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What's My Deal? - - - There is so much to say, but I will give you the basics in regards to this blog. I am a Canadian 20 something woman married to a wonderful man, and we are the parents to our wondeful son who was born in the fall of 2010. As you will read, I am a supporter of breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, and so much more, but mostly learning about babies! Oh, and I also love reading blogs and playing jigsaw online!!! I blog to share things that I have learned, read, heard and experienced.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I went alone to the HypnoBirthing course tonight as Alan is out of town.  I wish he could have been there as we did the birthing plans.  Actually, it was a hand out and we just check off things we do or don't want.  If anyone wants a copy let me know, and I will scan and email it to you!
This class was really empowering and I am ready to do this.  I can honestly say that I am no longer scared or nervous to give birth.  I think I will always fear any "special circumstances" (emergencies) that can arise, but this is normal I am sure.  I am ready for a natural childbirth though. 
If you have any questions on what Hypnobirthing is or what it entails, please ask me.  The desciptions online can be vague and seem very new age, and really is just about knowing our body and what to expect, and how to relax to let your body do as it is naturally designed to do so!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Advice/Opinions/Comments I Have Received!!!

Well all give and get advice from time to time, and sometimes the advice is great and worthy, and at other times, you just want to punch the person who said it in the face.

Here is some of the "advice" or opinions or anecdotes I have been given in the last 8 months or so.  My Ideas are in brackets beside!!!

1.  Good luck cloth diapering, you will be covered in shit. (Yes, well, I can't wait to take a poo filled diaper and rub is all over my arms, legs and chest, you idiot!)
2.  You are taking grocery store brand prenatals???  (Will this kill my baby?)
3.  You're not going to an ob/gyn...good luck. (They are SURGEONS, why do I need a surgeon?)
4.  No baby in the bed with you, you'll have your work cut out for you. (Um...WHAT?????)
5.  A natural childbirth, you will never be able to do this without pain medication (Right, because I am the 1st woman EVER to want a natural childbirth)
6.  Let me pick a name for you.  (What, are you INSANE????)
7.  Your crotch is going to burn, its the worst feeling ever.  (I would imagine my crotch on fire is painful yes.)
8.  Listen to my horrible labour story. (Why would I want to hear that?)
9.  Will you keep the placenta?  (Oh yes, most definitely, I have a nice place on my mantel all picked out already..WTF???)
10.  Just make sure to choose a good name (Because, you thought I would choose a horrible name?)
11.  You don't understand because you aren't a mother.  (Apparently only genius' have children then????)
12.  You don't know what its like to support people financially. (Oh right, at the age of 28 with a job, a car, a house, etc etc etc...I have no idea the value of a dollar)
13.  You aren't sleeping well because the baby is preparing you for never sleeping again. (Okay, so really, parents go months straight with NO sleep, sure they do.)
14.  It's going to be so hard for you, such an adjustment (Ya, well, no shit asshole, but lets not forget that I married an amazing man, who is anticipating this baby as much as I am.)
15.  Oh wow, how did that happen? (I had unprotected sex days prior to ovulation, you idiot)
16.  How are you feeling? (My reaction varies depending on who asks this)
17.  Can I touch your belly? (Says the stranger in the Subway Sandwhich line up)
18.  Oh, look at you all preggers! (I HATE the word preggers, I actually even prefer to be called knocked up over preggers, and yes, I am aware of how I look!)

There are many more of course, but the one that pisses me off the most are when people tell me that I don't have a clue on things "because I am not a mother"  Being a mother doesn't make you a GOOD mother, it simply only alerts the world that sometimes idiots (usually the people who say this) can have kids too...and they do!!!  Why do people say that?  Why can I not have an opinion on something, or know something because I don't have my own children.  I have spent years around kids, and of course used to be one.  Also, I can say that certain products on the market are crap, and simply ways to make money, don't we all as consumers have the right to have an opinion on something that is available for sale????

