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What's My Deal? - - - There is so much to say, but I will give you the basics in regards to this blog. I am a Canadian 20 something woman married to a wonderful man, and we are the parents to our wondeful son who was born in the fall of 2010. As you will read, I am a supporter of breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, and so much more, but mostly learning about babies! Oh, and I also love reading blogs and playing jigsaw online!!! I blog to share things that I have learned, read, heard and experienced.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm back!!!

It appears I do have some faithful followers because I am getting hate mail that I haven't done a blog post in some time now. Over 2 months to be exact.

Why haven't I have a post....because I am so busy.....being a parent has made me more busy than ever. For real, now that I am at home most days and not in the office I seem to have less and less time for things that I used to have time for.

My days are filled with cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, playing, settling baby for naps, play dates, errands and babysitting a couple children on a part time basis. Aside from all of this, I still have to shower and do laundry and all the other extra things which relate to running a household and family. I have become this woman who can multitask like never before. As great as it is, I can get frustrated and there are days when it doesn't all get done, or showering is the last thing on my list.

We did another session of Mommy Connections and I made some more wonderful friends with adorable children. Funny how sometimes when you have a young child, you feel so alone but at the same time feel as though you have more friends than you can possibly visit and see.

My younger sister Brittany moved here at the end of September. This of course has come with many ups and downs. I feel that sometimes I am too hard on her or that I am too motherly to her. This is a switch that is hard to turn on and off. She is so much younger than I am, and I find it hard to remember what it was like at her age. This maybe is because we are different people and have lived different lives. Similarities there are, but all in all it is very different. She is also going through her own changes and I need to remember this must be a really hard time for her.

Sutton has changed SO much! He went from slithering to crawling. After he could properly crawl he instantly was pulling himself up and cruising. Now he can walk without assistance for several steps. My little boy!!!!!! My baby is becoming a little boy! He can wave 'Hi' and loves to do this. He prefers to point with his middle finger, this of course is quite funny. Teeth are popping out everywhere and the sounds are never ending.

Omg, i can't even finish this post, I am newly obessed with True Blood and Sutton is sleeping so I have to take advantage of this time to watch it uninterrupted!!!!! hahaha

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a Week

Well it's been busy around our house the last week or so. Alana Mum and his Nanny were here from Thursday to Tuesday. It was a great visit. We did he usual mall and dinner. Played 5 Crowns which I love, went the the Farmers Market and went to the Royal Alberta Museum.

Nanny is truly a remarkable woman. She is 81, and she's as sharp as a tac and you can't get anything by her. She is a little slow moving and can't bend all that well, but she is 81. She remembers so much of the past. She was raised in England, married Grandad and his work as a geologist discovering new places where oil was took them to India, Ecuador, and Burma. She has birthed in all these countries and I was so eager to hear about her experiences. Well, I was a little bummed out to hear that she had private healthcare and British doctors. She was never in the woods with a local Indian woman assisting her to give birth in the most natural setting.
She has lived a life we can't even imagine. She was a child during the war and after she didn't experience the depression as others might have. Her father did well, and as a result she wasn't poor. She trained to be a primary school teacher, but soon after married and had babies and when her eldest (Alans dad) was 6 weeks she boarded a plane and left England. This wasn't at all common for those times.
She had servants, cooks, house boys, you name it.
This isn't to say she didn't see the real world. She saw it and she lived it. Her stories are so fascinating, and so well told.
Mum and I sugguested she write a book. She of course says this is something she wouldn't ever do. Why I don't know. Wouldn't you buy that book?
After all of that, they took a big gamble, moved back to England and purchased a hotel. Years later sold it and Grandad passed away a few years ago.
She is still a world traveler though. She has children in Dubai, Australia, and Canada, who she often sees.
She is so strong and so knowledgable, but at the same time so lonely I think. Loosing a husband so unexpectedly must be heartbreaking.

