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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Advice/Opinions/Comments I Have Received!!!

Well all give and get advice from time to time, and sometimes the advice is great and worthy, and at other times, you just want to punch the person who said it in the face.

Here is some of the "advice" or opinions or anecdotes I have been given in the last 8 months or so.  My Ideas are in brackets beside!!!

1.  Good luck cloth diapering, you will be covered in shit. (Yes, well, I can't wait to take a poo filled diaper and rub is all over my arms, legs and chest, you idiot!)
2.  You are taking grocery store brand prenatals???  (Will this kill my baby?)
3.  You're not going to an ob/gyn...good luck. (They are SURGEONS, why do I need a surgeon?)
4.  No baby in the bed with you, you'll have your work cut out for you. (Um...WHAT?????)
5.  A natural childbirth, you will never be able to do this without pain medication (Right, because I am the 1st woman EVER to want a natural childbirth)
6.  Let me pick a name for you.  (What, are you INSANE????)
7.  Your crotch is going to burn, its the worst feeling ever.  (I would imagine my crotch on fire is painful yes.)
8.  Listen to my horrible labour story. (Why would I want to hear that?)
9.  Will you keep the placenta?  (Oh yes, most definitely, I have a nice place on my mantel all picked out already..WTF???)
10.  Just make sure to choose a good name (Because, you thought I would choose a horrible name?)
11.  You don't understand because you aren't a mother.  (Apparently only genius' have children then????)
12.  You don't know what its like to support people financially. (Oh right, at the age of 28 with a job, a car, a house, etc etc etc...I have no idea the value of a dollar)
13.  You aren't sleeping well because the baby is preparing you for never sleeping again. (Okay, so really, parents go months straight with NO sleep, sure they do.)
14.  It's going to be so hard for you, such an adjustment (Ya, well, no shit asshole, but lets not forget that I married an amazing man, who is anticipating this baby as much as I am.)
15.  Oh wow, how did that happen? (I had unprotected sex days prior to ovulation, you idiot)
16.  How are you feeling? (My reaction varies depending on who asks this)
17.  Can I touch your belly? (Says the stranger in the Subway Sandwhich line up)
18.  Oh, look at you all preggers! (I HATE the word preggers, I actually even prefer to be called knocked up over preggers, and yes, I am aware of how I look!)

There are many more of course, but the one that pisses me off the most are when people tell me that I don't have a clue on things "because I am not a mother"  Being a mother doesn't make you a GOOD mother, it simply only alerts the world that sometimes idiots (usually the people who say this) can have kids too...and they do!!!  Why do people say that?  Why can I not have an opinion on something, or know something because I don't have my own children.  I have spent years around kids, and of course used to be one.  Also, I can say that certain products on the market are crap, and simply ways to make money, don't we all as consumers have the right to have an opinion on something that is available for sale????

For example:  At a store one day, I laughed and shook my head, the saleswoman looked at me, and asked what was funny.  I said that I was shocked that someone would make this, and then think that people would buy it.  Please see below:  (It's a little tent you put over the penis when changing the baby, so you don't get sprayed.)  She said to me, that if I was having a boy, it would come in very useful. Ya, sure it would!!!

There are of course many people who say great things to pregnant women, or hold open the door at the mall, offer you a hand when reaching something from up high, let you in front of them in the bathroom, all these great wonderful things.  Those moments I love and appreciate in people, its the rude and clueless ones that piss me off!!!

Please share other ridiculous things you have heard when pregnant.


  1. We have pee pee tee pee's. Someone gave them to us as a gift. They are useful but they work the same as a cloth of some sort to keep the spray down. Boys really do pee when you change them. You can always tell when this is about to happen because they get what I call a pee pee boner.
    Or you could do what Todd did. He warned Joshua that if he ever peed on him he would pee back on him.

    I also hated when people would rub my stomach. At least they asked you. I would rub there's back. They don't seem to like that.

