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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well, the day I have been anticipating forever is almost here....my last day of work!
Don't get me wrong, I love my job and all, but I also love not working!!!!  I also know that these words will bite me in the ass.  Because I am "so social" I think it will be very hard for me to be home everyday, but I also know that little Mr. Bond won't allow me anytime to be bored. 

The past couple weeks at work have been insane.  One Administrator quit 2 Friday's ago, and I have been training my replacement for a number of weeks now.  She is doing really well, so I no longer have to sit and watch her work, I can work myself.  Our Property Manager is on holidays for 2 weeks, and again, we had 1 woman quit.  I really thought my last few weeks were going to be really relaxing and laid back.  Crappers, was I wrong!  I have worked harder these last couple weeks than I have in the last couple months...combined!  hahaha  Monday and Tuesday this week I took off.  Technically, I called in sick, I didn't really "take it off"  and even then, I didn't call in, I BlackBerry Messenged my replacement, and then emailed my boss yesterday afternoon.

Here is me at work, using the vacationers office.  I look happy...I'm not....I should be an actress and not a Property Administrator!  hahaha  (Only 7 working days left now!!!)

I had a weekly prenatal appointment on Monday, and it left me VERY uncomfortable.  I had an exam, which I will refuse if they try again this coming Monday.  Sore back, sore and swollen hands, sciatic nerve, etc etc.  As it turns out, things are progressing nicely, and dialation has even started.  Which is normal and expected for just over 36 weeks anyway!  More changes have happened since Monday, and I am stil convinced this baby will come early.  We should almost make a pool or bet or something, just for fun!  I told Alan though this morning, that he cannot go out of town anymore overnight.  Not as things are the way they are.  Although, I could stay as I am now for weeks, or I could have this baby today!  (Although, I hope not!!!!...kinda, as much as I would love to not be pregnant anymore and meet my little man, I also want him to remain in there until 38 weeks at least!!!...I dunno!)

Even though I feel like crap or uncomfortable almost all the time, I am doing well.  Still healthy, and thats the important part.  I have been nesting like crazy though.  Alan has been gone a lot, and I find it the perfect time to actually get things done. And of course to do it my way as well.  I FINALLY managed to clean the linen closet.  Mildly redecorated the bathroom (more to come).  I went to Ikea, bought the Rocking Moose (Horse) and got that built...by myself....and man oh man, was it a beotch to do.  I also bought a new computer desk.  This was fun.  It took me forever to choose, and I got lost in Ikea a couple times, and only partially shed a tear.  I selected the perfect desk, and then another shopper helped me into the car with it.  I knocked on my neighbours door to help me get it into the house, and he wasn't home, so I had to drag it in myself.  Done!  Then to set it up!  I did just fine!  I am actually very good at stuff like this.  It's when I am offered help that I freak out and can't do it. I did go back and get the neighbour to help me move the old ugly hutch dressing table crap POS thing out, I dragged as much as I could, but then it got stuck, so I needed help.  So, by getting rid of 2...maybe 3 pieces of furniture I was able to make a usable space for the new computer area, as well as free up half our living room for giant baby plastic contraptions!!!!

Please check out our new compluter area!!!

I went to a Silpada Party on Saturday too, it was great fun!  Good food too!  Now I just have to wait until my necklace and earrings come in.

Sunday we had our Maternity Photo Session done.  It was great, and Alan and I actually enjoyed our time together.  The photographer was so nice and so understanding, and she loved my shirt and hair!  Yay!!!!  hahahaha

AND....Congratulations to Elsie, Adam and Ella on their new little family member...Freddie!!!  Congrats guys, whats a beautiful family!!!


  1. I think I too will refuse an exam. I don't think it's necessary. I want to go early too about 7-10 days early. I remember looking forward to my last few days of work now I just look forward to being done being pregant. People always ask how I feel and I always say pregnant. What else am I supposedr to say, wonderful because that would be a lie, because I don't feel wonderful. I waddle it takes me forever to get going I'm always tired.

    Don't over do it with the nesting. The new computer space does look nice though. Whatdid you put in the corner where it used to be?

  2. Oh Christine, you seem so negative, I hope I don't sound the same. You've been pregnant before, why are you so miserable this time? For the most part I am good, but as every woman knows who has been pregnant, its not the most comfortable time in our lives. Thank god, I am in good health though.
    Also, be thankful you don't have an actual job, where you have to get up early, get ready, travel and then be someone for the next 9 hours, only to come home, do house crap, and then start again the next day!
    We are both getting closer to holding our little babes though! Yay!!! And hang in there, I am sure many many people have it so much worse than us. For myself, my back problems are nothing in comparison to what some people go through!
    We don't have anything where the computer was. We will have the swing and stuff there.

  3. I didn't mean to sound negative. This pregnancy has been way better than Joshua's. With Joshua I had gestational diabetes and was on insulin 4 times a day. I had major morning sickness. This pregnancy has been way better. I Like being pregnant this time around. I just have the normal aches and pains that come with pregnancies.

  4. You're emailing me in that picture, right?