On another note, Sutton is learning so much. He went from slithering to a proper crawl. He can also pull himself up to a standing position. He can wave too. Nanny taught him to clap. He loves to throw a ball and clap and smile afterwards.
Watching him grow, learn and discover is truly amazing.
He has also been sleeping in his crib through the night more times then not. He also goes to be well now, and has both daily naps in his crib. Fantastic. Goodbye swing, you were amazing!

We have started another moms group, so this is great. It is for toddlers, so Sutton is by far the youngest in attendance!

AND I finally got an iPhone. I feel so special. I love having a camera on my phone again! I have an iPad so it was fairly easy to learn. My numbers are all transfered over and I'm uploading apps like I have nothing better to do.

I have also joined yoga, and my local community league! Wow, busy lady I am!

Monday, August 29, 2011

1 Little Monkey Falling Off The Bed!

Dear Lord, it happened. My baby got hurt on my watch. I'm told this is normal and will happen time and time again, but that didn't make me feel any better at the time it happened, or even now.
Sutton was in bed with me, as he normally is in the mornings. After nursing and napping on and off for a couple hours, he decided it was more fun to kick me in the face, repeatedly. This is part of his daily morning routine. I am usually awake at this point singing, laughing, talking, fake sleeping or anything else that comes along.
Today was like normal, then I fell asleep. This is when IT happened... I woke very alert because I heard a thud, then a cry. I flew out of bed and saw my precious little boy, laying on his back on the hard non carpeted bedroom floor. He was wedged between the bed and the side table. I instantly scooped him up while grabbing the phone. I called a friend who thanks to his firefighter education was able to assess Sutton through the phone. No blood, no obvious bump, pupils normal, not sleepy, etc.
I nursed him, he played, ate breakfast. I also held off his nap for almost an hour longer. He is just fine. Thank God.

This now brings some questions, which I've been trying to answer all day, but yet to have a definite answer.
Will Sutton be in our bed with just him and I again?

When he wakes around 230 or so, he comes to bed with me. I would love to nurse him in his room and put him back in his crib, but honestly, I always forget. I'm asleep and practically naked, and just bring him to bed with me. Lately Alan has been getting him and bringing him to our room. Sutton nurses, sleeps and the wakes around 6 or so and nurses on and off for a couple hours. Its usually just after 8 when we wake. SO, what do I do to change this routine?
I will add that Sutton exclusively co-slept with is for almost 8 solid months. He has only been in his crib for about 1 month, for the first half of the night for the most part. My day cannot start at 6am, that wouldn't work for either of us. Plus, sleeping, cuddling and nursing is a part of our day that I truly cherish. I think we both do. Even on the mornings that Alan is home we still do this, and Sutton always wakes Alan up by trying to climb on him.

Do I get a bed rail? Do I make sure I don't fall asleep, as I never have before. Do I make a barrier of some sort? Do I duct tape him to the bed!
I just don't want anything to change, things are perfect as they are, except for today when Sutton fell off the bed.

One thing to add, I went into the bedroom later today, to get dressed....at 2pm.....and saw the little mirror on the bed. He must have seen it, grabbed it, and then went to grab my hairspray, and that's when he fell. I don't know this, but this is what clues the evidence is leading towards.

Why did I fall into a real sleep and not just doze like normal?

Sutton is just fine now and got a little tougher today....or he is not going to be getting straight A's in school, I'm not sure.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Decision Has Been Made

I'm sitting here in bed, with the house all tidied up and on lock down.  Alan is out of town again, and as much as I hate it, it is nice at the same time.  I have had a few hours all to myself, and it feels great.  Sutton isn't away, he is in his own crib in his own room, all sleepy and cosy, dreaming of mommy milk and pizza...maybe, maybe not!

So, Alan and I finally made the decision about me going back to work or not.  Well, I made my choice I guess, he is OK with whatever I decide.  I decided...that....I....am..... NOT.....going.... back.....to.....work.  This was such a hard decision for me.  Funny how it took me so long to decide, because come to think of it, I really knew this on Nov 19, 2010, I even remember the time, it was 10:45am.  I love to work, to learn, to be responsible and be in charge of doing something, and of course I like to social aspect of it.
I do work now though, everyday, all day with breaks being very rare, and lasting only minutes if i do get a break.  I am always on call, so I can't plan much for myself.  Or when I do plan something, I will never be alone or more than a few hours.

