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What's My Deal? - - - There is so much to say, but I will give you the basics in regards to this blog. I am a Canadian 20 something woman married to a wonderful man, and we are the parents to our wondeful son who was born in the fall of 2010. As you will read, I am a supporter of breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, and so much more, but mostly learning about babies! Oh, and I also love reading blogs and playing jigsaw online!!! I blog to share things that I have learned, read, heard and experienced.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well, the day I have been anticipating forever is almost here....my last day of work!
Don't get me wrong, I love my job and all, but I also love not working!!!!  I also know that these words will bite me in the ass.  Because I am "so social" I think it will be very hard for me to be home everyday, but I also know that little Mr. Bond won't allow me anytime to be bored. 

The past couple weeks at work have been insane.  One Administrator quit 2 Friday's ago, and I have been training my replacement for a number of weeks now.  She is doing really well, so I no longer have to sit and watch her work, I can work myself.  Our Property Manager is on holidays for 2 weeks, and again, we had 1 woman quit.  I really thought my last few weeks were going to be really relaxing and laid back.  Crappers, was I wrong!  I have worked harder these last couple weeks than I have in the last couple months...combined!  hahaha  Monday and Tuesday this week I took off.  Technically, I called in sick, I didn't really "take it off"  and even then, I didn't call in, I BlackBerry Messenged my replacement, and then emailed my boss yesterday afternoon.

Here is me at work, using the vacationers office.  I look happy...I'm not....I should be an actress and not a Property Administrator!  hahaha  (Only 7 working days left now!!!)

I had a weekly prenatal appointment on Monday, and it left me VERY uncomfortable.  I had an exam, which I will refuse if they try again this coming Monday.  Sore back, sore and swollen hands, sciatic nerve, etc etc.  As it turns out, things are progressing nicely, and dialation has even started.  Which is normal and expected for just over 36 weeks anyway!  More changes have happened since Monday, and I am stil convinced this baby will come early.  We should almost make a pool or bet or something, just for fun!  I told Alan though this morning, that he cannot go out of town anymore overnight.  Not as things are the way they are.  Although, I could stay as I am now for weeks, or I could have this baby today!  (Although, I hope not!!!!...kinda, as much as I would love to not be pregnant anymore and meet my little man, I also want him to remain in there until 38 weeks at least!!!...I dunno!)

Even though I feel like crap or uncomfortable almost all the time, I am doing well.  Still healthy, and thats the important part.  I have been nesting like crazy though.  Alan has been gone a lot, and I find it the perfect time to actually get things done. And of course to do it my way as well.  I FINALLY managed to clean the linen closet.  Mildly redecorated the bathroom (more to come).  I went to Ikea, bought the Rocking Moose (Horse) and got that built...by myself....and man oh man, was it a beotch to do.  I also bought a new computer desk.  This was fun.  It took me forever to choose, and I got lost in Ikea a couple times, and only partially shed a tear.  I selected the perfect desk, and then another shopper helped me into the car with it.  I knocked on my neighbours door to help me get it into the house, and he wasn't home, so I had to drag it in myself.  Done!  Then to set it up!  I did just fine!  I am actually very good at stuff like this.  It's when I am offered help that I freak out and can't do it. I did go back and get the neighbour to help me move the old ugly hutch dressing table crap POS thing out, I dragged as much as I could, but then it got stuck, so I needed help.  So, by getting rid of 2...maybe 3 pieces of furniture I was able to make a usable space for the new computer area, as well as free up half our living room for giant baby plastic contraptions!!!!

Please check out our new compluter area!!!

I went to a Silpada Party on Saturday too, it was great fun!  Good food too!  Now I just have to wait until my necklace and earrings come in.

Sunday we had our Maternity Photo Session done.  It was great, and Alan and I actually enjoyed our time together.  The photographer was so nice and so understanding, and she loved my shirt and hair!  Yay!!!!  hahahaha

AND....Congratulations to Elsie, Adam and Ella on their new little family member...Freddie!!!  Congrats guys, whats a beautiful family!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

35 Weeks

35 Weeks already!  Although, these last couple weeks have been really hard on me physically, and I don't see the upcoming weeks becoming an easier, I am thrilled that we are almost done with pregnancy, and about to embark on parenthood!!!

Here I am at 35 Weeks in the babies room!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Babies Room is Finished!!!

Little Mr. Bond's room is finished.  We just need a baby now!!

Here are some pics of the process:

I was helping to build the bookshelf.

Here we are, all set up!

This picture shows the wall picture well!  The one that I had to fight for!  I am so thankful I did!
You can also see the little area rug.  We had a hard time finding something suitable that was the perfect size, and that wasn't going to cost hundreds of dollars.  This one was the perfect size, colour and texture, and was a steal of a deal!

 The dresser/changetable, wall pictures, laundry basket and diaper pail.

The glider/rocker chair!  I wanted colourful curtains!  And these are perfect.  I also love that they don't go to the floor.  Alan was hesitant about the colour of course, but I reassured him that they are boy red and not girl red....must have worked!!!!  They add a nice splash of colour I think.

The bookshelf.  The lighthouse, is Blinky, all my ON friends will know who he is.  Alan's parents gave it to us years ago when we were home for the town reunion.  The case of books are Alan's Thomas the Tank Engine books from when he was little.  He and his uncle made the little case for it!  The bear on the bottom left is something I made in ceramics in 1992.  And the little double decker bus at the bottom is something we got when this baby went to England for the first time....18 weeks in utero!

