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What's My Deal? - - - There is so much to say, but I will give you the basics in regards to this blog. I am a Canadian 20 something woman married to a wonderful man, and we are the parents to our wondeful son who was born in the fall of 2010. As you will read, I am a supporter of breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, and so much more, but mostly learning about babies! Oh, and I also love reading blogs and playing jigsaw online!!! I blog to share things that I have learned, read, heard and experienced.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Penis or Vagina????

So, yesterday was the day I had been anticipating for exactly 3 months, the day of my first pre-natal appointment I was given a req for my my ultrasound.
It suprises me that the day has come and gone, my 2nd Trimester diagnostic ultrasound!
The tech was really nice.  The day didn't turn out as planned.  I am horribly sick again, and ended up leaving work to go to the hospital to get my breathing checked out, as it was getting more difficult to breathe and my inhaler simply wasn't working.  Alan ended up driving me to work and the entire time, I coughed so much that I was heaving and puking into a bag.  I was very concerned that I wasn't getting enough oxygen and in turn the baby wouldn't be either.  And also, I had a lot of pressure in my abdomen, and wasn't sure if I could have ruptured something.  I had no idea. 
So, after that, we grabbed some lunch, head off to Indigo Books for a minute, and then to the Clinic.  I was there early, and they were able to get my in early as well.  So, that was great.  The only downside was that I didn't drink enough water.  (I thought I could fool them)  The tech then made me drink 5 styrofoam glasses of warm water!  I know, you must think I have lost all my morals - I DRANK FROM A STYROFOAM CUP!!!  This is something I NEVER do!!
So, after my warm water earth ruining chug event, she starts.  And I mention to her that WE would like to know the sex of the baby.  A couple minutes later, she simply states "You are having a baby boy"  she turns the screen so I can see it, and shows me that there is in fact a penis and a scrotum.  It is 100% confirmed.  There was no mistaking it.  We also saw the cord, so I know it wasn't mistaken for a penis, as I have heard that this can sometimes happen.  I was shocked that she told me like that, as I said WE, not I.  Oh well.  (My reaction was simply me stating "I knew it", I didn't feel much emotion wise, I think I just wanted Alan there to be with me, to experience it all.)
Later I have to make her stop as I have the worst paine ver in my kidney.  Same as the pains I have had so many times before. I knew it was my kidney, and I needed to get up and walk around. I told her about it, and she didn't seem too concerned.  Then it became so bad, that I just sat up, and got off the table and moved around.  I threw off that disgusting slimy hospital gown and was only in my bra and underware.  Note:  My dignity is already gone!!!
I was in so much pain that I couldn't even speak well, and she did look atmy kidneys, but nothing she saw was unusual.  I also don't think she is a qualified kidney inspection expert.  I even looked at he screen to see if I saw an entire family of bugs eatting away at my vital organs.  I saw no such thing. 
So...back to the good stuff!!!!  Alan comes into the room finally, (I was just finishing peeing) as the diagnostics part of the xam is over.  He walks in, I lay back on the bed.....still pretty much naked, as I wasn't putting that gross slimy lubricated thing all over my newly shaped body.  I smile at him, and tell him I know what it is.  The tech then shows him the head, the arms, leg, spine and penis.  He was so shocked, I think he was convinced it was going to be a girl.  He looked so suprised and so happy, that I fully reacted and got tears in my own eyes.  His smile was perfect, and was ear to ear!!!
Then the calls and texts started, and usually those I called knew why I was calling, so when they picked up, I simply screamed out "I saw a penis!!!"  hahaha
All in all, despite all my health problems that day, it was perfect!!!!!!  We know the sex of our baby and are so happy!!!!!!
Congratulations to us AGAIN!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Joy Joy Joy!!!!

Two posts in 1 day!  I must be going crazy!!!!

Anyway, the xray clinic just called to confirm my appointment tomorrow at 2pm!!!!
I also then asked if their techs will determine the sex of the baby.  And she assured me that as long as I am between 18-20 weeks (I AM!!) and the baby will allow it that they will tell us!
I then asked her if all the techs do, that I heard through the horrible mean people ruining lives grapevine that some techs do not believe this is necessary and could not disclose it to us.
She then assured me, after giggling, that as far as she knows, all the techs there do tell you if you want to know!
Finally, the world is at peace!

I Don't Have Immunity!!!

This pregnancy has brought me many things, and taught me many things.
One thing I have been given over and over, is illness.  The ALL DAY sickness has passed, and, and I get mini flus and colds over and over.  Friday just after noon the latest one started.  I ended up going to bed at 7:30pm, waking up late the next morning, all without food, so needless to say I was very weak, and the heat wafting through the house didn't help at all either!!! Alan was full of energy though, and got so much done around the house it was unreal!  He was like a machine.  I did manage to shower though and go to a bday party for a 2 year old, and then I just layed in my chair and watched crap TV all day!  Same for Sunday as well, other than the trip to Home Depot, Thyme, and Canadian Tire.

To make matters even worse, I was on edge all weekend, loosing valuable sleep over my ultrasound tomorrow!  I am so scared that I am going to have some mean old bitch who won't tell me the sex of the baby.  I know how things go down at the last place I went, but this is a different clinic this time, and I don't know what to expect.  I know that last time they allowed Alan in with me, and went through everything in detail.  She even let me pee part way through the ultrasound, which if you have ever been pregnant and forced to hold over 1 Litre of liquid in your bladder before, while laying on your back wth pressure applied to your tummy you can appreciate my praise when I was told to go for a pee and then come back!  Why wouldn't I come back though, I was in a freakin hospital gown!!!!!