I haven't yet told my employer that I won't be returning.  I am sure they assume I won't be.  I went in for a meeting a few weeks back to discuss working part time, and they weren't willing to do half days.  This doesn't work for my nursling.  I though about half days elsewhere, but again, it's a childcare issue.  We...or I, don't feel comfortable leaving Buttons with anyone until he is around 2.  That way, I feel, I will have a better understanding through him what sort of care he is given.  He may be talking then, but I am sure I will really know by his behaviour.  It's crazy to think of my little boy being 2.
So, there, decision made.  I am going to officially be a full time mommy and housewife....with no financial compensation. How will we make ends meet, I have no idea.  Maybe we will have to sell everything we have....kidneys included, I have no idea.  We are very comfortable with this decision, and maybe after my mat leave runs out in November, we will have to re-evaluate.  We did discuss selling the house, and finding something more manageable.  I thought about taking in a child or 2 on a part time basis, delivering flyers, whatever it takes.  It won't equal my wage before Sutton, but we are starting to see that every dirty brown penny does count.

I finally feel comfortable and at peace.  I've taken the stress away by simply deciding, and knowing I am doing what is best for my son, and my family.  Perhaps now, I can focus on my health more as well.  Crap, I am supposed to be fasting for bloodwork tomorrow...opps! 

Summer is coming to end very quickly, and it feels as though it has just started.  I love summer, and I never want it to end.  Before long, it will be -40'C in this province, and all everyone will talk about is how cold it is.....
We have done so much this summer, and I can't believe that in a sense my summer continues, not the weather, but the feeling of freedom that summer brings.  No more back to school traffic, not seeing daylight because I am stuck in a concrete pit all day.  I will be home everyday with my little man, playing house in real life, only this time, I am not pretending to be the Dad, I am a mom...in REAL LIFE!!!!

I just had to sneak out of the house in my tank and undies to get the camera from the van so I could upload these pics!

I see him do this and think..."Omg, remember when he could hold his head up!" 

The swings could be an all day activity for Sutton!

My popsicle got stolen!

Sutton's other best friend!

Baby playdates...this was at the end when Sutton wanted a nap, or was mad because he was the only boy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Almost 9 months...

The day I got pregnant didn't seem like long ago, and the day I gave birth seemed like yesterday. My little boy is growing so quickly. I am not the same person I was just months ago. I will never be that person again. The person I am now is more real, more patient, more loving, more sympathetic, and more true. Oh, and I am also SO busy.

My baby will be 9 months old in just days. I think about his birth daily, and when I look at his newborn pictures (which I wish were professional), it seems like a lifetime ago and at the same time like yesterday. He has changed so much. I know that every parent feels this as well, but I guess until you experience it yourself it's totally unimaginable.
I spoke to a friend recently and we mentioned how the parent I thought I was going to be is not the parent that I amI never thought I would co-sleep, nurse for as long as I have, not believe in CIO, and so many others. I love being Sutton's Mommy, and I think I do a really good job, better than I ever imagined.  Sutton recieves so much love and understanding.  I recognize his cues, and act on them.  I remember his personality and react accordingly.  He is such a sweet precious little boy.  I have never known love like I do now! Throw in the fact that I have an amazing husband who is a great father,  pretty much concludes that my life is perfect!!!

Yard Sale Crazy!

Oh my, yard sales are a great way to meet great people, as well as really really creepy people. It amazes me how some people are.