Right when you walk into the room there is a little curve to make.  This is where we put his inital hooks for his cute hooded towel, sleep sack and I put Alan's booties on there.  I couldn't resist, they are so cute!  And I have no idea where I will find some for this little guy as they don't make them like they used to!

All the clothes cleaned, folded and organized!!!!!  I loved doing this, and I realized we have far more clothes than originally thought!

A view from the other side of the room (standing at the window) showing the closet!!!  It looks like we can't opent he closet door, but we actually can.

The bed all made.  Aunt Zoe and Uncle Zane gave us the lamb, he makes sounds.  And this is Alan's little Kirby from when he was little.  I still haven't been able to find the perfect lovey for this little guy yet.  I am constantly looking though!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What a Mover & a Shaker!

Look at this little guy move!!!  It was a miracle I caught it on video actually.  He was moving like crazy, and I figured I would try to grab a video, and he did it once more right away to this extent. 
It's moments like this that I think I will miss.  As I have expressed before I don't particularly love being pregnant as some women do.  But these signs of live MY SON shows make those hard days all that much better!!!!

I am definately ready to have this baby.  Of course at 34 weeks I would like to wait a couple weeks at least just so he is big enough and his lungs are fully developed.

Check out the video.  The best part is within the first 15 seconds or so.  I held the camera quite still, and you can see the slight up and down movements of me breathing.  The movements that you can see the best are the right to left ones, and again the best part is within the first 10-15 seconds.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I am all Showered!!!

This past weekend was SO busy!!!!  Friday night, I got home from work, after almost being rear ended by some asshole who shouldn't even be allowed to have a license, only to get home, give pup a kiss then head off to the hockey game with Alan, Danny and Christina.  Great night out!
Saturday, I got up early, did some errands, came home, showered, attended my baby shower, then went home to bed. 
Sunday, I was up early again, went out with Alan, bought a crib, stroller, tub and some misc items, came home, showered, back to Babies R Us for a crib mattress, then went to a birthday paty for a 1 year old, then to our last HypnoBirthing class.  We got home, did a quick power clean of the house, and then I colloapsed in my bed, and woke up this morning!!!

The Baby Shower was GREAT!!!  I am so thankful to Steph for hosting it for me. There were a few special people missing in attendance, but everyone who came were all very good friends, and it was great to see everyone all at once.  And of course to celebrate the coming of little Youngblood!!
Steph's decorations were amazing too.  Instead of the usual streamers etc, she had little clothes and socks and such spread around the houue, and hanging off the walls.  The cake was outstanding.  I think that she had Buddy from Cake Boss do it, it was just that good!
We played some good games, where we had to match the celebrity names with the baby names.  The other game was baby trivia.  For example...Do you know how many bones a baby has when born......300, compared to our 209.  Apparently, they have more because they fuse together!  And, the largest baby ever born naturally was 22lbs.  OMG!!!!  At the door, the wonderful co-host (Caitlin) was in charge of getting everyones guess for the amount of M&M's in the sippy cup!  I was way off on this one!!! 
Caitlin also did an excellent job of decorating the driveway in sidewalk chalk.  She had an area for me to park that indicated it was my spot, and all others would be towed.  The other half of the driveway was decorated in sidewalk chalk as well, welcoming me with a very colourful version of my name, and she had drawn pictures of balloons. 

I LOVED that friends and family from out of province also sent giftd and cards to the hosts house for the shower.  I was so suprised actually.  It was so meaningful and I felt to loved that they cared enough to do so, and to plan it all!  I was definately touched!!!!  Thanks guys!

Everyone who wasn't able to attend the shower has been asking me what we did and what I received as gifts.  (I even brought the truck instead of the car so that I could transport all the loot home with me!!! hahaha)
We receieved so many wonderful gifts, so this is going to be hard to recap it all:
- Glider/Rocker Chair wioth Ottoman
- Excersaucer
- Swing
- Floor Play thing
- Several Blankets....even a knitted homeade one from my friend Andrea, so thoughtful, I love it!!!
- Clothing
- Sippy Cups / Spoons, etc.
- Several Toys
- Gift Cards (Babies R Us, Walmart, The Bay)
- Cloth Diaper / Wipes
- Towels / Face Cloths
- Changetable Pad
- Misc TML attire
- Books

And of course I have received several other things throughout my pregnancy from several different people.  I also had the shower with my sisters and Mom.  I could go and grab the items and grab pics of them, but really I couldn't be bothered at the moment, as the wall paint is still drying, and I don't want the pets going in, plus I am exhausted!!!!

Here are some pictures!!!

The drive way when I pulled up!

 The front door!

The amazingly done cake!

The set up of the livingroom, that is the glider/rocker that the Springers got for me!

Guessing the amount of M&M's in the sippy cup.  My guess....146, actual answer...200.

Playing one of the games!

Gift opening! (Notice the decorations on the wall!)

What a cute little toy!

The Lovin' Hug Swing from Lindsay and Cory!!!

The cake with me, the host Steph and the co-host Caitlin!

The aftermath of the cake!

Me with the balloons!!!

Some clothes I received.

Blankets and such!

Stuff for bums and mouths!

Books and toys!!!!

The large items!

This is the room before the painting.  

This is the room after the painting, and after the building of furniture!  I love how the colour turned out! Very warm, and exactly the colour of "neutral" that we were looking for!

The crib, all built and ready for a baby!

The chair from the Springers!  Not sure yet if this will be the placement of it.

The dresser/changetable.