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What's My Deal? - - - There is so much to say, but I will give you the basics in regards to this blog. I am a Canadian 20 something woman married to a wonderful man, and we are the parents to our wondeful son who was born in the fall of 2010. As you will read, I am a supporter of breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, and so much more, but mostly learning about babies! Oh, and I also love reading blogs and playing jigsaw online!!! I blog to share things that I have learned, read, heard and experienced.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me & Photos

We celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday.  It was a great day!  Alan had the day off, so I left the house...sans baby...for a few hours and got my hair cut and coloured!  It was nice to get my  hair done and not have to nurse a baby at the same time.  And I drove the car too, which was fun.

Later we went to East Side Mario's for dinner.  We hadn't been in so long as they not common here, and it is no longer my favourite restaurant.  Still was a great time out though.


Here we are out for dinner!!!  The kids behind us were spying on us the whole time! You can also see my new short hair, the colour is the same as always!

When we got home, I started baking!  (See the recipe section for all the tasty details!)  Sutton is a very good helper!  I had to wash 10 utensils I didn't actually use myself...actually, I still have to wash them!  haha

So cute!  Little sleepers!

Naked Time is Sutton's favourite time!  Mine too, he is so soft, and I can't stop touching his perfect skin.  He loves to be free, and kick and roll around!

Playing with his lovie!

He has that expression that says "Really Mom, the car seat again...."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Band of Bonds

Wow, what a musical family we have here! Music time is very fun! Sutton lays on the floor holding his rattle and banging it off Sophie The Giraffe (who we call Gus) and his cloth diaper. So, at once he is rattling, squeaking and banging. I sing, and Alan dances,and by dancing I mean bopping his head. It's a lot of fun for us all. Sutton also blows spit bubbles which creates a really funny noise!
What a wonderful afternoon!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cloth Diapering Extravaganza!!!

Several people (like I once was) are very curious about cloth diapering.  I personally love cloth diapers for several reasons:
    - I don't spend $100+ a month on diapers
    - Environmental factors - less diapers in the landfill
    - Better for babies - Less chemicals and toxins on a their genitals for 2+ years
    - Cuteness!!!
    - No blow-outs.  for real, they never seem to leak or come out the top back part of the diaper
    - Re-usable!  - They can be used for multiple babies!

We waited a few months before using, as Sutton was too small for them, and they were far too bulky for his little body!

Typical questions I get or comments I hear:

1.  "Don't they smell?"
Yes and no!  They still contain pee and poo, nothing will ever eliminate that scent!  I find that disposables always WREAK like urine.  It makes me sick!  With disposable diapers, the urine turns into a gel type concoction, and that to me is why they wreak!  With cloth the moisture is absorbed differently and doesn't create a new material.  I do want an actual diaper pail though, they have a charcoal filter in them.  But I wash every couple days so they don't build up anyway!

2.  "Gross, you have to touch it?"
No, I don't.  No more than when changing a disposable.  For laundry it took me a while to get a way that worked best for me.  I put all the soiled diapers in a wet bag in a bin and then throw them all in the washer on a cold water rinse, and then a cold water wash with soap.  AND....I get covered in puke and spit more then pee and poo.

3.  "Don't they cost a lot?"
Don't kids cost a lot?  I spent probably $400 on my diapers.  But I bought many different styles and brands, many of which I don't even use as often as others.  But, if you think about it, $400 is only about 4 months on disposables.  And with my cloth, I wash and reuse and don't continue to spend on something that is thrown out.  I can also use them with my next child or sell them or give away to someone.  It took me my pregnancy and beyond and get my stash, so over time you can buy a couple diapers a month if that suits you better.

4.  "How do you know what ones to buy?"
This is always the hard part.  I asked around and looked at many blogs and websites.  Luckily, I had friends using cloth, and their advice meant a lot to me.  I also shopped at quality stores who were experienced in cloth diapering.  The ones I love the most are the ones I bought after I had started using. Some diapers are really bulky, others aren't.  Some are best for skinny babies and some for chunkier. 

