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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Life has been busy lately.  You know, feeding a baby, cleaning a house, waiting for the mail to come, doing laundry, and again; feeding a baby, etc etc, you get the picture!
It's no excuse not to update.  I will say though, that I am working on a new blog altogether.  Something less personal maybe, something where I talk about what I love, my family, natural parenting, and the transition from working girl to stay at home mom.  Once I have it up and ready I may disclose the address!!!!

Since I have last posted so much has gone on.  Sutton and I went to Houston, Texas for almost 3 weeks, and we had a fantabulous time!  Spent lots of time outside, and of course playing with little Penny.  Penny is 13 days younger than Sutton, so they are so close in age, but so different in their personalities and such.  It is quite funny to watch.  We had a few hard days, I think the adjustment for Sutton was difficult and he had started teething, so that resulted in a fussy baby and a stressed out mom.  I even had to call Alan crying one day, there was so way I was suffering alone.  Of course, when I called Alan he was in Banff with 3 other friends, partying, drinking and skiing.  OMG, what I would have done for a few drinks right then!  All in all though we had a wonderful time, and the weather was great, we even swam in an outdoor pool.  I really enjoyed seeing Zoe and the other family members we saw as well.

Being home has been great, Sutton is back on track and is doing well.  We seemed to just pick up where we left off, only better!

We did some minor changes in the house.  We got a large area rug in the livingroom and got rid of the coffee table.  Now I can get down with The Butt on the floor and play!  Love it!!  We also moved the TV which I know sounds minor but I love it.  I love little changes.

We also moved the bassinett, Sutton seemed too big for it.  We are pretty much exclusively co-sleeping, except for when Sutton is sleeping in his swing.  Co-sleeping works great for us, and I am so glad that I warmed up to the idea.  I never thought I would sleep with my child, but it works best for us all as a family.  And of course, if done with safety in mind, it is very safe.  The only people who say it isn't safe are people who have not done it or researched it at all.  And really, many people co-sleep anyway without really knowing it.  Kids who crawl into their parents bed after a bad dream, or are too restless to sleep, parents who are too tired to try to get their kids to bed, often times, parts of the night are spent co-sleeping.  The only difference is that Alan and I choose to do this from the moment we all go to bed.  I especially love when Sutton is sleeping, and I put my hand in his and he holds it.  I think I loose sleep co-sleeping though because I stare at him so much, and kiss his head!  hahaha  Oh the challenges!  hahaha  AND, nightime nursing is easier as well!   We will definately choose to co-sleep if we have more children as well. 

Enough about that....it is making me sleepy! 

I am going to join a moms group right away.  I hope anyway.  I have missed some of the sessions already and am not sure if I can joign part way through, for this particular group anyway.  Others are a drop in basis, the one I am looking at is an 8 week dealeo!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

My mom is coming to visit again soon, and I cannot wait.  It will be so nice to see her, and she is so excited to see the little man again.  She last saw him when he was just a few weeks old, so he has changed so much, and likes to interact with people more! 

I better go, I heard a sleepy baby a whole ago!!!!  Oh wait, Alan just walked up to me....(I am hiding) and he is holding Sutton who is asleep in his arms with his neck almost folded in half....who sleeps like that!?!?!?!  Only a baby!  But, the best part is, that we now can tell more when Sutton is sleepy, he gives us cues, and being the awesome parents we are, we act on it.  I guess Alan must have held him and bounced or walked around a bit.  The good news is that I didn't have to nurse him.  OMG, my baby is getting so big and independent!!!  I better have another quickly!!! haha

Take care, and I promise I will update soon....if anyone is even regularly following anymore, sorry again for being boring the last month with not posting!!!


  1. I follow it! I always check back a few times a week for updates from you and Joelene's blog. Sounds like you and your family are doing really well, so glad to hear. Keep the posts and photos coming! xo Laura

  2. I follow it. I was so excited to see the new post.

  3. Great blog! I wish we could co sleep sometimes, but we would need a king size bed, which I hope to have anyway by the end of the year. Sometimes I nap with the girls in our bed in the morning and I love it!

  4. love the update.... I mostly love that i knew most of it over the phone!!! :)