  2. I like your sister's idea about rubbing them back. Make them realize how socially innappropriate it is to reach out and rub a stranger.

    The next time someone tells you that you 'don't understand because you aren't a mother'. Nod, say "yeah, you're right. Oh wait, did you say mother, I thought you said arrogant. I don't understand because I am not arrogant like people who think they have perfected mother hood."

    And like your sister said, and you can say to sales ladies or whoever tells you that things will 'come in handy'....yes, i suppose they would, or I could just use common sense and save myself the money. I got told a trick a long time ago and have never yet been peed on during a diaper change...when you open the diaper you fold it down, then fold it back up over the penis. It is quite often the shock of air temp change that can make them pee so if you let the air in, then cover them back up for a second you can see generally save yourself. It's not 100% I'm sure, but it's always worked for me.

    I got really pissed off while I was pregnant with Ella too because of all the shit that people said to me. My brother had the best idea...He said to put a big label on the garbage can that said "parenting advice" and then when people say things to you, ask them to write it down, then take the paper, crumple it up and throw it in the bin in front of them. You could even throw in a "Let me file this so I don't lose it". You should do it at work especially with your obnoxious coworker!

    You and Alan are smart, capable, loving parents-to-be and will be absolutely fine! You are goingto have the same sleep-deprived, worry/love-induced frenzies that the rest of parents have had since the beginning of time and you will both handle it. Cause that's what every parent does, in the moment you just handle it. You ARE already a fantastic mother and those other people, and what they say, do not matter at all.

  3. Yeesh. I never realize how much I have written until after it is posted. Sorry! haha!

  4. I love reading peoples comments on your blog Randi. Elsie is very right. I love the garbage bag idea. I still can't believe someone asked you if they could name your baby.

  5. Ya, Elsie's idea was really good. So was yours!
    As for the person who wanted to name my baby. It wasn't so much that she asked. I had mentioned we had a few names in mind, and she said she would think of some good names choices for me to choose from.
    Listen to this though, it gets even better.
    I was at the salon yesterday waiting for my appointment to start. I was sitting beside 2 stylists who didn't have any clients at the time. I sat down, and they STARED at me. I then said hi or whatever to them. Keep in mind that I don't know them at all, but have seen them several times just from visiting the salon. I've never said more than hi to them in the past. They then ASKED if I was pregnant, because you know, it really is a rare thing to see right? They agreed my tummy was small, then the ACTUALLY says "ya, you haven't gained weight anywhere other than your face right?" Like, she didn't even ask me, she TOLD me! I was so shocked, I seriously didn't know what to say. So, I more or less just said ya. Which, I might add is NOT TRUE. I then started looking for clippers to shave her head. I was so shocked that they both looked at me like I was a freak, and then said my face was fat. To get them back, I told other clients about what they said. That's the mature thing to do right. The other clients of course said I looked great! hahaha Bitches!

  6. hahaha I cant believe they said that to you. Yet again yesterday I got the good old "oh wow your so big for being that far along" She then asked me if I was having twins. I could have punch her then and there in the face. However she was just a teenager and I chalked it up to her being just dumb.
    I was also in the drugstore yesterday and the girl in line behiond me said that she couldn't believe that I was having another child so soon because Joshua is still so young.....ummm he's 3 and will be 3 and a half when the baby is born. Not only that but she was buying Plan B. I was going to say something about that but thaought better and decided to be the bigger (seriously I am huge) person.

    Elsie I even read your blog.....I'm such a nosy person but I just love reading them. I've never commented because I didn't think you knew who I was and thought that it might be creepy....NO\ow I just sould creepy. I better quit while I'm ahead.

  7. Okay that tent thing? Very. VERY. Dumb. But I bet whoever invented it is rolling in the dough! I always hated getting stupid advice when I was pregnant, so I try to be careful what I say to pregnant chicks.

  8. Chilete (Moms)October 04, 2010

    Ya, it was me who asked Randi to not name her baby a weird name? I admit it! But I did not ask to name him though.