places where oil was took them to India, Ecuador, and Burma. She has birthed in all these countries and I was so eager to hear about her experiences. Well, I was a little bummed out to hear that she had private healthcare and British doctors. She was never in the woods with a local Indian woman assisting her to give birth in the most natural setting.
She has lived a life we can't even imagine. She was a child during the war and after she didn't experience the depression as others might have. Her father did well, and as a result she wasn't poor. She trained to be a primary school teacher, but soon after married and had babies and when her eldest (Alans dad) was 6 weeks she boarded a plane and left England. This wasn't at all common for those times.
She had servants, cooks, house boys, you name it.
This isn't to say she didn't see the real world. She saw it and she lived it. Her stories are so fascinating, and so well told.
Mum and I sugguested she write a book. She of course says this is something she wouldn't ever do. Why I don't know. Wouldn't you buy that book?
After all of that, they took a big gamble, moved back to England and purchased a hotel. Years later sold it and Grandad passed away a few years ago.
She is still a world traveler though. She has children in Dubai, Australia, and Canada, who she often sees.
She is so strong and so knowledgable, but at the same time so lonely I think. Loosing a husband so unexpectedly must be heartbreaking.

On another note, Sutton is learning so much. He went from slithering to a proper crawl. He can also pull himself up to a standing position. He can wave too. Nanny taught him to clap. He loves to throw a ball and clap and smile afterwards.
Watching him grow, learn and discover is truly amazing.
He has also been sleeping in his crib through the night more times then not. He also goes to be well now, and has both daily naps in his crib. Fantastic. Goodbye swing, you were amazing!

We have started another moms group, so this is great. It is for toddlers, so Sutton is by far the youngest in attendance!

AND I finally got an iPhone. I feel so special. I love having a camera on my phone again! I have an iPad so it was fairly easy to learn. My numbers are all transfered over and I'm uploading apps like I have nothing better to do.

I have also joined yoga, and my local community league! Wow, busy lady I am!