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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seriously Baby.....I'm Your Mother, And I Say NO!!!

Seriously, this baby is trying to escape.  Well, I am sure that he really isn't, but it sure feels that way!  A couple weeks ago, I noticed that the movements were very different and I think it is just because he is getting so big.  Then about a week ago, I felt a tightening in my belly area, and wasn't sure if it was "Braxton Hicks" contractions or not. In my course we call it "Practice Labour."  We actually use a lot of different wording in the class.  It's all a mind set, and I think it does help.
Anyway, the class was great, and I definitely am experiencing practice labour.  It is really interesting that my body does this.  Everyday it amazes me more and more, that the female human body was designed to give birth.  Your body knows exactly what to do, and when to do it.  I can't even describe the feeling of these practice surges, but it basically feels as I guess it should.  My uterine muscles contracting.  It seems like all day I have been having them.  More so than not anyway.  I am scared that he wants out, but I also know that this is normal and it is my body preparing for labour.  I also sometimes feel pressure on my cervix area, this I assume is normal as well.  Startles me everytime though.
We learn a lot about the body in the HypnoBirthing classes, and as a result, I am ready for whatever is going to happen and no longer look at childbirth as the scariest event I will ever go through....well, today, at this moment that's how I feel, tomorrow or later this evening could be a completely different story.  But, that's a good start that I only sometimes freak out now! haha Actually in the class this past Sunday, I was so pumped I wanted to have the baby that night.  I told everyone it was "Now or Never"  at which point, Alan almost died of embarrassment.  hahaha  I also shocked him when I asked her how I knew I was in labour and ready to go to the hospital.  I know though, that I did all the other first timers a favour as well!  haha.  It was previously mentioned that we wait to go to the hospital/birthing centre, wherever, until we are basically ready to deliver.  Well, how do I know.  I mean, I may think I am 10cm dilated, but really only be 2cm.  And I wouldn't want to go to the hospital, just to get sent home again.  Here is the kicker though.....I think that I only just realized that when you are "checked"  it is not a visual inspection, but a vaginal exam.  They feel your cervix to measure (fingers not rulers).  So, that brought me to another questions....can our husbands do this or can we do it ourselves, etc.  She said yes, it is perfectly possible, and accurate.  I will have to google this later on!  haha  Anyway, we learned about how to hear our body and to understand the signs of approaching delivery.  When to stay home, and when to get in the car, we also learned when not to get in the car!  I think I learnt more on Sunday about childbirth, than I have in my entire 28 years.  I just hope that Alan took notes!

On a side note...I am still feeling, well, pregnant!  I technically have just over 8 weeks to go.  I also have only 32 working days left as well!  A replacement for me has been hired, and she seems perfect for the job.  She starts on Monday, and I look forward to fully meeting her, and of course training her.  I think she will pick up quickly, and be able to figure things out!  Yay!!!!

Alan is gone now for an unknown amount of days, and in that time, I will try to do some nesting.....(am I suppose to dread it, or look forward to it?  hahaha)  I need to organize and clean out the linen closet.  I also have to clean the construction mess from the window install, and then Steph will paint the room, hopefully next week when she is back from Mexico.  I am so jealous I am not there as well.

My shower is coming up too!  I can't wait.  It has been months on the planning, and I can't believe the time is finally approaching.

Oh...and people are still convinced I am small.  Seriously, everyone I see says I am so small for the amount of weeks that I am.  I always reply that I don't feel small at all.  In fact, I feel massive, and I always feel so full, and bloated.  I hate eating supper, because I feel like crap afterwards, and usually puke it up anyway. I also feel like I constantly have to pee.  I did go to the mall this weekend though, and didn't cry because the bathroom line up was too long.  It didn't prove effective last time! I think that because it is my first that I am smaller than some.  Also, I am not cramming my face every second I get, so I haven't really gained a ton of weight elsewhere.  (Yay yay yay!!!!!)  I also figure that because my torso is long in comparison to my legs that my belly is stretched longways, rather than straight out.  I have no idea.  Maybe I should take it as a compliment.  But it always comes off as an insult. 

And another cute comic!!!!

(Do I really need his permission for use????,
if anything I am letting people know about him and his fantastic comics!!!!)


  1. It could be worse. My new doctor saud today that it looked like I was due any day now. And I informed her that on Friday I would be 28 weeks. She said well that's approaching the end. I would rather be called small instead of huge like me.

  2. People don't think before making comments to pregnant women. You are a tiny person to begin with, so you are not going to be ginormous overnight just because you are pregnant. You are just going to be you....but with a baby on board! You look fantastic!
    I am glad to hear that your class is going so well and you are feeling so empowered. THe human body is really an awesome thing and childbirth is pretty damn cool when you let your body go with its flow. I really find the whole process fascinating.
    Enjoy your nesting. hope you can get some rest/food while Alan is gone too!

  3. Thanks Elsie! I am always amazed at the female body, but especially MY body. When I think back a couple of years ago and the thoughts at the time of having kids, or breastfeeding or anything like that, I have definately come a long way! Sometimes, events or people in your life change your perspective on certain issues!
    And ya, some comments people make to pregnant women is insane!! It shouldn't shock me but sometimes I seriously can't believe the "advice" I get. Oh, new idea for a new post!