For example:  At a store one day, I laughed and shook my head, the saleswoman looked at me, and asked what was funny.  I said that I was shocked that someone would make this, and then think that people would buy it.  Please see below:  (It's a little tent you put over the penis when changing the baby, so you don't get sprayed.)  She said to me, that if I was having a boy, it would come in very useful. Ya, sure it would!!!

There are of course many people who say great things to pregnant women, or hold open the door at the mall, offer you a hand when reaching something from up high, let you in front of them in the bathroom, all these great wonderful things.  Those moments I love and appreciate in people, its the rude and clueless ones that piss me off!!!

Please share other ridiculous things you have heard when pregnant.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seriously Baby.....I'm Your Mother, And I Say NO!!!

Seriously, this baby is trying to escape.  Well, I am sure that he really isn't, but it sure feels that way!  A couple weeks ago, I noticed that the movements were very different and I think it is just because he is getting so big.  Then about a week ago, I felt a tightening in my belly area, and wasn't sure if it was "Braxton Hicks" contractions or not. In my course we call it "Practice Labour."  We actually use a lot of different wording in the class.  It's all a mind set, and I think it does help.
Anyway, the class was great, and I definitely am experiencing practice labour.  It is really interesting that my body does this.  Everyday it amazes me more and more, that the female human body was designed to give birth.  Your body knows exactly what to do, and when to do it.  I can't even describe the feeling of these practice surges, but it basically feels as I guess it should.  My uterine muscles contracting.  It seems like all day I have been having them.  More so than not anyway.  I am scared that he wants out, but I also know that this is normal and it is my body preparing for labour.  I also sometimes feel pressure on my cervix area, this I assume is normal as well.  Startles me everytime though.
We learn a lot about the body in the HypnoBirthing classes, and as a result, I am ready for whatever is going to happen and no longer look at childbirth as the scariest event I will ever go through....well, today, at this moment that's how I feel, tomorrow or later this evening could be a completely different story.  But, that's a good start that I only sometimes freak out now! haha Actually in the class this past Sunday, I was so pumped I wanted to have the baby that night.  I told everyone it was "Now or Never"  at which point, Alan almost died of embarrassment.  hahaha  I also shocked him when I asked her how I knew I was in labour and ready to go to the hospital.  I know though, that I did all the other first timers a favour as well!  haha.  It was previously mentioned that we wait to go to the hospital/birthing centre, wherever, until we are basically ready to deliver.  Well, how do I know.  I mean, I may think I am 10cm dilated, but really only be 2cm.  And I wouldn't want to go to the hospital, just to get sent home again.  Here is the kicker though.....I think that I only just realized that when you are "checked"  it is not a visual inspection, but a vaginal exam.  They feel your cervix to measure (fingers not rulers).  So, that brought me to another questions....can our husbands do this or can we do it ourselves, etc.  She said yes, it is perfectly possible, and accurate.  I will have to google this later on!  haha  Anyway, we learned about how to hear our body and to understand the signs of approaching delivery.  When to stay home, and when to get in the car, we also learned when not to get in the car!  I think I learnt more on Sunday about childbirth, than I have in my entire 28 years.  I just hope that Alan took notes!

On a side note...I am still feeling, well, pregnant!  I technically have just over 8 weeks to go.  I also have only 32 working days left as well!  A replacement for me has been hired, and she seems perfect for the job.  She starts on Monday, and I look forward to fully meeting her, and of course training her.  I think she will pick up quickly, and be able to figure things out!  Yay!!!!

Alan is gone now for an unknown amount of days, and in that time, I will try to do some nesting.....(am I suppose to dread it, or look forward to it?  hahaha)  I need to organize and clean out the linen closet.  I also have to clean the construction mess from the window install, and then Steph will paint the room, hopefully next week when she is back from Mexico.  I am so jealous I am not there as well.