Here is the history behind our yard sale. I like to store things in Rubbermaid bins. This is a problem. Obviously! Luckily we have a great deal of storage in our house and it wasn't really a big issue to have them all, as they were hiding in the basement. Alan of course hates this. Last summer he started talking about having a yard sale. I wasn't a fan of this, as it meant that my precious belongings would be sold for next to nothing. I didn't like the idea of people coming onto our property. But most of all, it meant we had to go through all the bins. Yikes!
Alan brought it up again this year, and I said fine, let's do the stupid thing. We sold our downstairs living room furniture a couple weeks ago and this sparked it all. It was a time to clear it all out now. It took a couple nights and we got through it all. We skipped pricing and organizing because it seemed pointless to Alan, and hard for me to do with a baby. I love wearing Sutton, and he likes it too, but its too hard when bending and lifting, and stairs.
We agreed, or shall I say that Alan gave in to do it in the front yard.  As it tuens out...like I knew, it attracted so much more traffic.  I borrowed 5 long tables from a friend which was GREAT!!!

We started around noon on Thursday and went through until 9pm on Saturday.  We have sold so much of our treasures, I mean crap, but there is still lots left.

Someone asked if we had a DVD player, so we went and got ours and sold it, along with our TV from downstairs. After all, we don't have any furniture down there now.

Our neighbours joined us yesterday and we are having a joint garage sale, and it is so much fun.  On Saturday we took shifts, as we both had stuff to do at some point during the day/

We seem to attract many people who are not all there. They are mentally disabled, but provide a lot of chats to say the less. 
- One guy came looking for a DVD called Drums Of Africa. He was very persistent. It was crazy. He didn't have a computer but wanted us to go on ours and look for it online.   He was really annoying because he just wouldn't leave.
- One woman had a pile of stuff, we said $5, she said $10, SOLD.
- Many people drive past slowly looking, and then keep driving.
- 3 people have asked us if we have seen their dog. Alan yells no, I of course get their address, dogs name, description, etc. Haha poor puppy all lost!
- Our frist customer was a really odd character.  He was really greasy and yucky.  Super creep factor.  He touched everything, and talked about everything.  He tried on Alan's back support belt what seemed like a million times.
- Some cultures are SO cheap! It's unreal.  Like seriously, unreal.  We had a chair marked for $30, and she offers $10.  This is after Alan tells her she makes the chair look good!  haha  Gross!
- A few people came back a couple times, with their spouse or friend.
- I was nursing, and one woman asked me how old he was, I told her and she responded with "Oh, wow, and he't still attached.  Gross, I never breastfed, my nipples were too sensitive"  I decided to tell  her I would breastfeed for 2 years if Sutton was interested.  I wanted to scream at her and punch her in the face, but in the end decided against it.
- Things that sell are:  knives, flashlights, planters, DVD's, tools, clocks/watches, army stuff...dear god, did that stuff sell!!!!
- Unsuprisingly, only 3 people bought VHS tapes.
- Its amazing how many people are looking for something in particular.  Some even yell from their car.
- We had so may random cords, etc, and most people looked at them, that was entertaining.
- It was obvious where we intended people to walk, but only 2 walked though the wring way!
- I saw a nun for the first time ever!
- When you wave passer bys over, they do come!
- Most of the visitors early in the day were employees from the gas company, water, etc
- When we came back from being out on Saturday, our neighbour came running up to us, to tell us he destroyed our garage.  The opener is broken, and now needs replaced.  Not impressed, but it was an accident.
We actually had a lot of fun.  We made about $500.  How great is that.  The remainder we donated to Value Village, which is a really really scary place.
Sutton had a great time, he loves outside, and seeing people.  It was cute watching him try to get peoples attention.

Having so much fun!!!

The view!

 After 3 long days, this is what happens to Sutton's hair!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love the innocence of a baby. They are never embarrassed or ashamed. They never feel bad for crying. They like the simple things like a plastic bag, a newspaper, a slipper or a Kleenex. These objects be can be so fun to explore. Touching parts of their body is always something that can bring new amusement. A new noise can entertain them for hours on end. When do babies loose this innocence. Imagine life was so simple? Imagine the best thing in life was having your mom close by, and a sound from you could have her running to you instantly. Imagine not knowing anything bad or hurtful? Everyday for a baby is a day to learn, play and love. 
Watching the innocence in my son brings me so much joy and so much love. It makes me enjoy my life and eager to go to bed to start another day. Seeing the excitement in Sutton when Alan comes home is always so heart warming. The squeals of delight never get old, and I don't think they ever will.

