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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yard Sale Crazy!

Oh my, yard sales are a great way to meet great people, as well as really really creepy people. It amazes me how some people are.

Here is the history behind our yard sale. I like to store things in Rubbermaid bins. This is a problem. Obviously! Luckily we have a great deal of storage in our house and it wasn't really a big issue to have them all, as they were hiding in the basement. Alan of course hates this. Last summer he started talking about having a yard sale. I wasn't a fan of this, as it meant that my precious belongings would be sold for next to nothing. I didn't like the idea of people coming onto our property. But most of all, it meant we had to go through all the bins. Yikes!
Alan brought it up again this year, and I said fine, let's do the stupid thing. We sold our downstairs living room furniture a couple weeks ago and this sparked it all. It was a time to clear it all out now. It took a couple nights and we got through it all. We skipped pricing and organizing because it seemed pointless to Alan, and hard for me to do with a baby. I love wearing Sutton, and he likes it too, but its too hard when bending and lifting, and stairs.
We agreed, or shall I say that Alan gave in to do it in the front yard.  As it tuens out...like I knew, it attracted so much more traffic.  I borrowed 5 long tables from a friend which was GREAT!!!

We started around noon on Thursday and went through until 9pm on Saturday.  We have sold so much of our treasures, I mean crap, but there is still lots left.

Someone asked if we had a DVD player, so we went and got ours and sold it, along with our TV from downstairs. After all, we don't have any furniture down there now.

Our neighbours joined us yesterday and we are having a joint garage sale, and it is so much fun.  On Saturday we took shifts, as we both had stuff to do at some point during the day/

We seem to attract many people who are not all there. They are mentally disabled, but provide a lot of chats to say the less. 
- One guy came looking for a DVD called Drums Of Africa. He was very persistent. It was crazy. He didn't have a computer but wanted us to go on ours and look for it online.   He was really annoying because he just wouldn't leave.
- One woman had a pile of stuff, we said $5, she said $10, SOLD.
- Many people drive past slowly looking, and then keep driving.
- 3 people have asked us if we have seen their dog. Alan yells no, I of course get their address, dogs name, description, etc. Haha poor puppy all lost!
- Our frist customer was a really odd character.  He was really greasy and yucky.  Super creep factor.  He touched everything, and talked about everything.  He tried on Alan's back support belt what seemed like a million times.
- Some cultures are SO cheap! It's unreal.  Like seriously, unreal.  We had a chair marked for $30, and she offers $10.  This is after Alan tells her she makes the chair look good!  haha  Gross!
- A few people came back a couple times, with their spouse or friend.
- I was nursing, and one woman asked me how old he was, I told her and she responded with "Oh, wow, and he't still attached.  Gross, I never breastfed, my nipples were too sensitive"  I decided to tell  her I would breastfeed for 2 years if Sutton was interested.  I wanted to scream at her and punch her in the face, but in the end decided against it.
- Things that sell are:  knives, flashlights, planters, DVD's, tools, clocks/watches, army stuff...dear god, did that stuff sell!!!!
- Unsuprisingly, only 3 people bought VHS tapes.
- Its amazing how many people are looking for something in particular.  Some even yell from their car.
- We had so may random cords, etc, and most people looked at them, that was entertaining.
- It was obvious where we intended people to walk, but only 2 walked though the wring way!
- I saw a nun for the first time ever!
- When you wave passer bys over, they do come!
- Most of the visitors early in the day were employees from the gas company, water, etc
- When we came back from being out on Saturday, our neighbour came running up to us, to tell us he destroyed our garage.  The opener is broken, and now needs replaced.  Not impressed, but it was an accident.
We actually had a lot of fun.  We made about $500.  How great is that.  The remainder we donated to Value Village, which is a really really scary place.
Sutton had a great time, he loves outside, and seeing people.  It was cute watching him try to get peoples attention.

Having so much fun!!!

The view!

 After 3 long days, this is what happens to Sutton's hair!

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  1. I need to arrange a garage sale! I love Suttons hair! Cute!