My shower is coming up too!  I can't wait.  It has been months on the planning, and I can't believe the time is finally approaching.

Oh...and people are still convinced I am small.  Seriously, everyone I see says I am so small for the amount of weeks that I am.  I always reply that I don't feel small at all.  In fact, I feel massive, and I always feel so full, and bloated.  I hate eating supper, because I feel like crap afterwards, and usually puke it up anyway. I also feel like I constantly have to pee.  I did go to the mall this weekend though, and didn't cry because the bathroom line up was too long.  It didn't prove effective last time! I think that because it is my first that I am smaller than some.  Also, I am not cramming my face every second I get, so I haven't really gained a ton of weight elsewhere.  (Yay yay yay!!!!!)  I also figure that because my torso is long in comparison to my legs that my belly is stretched longways, rather than straight out.  I have no idea.  Maybe I should take it as a compliment.  But it always comes off as an insult. 

And another cute comic!!!!

(Do I really need his permission for use????,
if anything I am letting people know about him and his fantastic comics!!!!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Weeks!!!

Here I am at 30 weeks along! (Taken on Fri, Sept 10, 2010). 

I had my regular appointment just yesterday, and am now going every 2 weeks!  The baby's heartbeat was 140bpm.  Funny how as soon as she brings the Doppler towards me, we can already hear it.  The first few times when we heard it at 10 weeks or so, it took a couple minutes to find it.  His movements have also changed a lot.  He is just getting so big, and seems to be stretching alot more now, and less room to do it.

For the most part I am feeling well.  People always ask me how I am feeling, and the only thing I can really say is that I feel pregnant.  I am tired more now than I was in my early weeks of pregnancy.  My back is less sore now, but my sciatica nerve is worse then it was.  I still puke or dry heave almost daily, and I constantly feel full.  I feel like I am going to explode some days.  But all in all, I would say I feel good for the most part, as good as I can anyway.

I stole this saying from a friends blog, I thought it was fitting.  "It seems to me that being pregnant is like being young: You can't appreciate how awesome it is while you are in the midst of it."

The HypnoBirthing classes are going well.  We have had 2 classes so far, and have another 4 more to go.  I can say that I have taught myself to be able to relax into a deep state.  Something I never thought I would be able to do.

Today is a big day.  I am at home right now, listening to the window installers, smash away at the old window.  We are getting a new window is the baby's room today.  After they leave, I have to hurry to the southside and write my Law and Risk Management exam.  I am terrified I am going to fail.  Some things I know really really well, and for other parts, I have NO idea.  I did the practice exams, and Alan helped me, but it seems as though I don't understand the questions.  Very confusing.  If I do fail, then I simply just pay to write again.  Of course though, I will have to go to my employer and tell him that I failed.....that will be embarrassing!

I did get to sit in on a couple interviews last week for my position.  That was neat.  The one woman was INSANE!!!  Like, actually insane, and the other couple I liked, and thought they would be great for the job.  Just another 8 weeks or so, and I am officially on Maternity Leave.  OMG, I get to take Maternity Leave, and then almost a year of Parental Leave!!!  Wow!!!

I love the shadow in this picture!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Celebrate with CANDY!!!

Today marks 30 weeks!  Wow!  I know I say it all the time..but seriously, where has the time gone?  10 weeks left until my due date! Good thing Alan bought the car seat today!!!  Yay!!

I have an appointment on Monday, and I haven't actually weighed myself for about a month now.  Today alone, I ate a pack of Fruitella, a Pepsi, 4 packs of Popeys Smokes..I mean Candy Sticks, and an entire pack of Sweetarts.  And this of course, was only the snacks.  If we include meals, add in a bagel with extra butter and pasta baked with cheese!  hahaha

I have warned everyone in the office that if I collapse or start seizing, it is just a sugar overload!  haha 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Cold To Come Out To Play

Little SWB has been moving around very differently lately.  I don't yet know what he is doing.  Earlier today I thought he was trying to escape.  I reminded him it was too cold for him out in the non amniotic world.  Seemed to work, he settled down shortly thereafter.  However, at that time when I thought he was trying to escape, I was dry heaving a puking into the bathroom sink.  Maybe it was too much strain on my abdomen.

