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Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Babies Room is Finished!!!

Little Mr. Bond's room is finished.  We just need a baby now!!

Here are some pics of the process:

I was helping to build the bookshelf.

Here we are, all set up!

This picture shows the wall picture well!  The one that I had to fight for!  I am so thankful I did!
You can also see the little area rug.  We had a hard time finding something suitable that was the perfect size, and that wasn't going to cost hundreds of dollars.  This one was the perfect size, colour and texture, and was a steal of a deal!

 The dresser/changetable, wall pictures, laundry basket and diaper pail.

The glider/rocker chair!  I wanted colourful curtains!  And these are perfect.  I also love that they don't go to the floor.  Alan was hesitant about the colour of course, but I reassured him that they are boy red and not girl red....must have worked!!!!  They add a nice splash of colour I think.

The bookshelf.  The lighthouse, is Blinky, all my ON friends will know who he is.  Alan's parents gave it to us years ago when we were home for the town reunion.  The case of books are Alan's Thomas the Tank Engine books from when he was little.  He and his uncle made the little case for it!  The bear on the bottom left is something I made in ceramics in 1992.  And the little double decker bus at the bottom is something we got when this baby went to England for the first time....18 weeks in utero!

Right when you walk into the room there is a little curve to make.  This is where we put his inital hooks for his cute hooded towel, sleep sack and I put Alan's booties on there.  I couldn't resist, they are so cute!  And I have no idea where I will find some for this little guy as they don't make them like they used to!

All the clothes cleaned, folded and organized!!!!!  I loved doing this, and I realized we have far more clothes than originally thought!

A view from the other side of the room (standing at the window) showing the closet!!!  It looks like we can't opent he closet door, but we actually can.

The bed all made.  Aunt Zoe and Uncle Zane gave us the lamb, he makes sounds.  And this is Alan's little Kirby from when he was little.  I still haven't been able to find the perfect lovey for this little guy yet.  I am constantly looking though!


  1. Your baby's room looks amazing, your little man will be so comfy in his warm, colourful space.

  2. It looks perfect Randi! I am so glad that it has all turned out the way you wanted. I love all the touches from yours and Alans childhoods. It looks like a great, calm, happy baby space!

  3. Thanks guys! I really like the simplicity of it. I go in there several times a day and just look around, and touch things! Of course the dog loves this too because he wants to steal Sophie the Giraffe so bad!!!

  4. You did a beautiful job! The personal touches are so sweet and will bring old memories together with the new ones you will create with your little one. :) Looks so nice!