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Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Wii or not to Wii

It's well known fact that I am NOT a fan of video games, or athletics of ANY kind!
Just thinking of any physical activity, and I am instantly bored.

As a child I didn't play video games, except a Game Boy which was short lived, and played only to "dual" in Tetris!!!!
It kills that now as an adult, when we go to someones house, and they suggest we play Wii.  Depending on where we are, I will go for a nap, pour another drink and sit down, or make a slight scene to show that I am not a fan!
I also don't like spending money on electronics or things which everyone has.  For years, I had to  listen to Alan and Cory play hockey for a few hours, then watch hockey for a few hours, and then again play for a few hours!!  I hated video games even more because of this.

I've gained...read this....20lbs since I moved out west here to AB.  Where 20lbs on my body is, I am not sure!  (I am not big by any means,  however, my clothes don't fit as they once did, and I am not happy with my current weight).  Let me also point out, that about a year after moving here, I was underweight.  I would go to the gym, and lay on the benches and chat with a friend...until I was asked not to do this anymore.  We would weigh ourselves and giggle that we weighed 108lbs!!
In the fall of 2008, I joined a bootcamp, and was in great shape!!!  It came with MANY challenges, however, even though I am a person who gives up, and simply cannot be bothered, but, from my Week 1 fitness test to Week 6, the results were astounding!  I DID IT!!!!  I was at a great weight, and the giggly bits were gone!!!!

Time passes, and I'm now the biggest I have ever been!!!!  Alan and I have a JOKE that I cannot get to 130, otherwise I am out.  I called him a couple weeks ago to tell him I was packing, cause I only had a pound or so left!!!  We joked, but I knew that I had to do something!

Back to the Wii.  I liked the WiiFit commercials, and decided I wanted one, but especially after seeing Just Dance Wii game played on Ellen! 

I have been playing everyday for the last 3 days, and today, I can barely walk.  I got out of bed this morning, and my right leg especially seemed significantly shorter, bent, and was very painful.   There are a couple things I don't like about WiiFit, it is very slow, always pushing buttons on the remote to go again or to switch activities or to stop all the words and talking! 
AND.........this is what I hate the most....the instructions are so detailed.  How to stand, how to hold the remote, attach the wrist strap etc, move people and furniture.  But....the one thing it doesn't tell you is to WEAR RUNNING SHOES!!!!  That's why I am in pain today.  (It seems so obvious, but I was in my livingroom!!!)  My weight wasn't evenly distrubuted.  Also, I don't believe that it is accurate....of course it can't be 100%, I hate that it is in cm and kg.  I also don't agree with the balance they say is best.  Again though, I think that goes back to the accuracy!!!

But, all in all, I am very happy with it!  It has only caused 1 minor domestic, and it is actually fun  to do. I am good at The Ski Jumping, and Tennis, so tonight Alan and I will play together, with our his and hers remotes!!!  Of course, this is only a motivator to help me work out, or to excersize at all. Clearly it works, today on the way home, I actually THOUGHT of going for a run!!!!


  1. Oh, keep the reviews coming! I've been thinking about getting a wii (for the wii fit mainly) for a while now, but wasn't sure if I would like it. Keep me posted on how it's going!

  2. Adam has been trying to convince me to get a Wii for over a year. But I am against it because I don't think that we would ever have time to use it when Ella and/or Quin are not trying to jump all over us.
    Good Luck with healing your leg. I hope it doesn't hurt for too long.
    I will remember when you come visit, to not suggest Alan and Adam play video games while we sit here bored.

  3. I own a Wii, along with a PS3. These were not my purchases but I do play on occasion.
    I'm not huge into video games either, Randi. We did have a Nintendo when we were a kid but that was it.
    Regardless, the Wii fit is "harder" than people would originally think and I do believe that it will help shed a few pounds and perhaps put people in the right direction of excersise.

    It just dumbfounds me that the world is so computer oriented that they are targeting video games to get kids (especially) to work out.
    Remember when you and I would go on bike rides NIGHTLY for hours, play outside in the forest, go on walks etc the list goes on.
    I know the world changes but people can't rely on video games for weight loss (souly)

    With that said, I can see the addiction and the attraction with the Wii. It's fun and I'm not against it, I am just surprised that so many people use it as 100% of their weekly excersise.

    Also, I'm with you, Randi, that when I'm invited to someone's house for dinner and drinks, I do not want to end up sitting on the couch for 3 hours playing Wii. I totally agree with you.

  4. We didn't get any sort of a gaming system until David was old enough to save all of his pennies for a Nintendo 64...I think he was about 12 or so. I think it is because of this that I hate video games...I just never got hooked on them...except for Duck Hunt that I begged LK to play at her house!

  5. I actually had an e-mail conversation with a co-worker about this yesterday. Here is what she said:

    "Wii Fit is ok, but the Wii Active is for more serious work outs! I prefer it, though my sister prefers Wii Fit because she likes the games in it."

    So... there is that option as well.

    What I want to know is - if I BUY you The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout, will you USE it? I need someone to whine about it with! It's INTENSE. You could consider it an early b-day present. :)

    Remember how you asked me to instantly gain 10 pounds so that we could lose weight together? Well, I'm already up 2.6. So there you go.

  6. I would love to try something else, since the Wii Fit is really slow with moving ahead to new excersizes etc. The Wii Active I will read some reviews on and see how it is. The other problem is that the board to stand on is really hard, and very narrow. I can barely do the push ups because I need my arms off the board so I can at least do it. Frustrating really!
    But yes, I think I would LOVE the Biggest Loser One!!!

  7. Joelene you can borrow ours to try it out and then decide if you want one too.

  8. I tried the Wii fit at a friend's house and upon stepping onto the machine it told me I had the body of a 45 year old man. So I stepped off the mat and never stepped on again haha