We did the Hypnobirthing class on Sunday, and I think we both enjoyed it.  Alan wasn't too alarmed, and no babies or goats were sacrificed around a fire, and no blood was drank either.  It really wasn't too meditative for us.  Read up on what exactly it is or read my previous entry for the class description.  We learned a couple simple breathing exercises, and we learned to relax a bit.  Kinda yoga-like, but just sitting and not being in a downward dog or some ridiculous body movement.  We did an exercise where we had to imagine ourselves in a kitchen, feel the heat of the oven, grab a cutting board, feel the lemon....yada yada yada, and eventually we had to bite into the lemon.  Well, aside from freaking out (calmly) because I couldn't imagine a kitchen, I did feel my mouth water when biting into the lemon.  No, seriously, it took me forever to choose a kitchen, I initally walked into mine, then screamed and ran (dishwasher is having issues, and LAST NIGHTS dishes are everywhere), then I was in Alan's parents, back to mine, and then in an imaginary one.  Aside from that, it was good.  I have to practice the breathing this week and listen to the CD as well. 
Alan and I did learn lots though, and it seems like it will be great.  I understand what it is, and why it is important.  I have to remember the "Fear, Tension, Pain" drawing.  And of course, actually apply it.  We learnt about the uterine muscles and how they work when in a "surge" and how to help the muscles work properly so not to delay labour. 
We also got to watch a few quick deliveries where the women practiced Hypnobirthing.  I was amazed that Alan didn't puke or faint, and generally didn't seem disturbed.  He commented on the fact that I missed most of the video as I was watching him.
Alan and I cracked a lot of jokes, and laughed alot.  It was fun for us.

He is working like a crazy man now, so I hope he can make the next one.  It really wouldn't be a date night without him.

AND...without further adieu, here are the most recent photos I have (taken minutes ago).  I wish Alan was here so he could have taken them better, but with the self timer (which is my normal way of doing it anyway) it may have been better to see a side by side, and of course, I couldn't figure out the side by side!

The bare belly with Bitey-Pup too!

Ah crap, I forgot to use all small letters, looks like I forgot about my new blogging style!  hahaha

Thursday, September 2, 2010

deal with my being different...and pissed off-ish-ness!

new look to my blog....sans capitals!!!  i am writing more like i do in personal emails, so the thoughts might be more random, graphic, rude and grammatically incorrect!

i feel much different this week than i did last week.
i don't know if the baby is moving differently or if perhaps i am having braxton hicks contractions.  which according to alan...don't exist.  neither do fetal hiccups.  remember, i know nothing, and make up almost everything i think or say.  hahaha  wasn't he overhearing the trash woman talk at the clinic about hiccups?  sometimes trash women actually know stuff as well, not just his beautiful amazing wife!!!

zoe comes this weekend, i can't wait.  we plan on going to the market, going to thyme, and eating fresh fruits and veg.  that's the plan thus far! 

we met with the doula the other night, and we really like her.  i think she will be great to have there at the hospital and at home beforehand if time allows.  she asked us both millions of questions, and i cried the most part of the sessions.  just little tears though, not actually sobbing.  she probably thinks i am completely insane, and if that's the case, her thoughts aren't too far off!  haha

i signed us up for pre-natal classes.....kinda!!!  a few people have recommended that i read the book "hypnobirthing" as it helped their labour immensely.  so, i read some reviews on it (apparently, that's not the same as reading the book), and talked about it with my doula. she said that there are classes as well on it.  so, the other night, i signed us up.  i wonder now if i made a huge mistake!!!  here is the class description :