Raising my son has not aged me at all, it has made me feel young and free, full of life. Everyday I get to see things for the first time again. A plastic container being banged on a floor can make so many different noises, it can bounce and roll or not move at all. Every bang can have a different outcome.

It can be harder these days to clean, do yard work, shower, do laundry and all the other chores and necessities in life. Since I do all these things with a baby close by, or attached to me, it is never the same. Sutton enjoys watching me vacuum and do laundry. He likes the noise, and the movement. I like the final product and the completion, he just likes the act. Again, so simple and so innocent. He doesn't dread going downstairs with a laundry basket, he likes to see where we go, and what we do.

Life has sped up and slowed down all at once. The once mundane chores are now like adventures.

These little creatures can sometimes be so complicated and yet at the same time, so sweet and innocent.

Monday, July 11, 2011

To Work Or Not To Work??

This decision is harder than I ever thought. When I was pregnant I seriously thought I would go back to work, maybe even early. I also thought I would continue with my courses during my year off. Who was I kidding? Clearly because Sutton is my first child, I had no idea what was going to be in store for me. I had no idea that my child would die if I left him for more than an hour,(or so it seems), I had no idea I would feel at peace being home all day with my son. I had no idea I would have to google nursery rhymes and create dances for them. I had no idea I would take my boob out so many times a day. I had no idea that my days of crazy long showers would be over. I really didn't know anything, I still don't know everything, but I do know how much I love my son, and the time we have together.

These little amazing creatures do grow so fast. I still haven't decided what I am going to do. Will I work full time, part time or not at all. Will I go back to the same place if I do go back? When did I become old enough to make such huge decisions.

If I got back to work, full or part time, there is a lot I have to do to help Sutton adjust to another care giver. I need to work on his sleep, nursing, bottles and solid foods, but mostly I have to get Sutton to be okay without me.

Oh dear god, the stress is huge and I'm not really the type of person who gets stressed out. I should maybe go crawl into bed and snuggle that little ball of perfection. After all, our cosleeping nights are going to change. It saddens me, but it's a family decision that Alan and I made, or one which I agreed to. As with everything regarding Sutton, it will be baby led, maybe a modified version, I want Suttin to ease into his own room and crib well. I know this could be very hard, so we will take it slow. We have done this before with short term success, now to try again.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 months, really?

That's what I said to Alan this morning. How have 7 months passed already. We have just experienced the best 7 months of our lives so far. Knowing that we have this precious little boy only reinforces the fact that we know the rest of our lives will be fantastic. How is that for a guarantee?!?!

Also, today is Father's Day. The funny thing is that we are going to the zoo, the Toronto Zoo. We flew into Toronto yesterday in the early afternoon, and have been sweaty and hot ever since. The humidity is still always a surprise.

Anyway, babes and Alan are napping so I'm going to watch the show I love so much "The New Adventures Of The Old Christine". So funny!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Led Weaning is Fantastic!

Alan and I are loving Baby Led Weaning (BLW)

Why you ask???

1.  Sutton is over 6 months old, he doesn't NEED purees.
2.  We won't have to deal with transitioning textures.
3.  Sutton loves to sit and eat with us.
4.  We eat healthier as Sutton eats what we eat.
5.  We are able to sit and eat our meals without entertaining Sutton or holding him.
6.  Going out to eat is easy...nothing for us to bring.
7.  Learning is constant, he is even starting to use a pincer grip!
8.  It is so cute!!!