5.  "Isn't it a lot of extra work?"
No, not at all.  It is just 1 load of laundry, thats all.  And personally, I LOVE doing laundry!

Here are some photos of the diapers I have, and use. 

The top diaper is made by Dri-Line a local Edmonton company and sells for just under $7.  Below are 2 covers by Mother Ease, both around $12.  Very similar.  The left is a Velcro closure with side gussets, great for a small legged baby, and the right is a snap closure.  These are all sized, so they can only be used when the child is that size.  I don't love the Dri-Line as it gets soaked, and for a boy you need the extra material at the top which this diaper doesn't offer. 

This is the GroBaby system.  (Now called GroVia).  I bought these off babysteals.com as a 2 pack (2 covers and 2 liners) for i think $40 or so.  At first I hated them, now I love them.  The cover can be sized again for babies from 7-35lbs.  The liners snaps into place, so you don't need to worry about squirmy baby moving things around.  The closure is like Velcro but is not Velcro.  Very soft and not scratchy.  I often use the cover several times as the liners absorb so much.

The left diaper is a Sweet Pea pocket diaper with a fleece liner.  Both are pockets with fleece and need a liner in them.  The right is a Bum Joy, I bought off Etsy as a 2 pack for I think $25.  So, $12.50 each.  These are both one size so, they snap up or down for the size of the baby.  They are really soft and easy to use.  The snaps are zig zagged so you can make the leg part fit better for small or large babies.

The Flip diaper is my favourite, (by the makers of bumGenius).  The cover is lightweight with a PUL lining, so it can be reused.  If soiled, just wipe it off.  The insert is the Stay Dry also by Flip.  The cover is $21 and the insert $7.  But  the cover I use over and over before washing, a full day usually.  I never have any leaking and the cost is great.  I also find this a trim fit and less bulky than others.  The cover and insert are both 1 size.  The cover snaps up an down for size, and the cover folds, providing extra material for boys.  For girls you flip it the other way.  The cover also has little pockets at the front and back to hold the liner in place.  I LOVE this system!  And you could buy an entire system of 2 covers and 20 liners for $200!! 

Here are some random inserts or liners.  The first is the Flip Organic prefold for $10.  It folds into thirds, and its OK, too bulky for me though.  The next is an Apple Cheeks organic prefold for $13 I think.  Love it!  It is so soft and absorbent.  Not bulky at all either, and Canadian made.  The 3rd is a MotherEase liner.  I like it as well, but its too thin to use on its own.  The last is a liner for the Gro Baby system.  They can all be used with misc covers as well.

The top is a cover from WeeHuggers for $20.  It soaked through the first couple times but is fine now.  I like the Velcro closures, but the snaps to make the desired size don't stay well.  Sutton squirms a lot when being changed so I need something strong.  The size is good on the large setting though.  I like the leg gussets on it.  The bottom  is a Bummis cover.  Their new one.  I love the idea of it, but the Velcro is too much.  I think it digs his belly too much and the legs are tight, or it is too stiff still.  Maybe its too small.  I wish it worked better for us. 

Baby Butt in a Flip system.

I also use cloth wipes.  There are so many on the market, but I like baby washcloths.  I had millions of them.  I got a Princess Lionheart cloth warmer for $20 from Babies R Us.  I wet the cloths with some tea tree oil in the water, gently ring out the water and roll up.  I love cloth wipes because disposable wipes cost money and also contain chemicals. (See www.safemama.com)

I store the soiled diapers in this wet bag by Bummis, an then store that in a garbage pail.  The bag cost me $25 but doesn't leak.  The pail I got from Canadian Tire for $15.  I love that the pail has a foot pedal.  I would like a real diaper pail but for $40, I loose the foot pedal.  I put a couple bounce sheets in the bottom of the pail just in case!

Things to consider and tips when buying cloth diapers:

1.  Do your research.  I personally like the cover and insert/liner system better than the pocket or All in 1, its all about preferance really.
2.  Follow the manufactures washing instructions.  (IE. no fabric softener, no stain remover, wash 3 times before use, special soap, etc.)
3.  Many people sell their used or new diapers online.
4.  You can fade stains with sunlight.  I don't care much about staining as they are diapers anyway, and they will stain. 
5.  For newborn infant poo, just leave it as it is liquid anyway.  As the child is older and has solids, they will have to be dumped in the toilet (as you should do with disposable diapers also.)
6.  Remember that they are puffy; so clothes might have to be bought in a larger size.

Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions, and do consider cloth diapering.  The benefits are great, enviornmental, cost and health!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Life has been busy lately.  You know, feeding a baby, cleaning a house, waiting for the mail to come, doing laundry, and again; feeding a baby, etc etc, you get the picture!
It's no excuse not to update.  I will say though, that I am working on a new blog altogether.  Something less personal maybe, something where I talk about what I love, my family, natural parenting, and the transition from working girl to stay at home mom.  Once I have it up and ready I may disclose the address!!!!

Since I have last posted so much has gone on.  Sutton and I went to Houston, Texas for almost 3 weeks, and we had a fantabulous time!  Spent lots of time outside, and of course playing with little Penny.  Penny is 13 days younger than Sutton, so they are so close in age, but so different in their personalities and such.  It is quite funny to watch.  We had a few hard days, I think the adjustment for Sutton was difficult and he had started teething, so that resulted in a fussy baby and a stressed out mom.  I even had to call Alan crying one day, there was so way I was suffering alone.  Of course, when I called Alan he was in Banff with 3 other friends, partying, drinking and skiing.  OMG, what I would have done for a few drinks right then!  All in all though we had a wonderful time, and the weather was great, we even swam in an outdoor pool.  I really enjoyed seeing Zoe and the other family members we saw as well.

Being home has been great, Sutton is back on track and is doing well.  We seemed to just pick up where we left off, only better!

We did some minor changes in the house.  We got a large area rug in the livingroom and got rid of the coffee table.  Now I can get down with The Butt on the floor and play!  Love it!!  We also moved the TV which I know sounds minor but I love it.  I love little changes.

We also moved the bassinett, Sutton seemed too big for it.  We are pretty much exclusively co-sleeping, except for when Sutton is sleeping in his swing.  Co-sleeping works great for us, and I am so glad that I warmed up to the idea.  I never thought I would sleep with my child, but it works best for us all as a family.  And of course, if done with safety in mind, it is very safe.  The only people who say it isn't safe are people who have not done it or researched it at all.  And really, many people co-sleep anyway without really knowing it.  Kids who crawl into their parents bed after a bad dream, or are too restless to sleep, parents who are too tired to try to get their kids to bed, often times, parts of the night are spent co-sleeping.  The only difference is that Alan and I choose to do this from the moment we all go to bed.  I especially love when Sutton is sleeping, and I put my hand in his and he holds it.  I think I loose sleep co-sleeping though because I stare at him so much, and kiss his head!  hahaha  Oh the challenges!  hahaha  AND, nightime nursing is easier as well!   We will definately choose to co-sleep if we have more children as well. 

Enough about that....it is making me sleepy! 

I am going to join a moms group right away.  I hope anyway.  I have missed some of the sessions already and am not sure if I can joign part way through, for this particular group anyway.  Others are a drop in basis, the one I am looking at is an 8 week dealeo!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

My mom is coming to visit again soon, and I cannot wait.  It will be so nice to see her, and she is so excited to see the little man again.  She last saw him when he was just a few weeks old, so he has changed so much, and likes to interact with people more! 

I better go, I heard a sleepy baby a whole ago!!!!  Oh wait, Alan just walked up to me....(I am hiding) and he is holding Sutton who is asleep in his arms with his neck almost folded in half....who sleeps like that!?!?!?!  Only a baby!  But, the best part is, that we now can tell more when Sutton is sleepy, he gives us cues, and being the awesome parents we are, we act on it.  I guess Alan must have held him and bounced or walked around a bit.  The good news is that I didn't have to nurse him.  OMG, my baby is getting so big and independent!!!  I better have another quickly!!! haha

Take care, and I promise I will update soon....if anyone is even regularly following anymore, sorry again for being boring the last month with not posting!!!