Practicing Hypnobirthing® will improve your body's ability to have its perfect birth "
Your body, without any fear, will give birth without excessive pain. Fear present during birth causes tension in the body, which deprives the uterine muscles of oxygen and causes a tightening of the muscles that close the cervix. Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, an obstetrician in the 20th Century, coined this process as the 'fear-tension-pain' syndrome typical of modern childbirth. This 'fear-tension-pain' process is unnecessary and is not your bodies natural way to give birth.
HypnoBirthing® teaches women techniques to deal with their fears and stop the 'fear-tension-pain' cycle by training the body to release tension. Unnecessary pain is avoided and birth is experienced in a relaxed and natural way.

Hypnobirthing® is a full child birth education class and as such, we cover all topics necessary to help you through your pregnancy, labour and postpartum times.
Some topics that we will be covering include:

- What Happened to Birth?
- Your Changing Body
- Preparing your Body & Mind for Birth
- Fear Release & Birthing Affirmations
- Pre-birth Parenting
- Selecting your Caregivers & Birthing Environment
- Your Body: Perfectly Designed for Birth
- Techniques for Achieving Your Gentle & Relaxed Birth
- Breastfeeding
- Postpartum Needs & Care
- Community Resources & Support

in theory it sounds like it will be very informative, and help me to release my fears of a human being removed from my body through my crotch, but i also fear that it might be a little bit new age.  i really hope that both alan and i enjoy it, and don't drive home sunday thinking we wasted so much money and have to endure another 5 weeks of it.  its on sundays from 6pm until 8pm for 6 weeks i think.  as long as there isn't a huge focus on meditation, etc, then all should be good!  and because our doula is a huge supporter of hypnobirthing, then it will be even more beneficial!

monday night, we pretty much bought a car, and then unbought a car.  we backed out at the last minute.  i really didn't feel right about it.  and we got sucked into the standard routine from a used car salesman. 
there were times when i could barely breathe, i felt so much stress, and i could feel my son was stressed out as well!!!!  it wasn't good.  i was all tight and tense and couldn't focus on anything.  i can't imagine being one of those unfortunate people who are always stressed out.
he (used car douche) even mentioned several times about his lung cancer he has had twice.  okay seriously, i don't care.  for several reasons....a) i SAW you smoking, you later denied you were smoking (liar) b) we don't know you, c) you are so wormy and d) your perv stash is freaking me out.  that's right alex!  fuck you!!!!!  he really pissed me off yesterday when i called him to say we weren't going through with it.  well, minutes after i hung up, he called alan.  did he not see during our meeting, that i am the more dominate one when it comes to negotiating deals, deciding things, etc.  why talk to alan?  "alex" should have known alan would say he would call me to discuss. 
when alan told me about this, i freaked out, and instantly called alex and nicely gave him a piece of my mind.  he then said to me that he only called alan to let him know that he was calling him for a reason??  wtf??? do we look stupid?  clearly we aren't because we didn't take the crap deal he was willing to offer us!n  so ya, it's official, i hate alex the used car salesman!

3 other people are pissing me off now too.  2 i can ignore, 1 i cannot.  i fear i will loose it on the one i can't ignore.  the other 2, well, frankly, i don't even know why i'm so irritated by them, after all, things haven't changed, just always stayed the same between them and i.  why is everyone pissing me off????
whatever.  everything seems to irritate me these days, so i am deciding it is purely pregnancy related, and i have the right to be pissed off and irritated at people.  but, i warn you all, tread lightly because i am a volcano waiting to erupt, and throw and puke on, scalding hot lava, with precise accuracy and distance!

and to top it off, while driving to work this am, i was puking into a bag...while driving.  sometimes, i just can't pull over when necessary! 

here is a fuzzy bad quality pic of my cat who also looks somewhat pissed off and doesn't care what we think, he is laying in the stove because he loves to. deal with it!!!

have a good day y'all., from lewis and myself!