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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wii got our asses kicked tonight!

So, I decided that I do not really like the WiiFit, and almost took the entire console back.  But, I was too lazy to even do that, and in the end I decided maybe the game just wasn\t for me.  We went to Best Buy tonight, as we needed another controller so we could play Tennis, and so I wouldn't get mechanic on my nice white controller!!! 
We looked at games, and I saw the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010 Workout Game.  It was $19.99, so I decided to get it.  When the cashier rang it up, it came to $50.00.  I told her I thought it was $19.99, so off we went.  She then noticed that where they were on the shelf, the tag there was for 2009.  She walked to customer service, told them the story, and said that she had to honour it.  The ENTIRE time I was quiet, I didn't open my mouth ONCE. 
The Game is GREAT!  I love it.  It totally kicked my ass, and was fun as well, considering that I hate to work out. 
I am already so sore, I dread waking up tomorrow, as I know I will be so sore! 

The game is divided into several sections (this is my memory, as Alan is currently participating in the 100m dash...his game choice, and i can't view it.)

There are 18 exercises in total.  You can do these individually or in a circuit.  Jillian has 2 pre set circuits, and upper body and lower body routines.  You can also create your own circuits, 2 styles, plus an upper and lower, based around all 18 of the exercises.  You can also choose your level of difficulty or how many reps to do.  For some exercises you use the remote, and others the balance board.  You will hear a "bing" noise every time it is correct (remote where it should be, or weight where it should be) and a "buzz" noise when incorrect, including wrong footing, so that you are equal on each side.
I love how the "buzz" is not loud or scary, it just right, a quick notification really.
I really like the routine I created.

The little booklet in the case is good too,  It shows a pic of each exercise and the health benefits to each, as well as the correct way to do it so that the board or remote pick up on it.

You can also choose your music, 20 options I think, although all just music, no lyrics, and many "metal" type ones.  I feel like I am on speed right now from it, that and I am wheezing...this is how out of shape I am!

There are several landscapes to choose as well. 

Of course, you can also do everything randomly.

I also liked that unlike the WiiFit you don't have to run on the balance board.  It can be very hard to balance on such a small board, without falling off and breaking your ankle. 
Also, remember mlast post I complained that it mangled my hands, and made them itchy, (we have a generic board, not the actual Wii one, well, I used a hand towel to put on it, and it worked just fine, so I can do the pushups now without having a hand full of little dents or itches.

One thing that I didn't like about the WiiFit was that it was really slow, and I was constantly pushing buttons, listening to her blah blah blah, reading the screen, just too slow to actually keep me motivated.
On this JM game though, you only press "A" once after your single excersise, which can last as long as you like.  That gives you a few quick seconds to attach the wrist strap, get down on the ground, or move the balance board!

I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to use common exercises to work out.  There also seems to be a fair amount of cardo worked in, as you are not using weights.  Some exercises make you go faster than others, and this is where the heart rate increases and the cardio kicks in.

A great game, and I got it at a great price!!!!  Had they made me pay the $50.00 I wouldn't have bought it. 


  1. Great review! I need this! But I need to find a place with the deal you got! lol That cashier is lucky she was willing to honour the price, I can imagine the ear full you had prepared for her! lol Hard to believe you kept your mouth shut! lol

    Do you need the board for this one? Like if I were to go out and buy it, do I have to buy the console, remotes, board and game?

    And what the hell kind of "game" is 100m dash? Is that the whole game!? lol

    I ordered the 30 day shred yesterday - I can't wait for it to get here!

  2. You will love The 30 Day Shred, It really works, so I have heard. It is VERY intense, but if you stick with it, you will see results in no time! And you have tons of room in your livingroom which is even better! But remember to wear runners!!!

    With the console you get a controller, you will need the balance board though (and the game). I don't think it is mandatory, but with it, you know if you are doing it correctly. I was tired though at the end, and I was only lifting my arms half way, and she knew, and told me to stop wasting her time. You enter your height, so the sensor knows where your arms should be.

    It's great! Skip the WiiFit, it is really slow, and because of that I think I just lost the will do keep going. Too boring!

    Try your video when it comes in though, and see how you like it.

  3. I love that she tells you to stop waisting her time! Hilarious!
    I'll try the video first and see how it goes. I think I just keep trying to convince myself I need the wii...just because I want it for the fun things like bowling and tennis! lol

    Yes, we have LOTS of room for the video! Hopefully NoodleE will enjoy watching me do it!

  4. What the heck is the shred?

  5. That is HILARIOUS that the game told you to stop wasting its time! I envy you all your commitment. I am so freaking lazy. We have an awesome gym and i have this key that is programmed with a workout schedule for me. So when i go in it tells me what machine to start with and automatically sets the time and speed etc, then tells you which machine to go on next etc. But usually when i go i do the treadmill and then it tells me to move to the elliptical or whatever, but instead i give up and go in the steam room.