Many people as us if we are scared he will choke.  Of course we are,  but anytime he has food no matter what age he is, the risk of choking will always be present. He has gagged many many times, and even vomited a few.  This is a safety mechanism and will prevent him from truly choking.  He can handle pieces that are too large well, and often spits food out.  Sutton is always supervised, we never leave his side.  He is almost 7 months old, and can sit well, has an interest in food, can move food around with his around, and can chew and swallow.  Pureed baby food is commercially produced in mass quantities and sold everywhere; it has been this way for years and years, but due to the fact that we (most of us) no longer wean our babies at 3 or 4 months doesn't make it an essential product anymore.  BLW is not a new concept at all, in fact it dates back as far as breastfeeding....also known as the beginning of time.  BLW is a natural transition for Sutton, especially because he is breastfed, he has experienced different tastes, just through my milk. 

I do understand why people do purees though.  The same with breastfeeding, not everyone does it, and not everyone does it as long as I intend to.  I respect this, and I don't judge.  I do feel that BLW is great for my family though.

Sutton has tried so many foods, and his favourites change almost daily.  He loved bananas at the beginning and no longer goes for them first.  He does seem to have a way in which he eats, but I haven't figured it out yet.  Occasionally we use the mesh bag thing, it is a great little tool, especially for some meats, fruits which aren't an ideal size for him, and popsicle type things.

Sutton usually only wants to eat food at suppertime.  Sometimes he will snack on an apple or something I eat throughout the day.  He is still breastfed as his main source of nourishment, but enjoys to eat, and does swallow some.

Here are a million photos of our fantastic suppers!

He started with Oatmeal Cereal


                                             He sure can mangle a banana well!


                                           A happy baby is a baby with yogurt!!!

Mmm, meat!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yum Yum Yummy!!!!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am excited to start Baby Led Weaning.  I love the concept of baby feeding themselves, and of course skipping purees.  I am aware that once he starts eating food it could take a month or two before he actually rips a piece off and swallows it.  I look forward to him learning that food will fill his belly.  He seems to have lost his tongue thrust reflex and is sitting up well, not in his own, but upright enough.  Once he able to sit up we will start whole and large food.

We weren't going to do cereal, as there aren't all that many benefits to it.  The iron theory isn't as accurate as many health professionals say it is.  We are told that babies have lost the iron they are born with when they turn 6 months.  Studies have disproved this theory stating that the only begin to loose it at around 6 months.  I also have a few friends who have tried the commercially produced rice cereal and have had negative reactions to it such as hives and constipation.
Alan wanted to try to oatmeal cereal for babies, so we did. What a joy this has been.  He was a little hesitant at first however, now he lunges in for it.  It is so cute.
Tonight he sat in his highchair at the table and couldn't get enough.  We also gave him a little bit of water with apple juice for flavour.  Funny funny reactions.  I of course want to limit his water intake as I still want breast milk to be his main source of nutrition.  I don't want him to fill up on water, as there is no nourishment or fat in it.  I do want him to enjoy eating, and to help him to be a happy and good eater when he is bigger.

As for Baby Led Weaning, I will be doing a modified version if it.  I am not wanting to wean Sutton from the breast just yet, but I am wanting to introduce him to REAL food, in the form in which adults eat it.  I have been reading Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley, and it is fantastic.  So logical.  I look forward to not pureeing foods and spoon feeding.

To contradict myself though, we did do baby cereal where we spoon fed Sutton and let him feed himself as well.

Here are some pictures, which I will cherish forever!!!

                              Alan helping Sutton eat, he was leaning forward to get to it faster!

                         He loved the spoon and trying to get the food off!  Ahhh, such a big boy!

                                            Yum!  He was licking it off his hands!

Water with a smidge of apple juice, it must have been sour!!!  (I found a sippy cup which Sutton will actually drink out of, and he does it by holding it himself.  It is the Tilty Cup.  Hopefully he will drink breastmilk from it, as he is refusing the bottle still and the other sippy cup we have.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Playing is so much fun!!!!