It seems as though I have no control over what I feel either.  It is so pathetic really.  Why can I not just put my mind at rest and think of something else.  Even this morning, when Kobe came on the bed with me, he was so cute and so snuggled in with me, that normally I would wake Alan up to show him, but even Kobe can't lift my spirits on this one.  I wish I had more control over my mind and my emotions.

But ya, back to the original topic.  I hate being sick.  It is basically just me in the office this week, so I have to be here all day every day (except my appointment tomorrow).  My cough is so bad that this morning on the way to work I coughed so hard that I puked all over my seat and some of it even got on my leg.  EWWWWWW!!!

And, on another note, I think I am suffocating my boobs.  I finally broke down yesterday and bought new bras.  My nipples were always hanging out of the ones I had, and enough was enough.  I went to Thyme, as I had previously gone everywhere else and had no luck.
Well, I ended up buying 2, and they are so annoying.  It was okay in the store OF COURSE, but as I am wearing it today, it is so tight, the straps are so thick, the undwire is digging in between my boobs, and I just want to rip it off immediately.  What I want to find, are the bras I currently have and LOVE, just a size larger, but I can't find them anymore.

If anyone has any remedies or advice on how to treat a cold and cough while in my "condition", please do let me know!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Bond Is On The Way!!!

I am offically telling everyone now that Alan and I are expecting!!  I should also add that Lewis and Kobe are as well, but they just don't know yet.  We keep prepping them, but they will realize soon enough.  We are still keeping Lewis out of the spare room, as we still want to maintain the only hair free zone in the house!  Not only are Alan and I expecting, but so are Zoe and Zane (Alan's sister) and Christine and Todd (my sister).  They are both a few weeks behind me.  Both sets grandparents are going to have a busy fall thats for sure!!!

Our official due date is November 19, 2010.  I can't believe I am already half way done my pregnancy.  These last months have gone by so quickly yet so slowly at the same time. 

It is hard to imagine a little baby in our house.  We have so much to do for preparations still.  We need to clean out the den, move the guest room into the den, and then the guest room where it is currently will become the BABIES ROOM!!!  OMG!!!!

I guess I will start from the beginning......This journey for us started over a year ago, and finally a positive result on the pregnancy test.  After being motionless for seconds and in shock, I automatically assumed I must have done something wrong, afterall, I had had so many negative results, that I couldn't believe we had a positive one.  On my lunch break one day (March 17, 2010) I decided to pop out of the office for my remainig 15 minutes, buy a test, and go for a pee.  Well, we all know how impatient I am, so I walked into any old office building that had them for sale, then went up a few floors, found a bathroom and did the test.  I immediately called a couple friends, but couldn't even really speak cause I was still motionless and in shock.  (Emailing pictures is what I resulted to in the end)   I NEVER thought this was going to happen, it seemed like such a long "trying" period, and our next option was for fertility testing.  I had already been awaiting my appointment with a specialist. 
After somehow managing to walk the few blocks back to my building, I walked in, and went into a co-workers office and put her hand on my chest to let her feel my heart beat.  I still laugh as some errors are coming up that were made that day!  I really can't be held accountable for whatever I did those last few hours of that day.

I had planned on how to tell Alan months previous to this, when I thought I may have been pregnant, but after getting bloodwork done to confirm it, I got home, and SUPRISE....not pregnant!!!!  I decided that I didn't like that idea anymore, as it wasn't my current feelings, so in my daze of emotions that day, I came up with this idea (see picture).  Let me tell you...there is still a dent on my kitchen floor from where I stood forever staring out the window so I could see Alan's reaction as he parked the truck after work.  As he got out of the truck, I sent Kobe outside for his greeting, then waited to see what Alan said.  He then asked me if I was serious.  Do I seem that evil that I would do this as a joke!  He said when he called to say he was on his way home, he knew something was up, he could hear it in my voice.  We then cut the balloons off, and let them go in the air for good luck.  (That, and and we can't have them in the house as the cat will go mental!)  I was really happy with the way I told/showed Alan the news, and he used to always comment to me when I parked in the "Expectant Mothers Parking Only" spots at the mall....they have the great spots so close to the doors!  This was a good play on my old trick anyway! 

March 17 seems like so long ago, as so much has happened since then.  Both my body and memory are long gone.  Gone also, is the morning sickness.  I never thought this would pass.  I was on Diclectin for a few weeks, and occasionally I still dry heave, but after a few minutes this passes.  I no longer vomit at the sight of bread, but now suffer with a sore tummy at night because popscicles always seem like a good idea at the time!!!

Below are some pictures!!!

9 Weeks!!! (Looking, but not feeling the same as I was 9 weeks previously!!!)

Our little Babers at the 11 week genetic testing ultrasound appointment!  This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Alan was suprised to see that it wasn't all just "mush"

13 Weeks (Definately starting to show!)

The following were all taken in England a couple weeks ago when I was 17 weeks.

This is the news that I have been waiting so long to tell everyone!!!!!  Congratualtions to Alan and I!!!!