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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Cold To Come Out To Play

Little SWB has been moving around very differently lately.  I don't yet know what he is doing.  Earlier today I thought he was trying to escape.  I reminded him it was too cold for him out in the non amniotic world.  Seemed to work, he settled down shortly thereafter.  However, at that time when I thought he was trying to escape, I was dry heaving a puking into the bathroom sink.  Maybe it was too much strain on my abdomen.

We did the Hypnobirthing class on Sunday, and I think we both enjoyed it.  Alan wasn't too alarmed, and no babies or goats were sacrificed around a fire, and no blood was drank either.  It really wasn't too meditative for us.  Read up on what exactly it is or read my previous entry for the class description.  We learned a couple simple breathing exercises, and we learned to relax a bit.  Kinda yoga-like, but just sitting and not being in a downward dog or some ridiculous body movement.  We did an exercise where we had to imagine ourselves in a kitchen, feel the heat of the oven, grab a cutting board, feel the lemon....yada yada yada, and eventually we had to bite into the lemon.  Well, aside from freaking out (calmly) because I couldn't imagine a kitchen, I did feel my mouth water when biting into the lemon.  No, seriously, it took me forever to choose a kitchen, I initally walked into mine, then screamed and ran (dishwasher is having issues, and LAST NIGHTS dishes are everywhere), then I was in Alan's parents, back to mine, and then in an imaginary one.  Aside from that, it was good.  I have to practice the breathing this week and listen to the CD as well. 
Alan and I did learn lots though, and it seems like it will be great.  I understand what it is, and why it is important.  I have to remember the "Fear, Tension, Pain" drawing.  And of course, actually apply it.  We learnt about the uterine muscles and how they work when in a "surge" and how to help the muscles work properly so not to delay labour. 
We also got to watch a few quick deliveries where the women practiced Hypnobirthing.  I was amazed that Alan didn't puke or faint, and generally didn't seem disturbed.  He commented on the fact that I missed most of the video as I was watching him.
Alan and I cracked a lot of jokes, and laughed alot.  It was fun for us.

He is working like a crazy man now, so I hope he can make the next one.  It really wouldn't be a date night without him.

AND...without further adieu, here are the most recent photos I have (taken minutes ago).  I wish Alan was here so he could have taken them better, but with the self timer (which is my normal way of doing it anyway) it may have been better to see a side by side, and of course, I couldn't figure out the side by side!

The bare belly with Bitey-Pup too!

Ah crap, I forgot to use all small letters, looks like I forgot about my new blogging style!  hahaha


  1. I kinda missed your new blogging style. I've been thinking of borrowing the hypnobirthing book from the library. I can't imagine many classes being offered in our area though.

  2. LOVE the bare belly pic!!!! Koi-bitey (sp?) looks crazy! He has Jimi hair!!!
    Sounds like the class is really good so far! I would have loved to take something like that, but I don't think there is anything like it around...plus everything happened way too fast for me to really use it I think! lol
    Personally, I'm a fan of the capitals...

  3. I think I'm as big as you and I'm about a month behind you. They changed my due date back to Dec. 17th. So that means 100 days to go....I'm almost down to double digits.....Let the count down begin.