In the last couple weeks Sutton has been loving his Exersaucer.  I do not like to keep him in for too long as he cannot yet stand on his own, but he LOVES it.  He grabs at everything and pulls the toys, presses the ones to make songs and just flails around.  It is so exciting to see him get so overwhelmed at all the toys and the songs.  After about 10 minutes though he has had enough!  I am using the excersaucer as a tool to help him play on his own.  I love to always play with him, but I feel it is important that he also be able to entertain himself alone or with toys for short periods of time.  His hand eye coordination is also delveloping as is his abilty to reach out and touch things.  This will help when he is ready to start eating solids by baby led weaning.  He is learning cause and effect.  He knows that certain things make certain noise, sometimes it takes him a while to remember or figure it out, but once he does, he doesn't stop! 

My perfect sweet little baby is growing so fast!!!!!

Here is a video of him playing.  I couldn't do it with the camcorder as I do not know how to upload, so I had to use my cell, the quality isn't that great, but of course his cuteness shines through regardless!  He mostly stared at me, but when I am "not looking" he really plays and explores!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I connected at "Mommy Connections"

One of my many fears while being pregnant included being at home alone with a baby all the time.  I am such a social person, how could I possible handle the adjustment to not working and not being with other adults?  Wouldn't I go crazy?  After mentioning this to some other mommies, they suggested I join a post natal moms group, which sounded like a lot of fun, and a nice weekly getaway!  I was excited to get out of my pj's, do my hair, make up and choose a cute outfit for both me and baby. 

I decided to start looking for one.  This did not come without many challenges.  There were so many, some far, some close, some free, some had a fee, some in houses, some in cafes, some for babies, some for kids, some with structure, some without.  I ended up not choosing one, as I basically wasn't able to choose or bother with contacting people.  For a couple they had you fill out forms and almost be accepted. 

I was in a restaurant one day, when I was talking to another mom there.  She mentioned she went to Mommy Connections.  As quickly as she mentioned it, I inhaled my burrito, grabbed my baby and went home to google this group.  Well, was I suprised! I could apply online, and the application was just my contact information.  There were several locations in the city that had the same program, so naturally I chose the one closest to me!  Now, to wait for the following Monday.

I loved that every session, we started out talking about our babies and anything that had happened in the last week.  Babies learn so much everyday, so there was always something for all of us to share. Actually it was one Monday morning at MC that my baby fully learned to roll over, maybe watching the other babes insipried him.  I also liked that the days were structured.  I didnt want a moms group at a coffee house because what if I didn't click with the other moms there, I would have to sit in silence and just wait. Well, knowing me, there would never be silence, but I wanted structure.  I wanted to learn while socilaizing.  Mommy Connections offered this.

The days were all the same in structure.  We had 2 presenters each Monday for 8 weeks.  Some of the topics included Itnellidance Babies, First Aid, a lacatation consultant, Kindermusik, introducing solids, Discovery Toys, and infant massage, sleep, just to name a few. One of my favourite sessions was when the North Edmonton Mommy Connections Director, and Tiny Gems consultant Lyndal spoke about cloth diapering and baby wearing.  Those are 2 things I am passionate about so it was great to learn lots and chat with other moms about it.  She also did a demonstration on different baby carriers.  Oh, and we had a professional photographer from Island in the Mist Photograhy come in and take "Mom and Baby" Photos.  She did a wonderful job, the photos are amazing!

The location was great, especially if you had other children, they could play at Gymboree and have fun for the full 90 minutes, while the moms and babies all sat together.

I have made several friends through Mommy Connections, who I will keep in touch with. They were down-to-earth women who were all there for the same reason.  One thing that stuck out the most in my mind was that for the most part we all breastfed.  Even though breastfeeding is so natural and best for baby, some people do not like to see you do this in public.  It was great to sit and breastfeed with sometimes 10 women....AT ONCE!!!

