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What's My Deal? - - - There is so much to say, but I will give you the basics in regards to this blog. I am a Canadian 20 something woman married to a wonderful man, and we are the parents to our wondeful son who was born in the fall of 2010. As you will read, I am a supporter of breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, and so much more, but mostly learning about babies! Oh, and I also love reading blogs and playing jigsaw online!!! I blog to share things that I have learned, read, heard and experienced.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm back!!!

It appears I do have some faithful followers because I am getting hate mail that I haven't done a blog post in some time now. Over 2 months to be exact.

Why haven't I have a post....because I am so busy.....being a parent has made me more busy than ever. For real, now that I am at home most days and not in the office I seem to have less and less time for things that I used to have time for.

My days are filled with cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, playing, settling baby for naps, play dates, errands and babysitting a couple children on a part time basis. Aside from all of this, I still have to shower and do laundry and all the other extra things which relate to running a household and family. I have become this woman who can multitask like never before. As great as it is, I can get frustrated and there are days when it doesn't all get done, or showering is the last thing on my list.

We did another session of Mommy Connections and I made some more wonderful friends with adorable children. Funny how sometimes when you have a young child, you feel so alone but at the same time feel as though you have more friends than you can possibly visit and see.

My younger sister Brittany moved here at the end of September. This of course has come with many ups and downs. I feel that sometimes I am too hard on her or that I am too motherly to her. This is a switch that is hard to turn on and off. She is so much younger than I am, and I find it hard to remember what it was like at her age. This maybe is because we are different people and have lived different lives. Similarities there are, but all in all it is very different. She is also going through her own changes and I need to remember this must be a really hard time for her.

Sutton has changed SO much! He went from slithering to crawling. After he could properly crawl he instantly was pulling himself up and cruising. Now he can walk without assistance for several steps. My little boy!!!!!! My baby is becoming a little boy! He can wave 'Hi' and loves to do this. He prefers to point with his middle finger, this of course is quite funny. Teeth are popping out everywhere and the sounds are never ending.

Omg, i can't even finish this post, I am newly obessed with True Blood and Sutton is sleeping so I have to take advantage of this time to watch it uninterrupted!!!!! hahaha