I enjoyed this program so much that I joined again.  I decided to try a different location so that I could meet new women and hear some different presenters.  It is great to get out once a week and see the same people, get to know them and their babies.  We have a common bond in the fact that we are raising our little babes.  I have great friends outside of Mommy Connections, but those without children, or with older children simply cannot relate to me right now, and sometimes it is just nice to talk to someone who is going through the same changes in life as yourself. When we were learning about sleep, we got to ask questions to the presenter, and one mom turned to me and said "I'm glad it's not just me!"  Sometimes it is reassuring to know you aren't the only one who is having challenges or joys, and sharing it can mean so much.  It is also exciting that my 5 month old baby has friends!!!!  Today at Mommy Connections, he even held hands with a little girl....uh oh, now I am in trouble!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'No Cry Sleep Solution' Book Review

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had started reading the book 'No Cry Sleep Solution'.  I had really started to enjoy the book, but hadn't yet got into the "how to" section.  As I was reading I knew this was going to be a lot of work, as everything involving parenthood is. As the book progressed, I had to start the logs, this is where the challenge came in.  When I started this book, Sutton was sleeping the first half of the night in his swing, and the second half in our bed.  I was supposed to write down what time he woke, how long he nursed, and what time he fell back asleep.  This was almost impossible for me to do, because in order for me to write it down, I would have to turn over to the bed side table, risking waking Sutton.  I also would have to stay awake.  Sometimes I cannot tell if Sutton is comfort sucking or if in fact he is nursing.  (I know, 5 months in, and I still don't always know!)

The thing I love about co-sleeping, is that I get a full nights sleep...for the most part.  This may seem selfish or lazy, but sleeping is important for me, Sutton and Alan.  Alan doesn't wake at all, but is very aware of Sutton's presence in the bed.  We do what works, and this is the best decision for our family.

For 5 months now I have gotten much "advice" about how to get Sutton to sleep in his crib.  Some advice is from friends or family or people who genuinely care, this is fine.  But  many people tell me that he will never sleep in his crib if we don't make him do it now.  We all know this is not true...don't we?  Am I the first person to ever co-sleep?  What about cultures where co-sleeping is the norm?  What about large families in small houses?   Why are some people so oblivious to the fact that I am not crazy or making bad decisions?  We all judge I guess, but it's no fun when people judge me.

Alan and I decided that co-sleeping was good for us, it was something that worked, and something that we felt Sutton needed.  We have been trying the crib on and off the last couple weeks, and it is going really well.  He falls asleep at the breast as usual, and then we place him in his crib, he always lies on his tummy, looks around, then cries.  Instantly I pick him up and hold him chest to chest.  He quickly falls back to sleep, and then after a minute or 2 I place him back into his crib on his tummy and pat his little bum.  He settles just fine, and sleeps for about 4 hours.  At this point, he comes into our bed, and I nurse him and he stays the rest of the night. 

I am aware that I should sit up, nurse him and put him back in his crib, but we have come so far with him sleeping for any amount of time in his crib, that we will slowly progress to the full night.

The most important part of all of this is that every morning I wake up to little hand in my face.  To smiles and kicks and little chatter!  Sutton obviously has slept well, and is well rested.  That is key, Sutton gets the sleep and comfort that he needs and is entitled too.

However....I really really wanted to read the entire book, and apply the techniques.  In the meantime though, we have found a technique that works for us.  I will read the rest of the book, but not do any of the logs.  We have already established a good nighttime routine and are getting our baby to sleep without crying it out!

I cannot upload a picture of Sutton sleeping in his crib, because I do not dare go in there and risk him waking to the startling "bright lights of heaven" of a flash I have on my camera!  Another good parenting move on my part!!!  Yeah!!!!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cool We Are!

My little sister Brittany just flew in from Ontario tonight.  My mom from Ontario is also here, but she arrived a few days ago.  Anyway, it is 12am, or almost 2am for Britt, and we are both sitting here writing blog posts.

Anyway, I am just sitting here at the kitchen table enjoying my tea and the music from Sutton's swing.  Then she mentions my pantry door, I had no idea what she was talking about, I looked at her, and I realized what "pantry" door she meant.  I looked at her again, and held my head in shame and said "That isn't a pantry, that's the junk closet!"

This is what she saw when she opened it......then she says "Wow, lots of good stuff in here!!!"
She is clearly the greatest person to ever walk this planet!!!!