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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funny Boy!

Sutton is so funny!!!!  He makes me laugh every single day, many times a day!  Watching him learn and grow and discover new things makes me want to have 20 kids to I can watch it for the rest of my life! 

We are on a regular schedule now, and I love that.  It has variances of course, but we are up at the same time every day and his naps are at about the same time, and the same length.  Frees up my day a bit, but I find myself waiting for him to wake up.  I could nap, but I would much rather use his time sleeping as time for me to do what I want.  Which is often just sitting, or being on the computer.

This week, I was changing Sutton, and I let him air out while I was going through his clothes.  I noticed he started to pee.  I covered it with my hand, and thought he was finished, so I grabbed a cloth, he then continued to pee and it went in his eye, nose and ear.  And of course it went all over his arm, leg and bum.  It was so funny.  Then a couple days later, he did #2 while I was changing him again.

Sutton loves naked time, and he uses that time to roll around.  He feels so free and kicks like mad!  Rolling is really his new favourite thing to do.  At play group yesterday, we had a demonstrator there for baby massage and Sutton was too busy rolling around to be masssaged!  haha  He still prefers to stand as much as possible.  He enjoys playing in his back as well.  He is able to roll both ways but prefers to go from back to tummy.  Tummy time is also much more fun now than it used to be.  He no longer has to be bribed with a mirror!  He also gets less frustrated!  Thank god, seeing him struggle was hard, but he was learning at the same time.  He is so strong.  Everyone comments that for 4 months he has incredible strength!

Sutton smiles all the time, and he has a few different smiles.  They are so cute.  My eyes still water when Sutton smiles at Alan.  Sutton has started to laugh a little.  I think he is copying me more than truly laughing, and I can't wait for the day when he laughs a real laugh at something real.

A few days ago I put Sutton in his Exersaucer for the first time since he has been big enough for it.  I put the 1000 batteries in it, and he was so suprised at all the sounds, and motion.  So much to see, listen to and touch.  He just looked at everything with amazment.  He didn't know what to do, it was so overwhelming. 

Sutton and I cook or bake together several times a day.  He watches me do everything, and I explain it all to him while wiping up his constant stream of drool!  He will happily sit in his Bumbo and just watch and look around the kitchen!

Playing with toys is now much more fun.  He can grab things well, and shake them.  He of course loves to put them in his mouth.  He has toys that he prefers over others.  He likes Gus (Sophie The Giraffe), his Kindermusik rattle, his lovey (stuffed giraffe) and the thing we bought in Texas.

We went to the Health Centre the other day and Sutton weighs 12lbs 10oz.  He is 24 inches long.  He is perfectly healthy and is growing at a good rate.  It shocks me that he is double his birth weight now.  I can't believe that he was half the weight he was!  My oh my, do they ever grow quickly.  I made the mistake of blinking, and here he is growing. 

Sutton is the light of my life.  He brings me joy like I have never experienced before.  I love when I am out and people stop me to tell me how cute he is.  He then smiles at them, and his little dimples poke through, and instead of speaking or thanking the person, I agree with them, and stare at Sutton!  hahahaha

Sticking his tongue out while being changed!

Chewing in his lovey!  You can see in his eyes he really is chewing!

He has discovered his thumb.  He mostly chews on it rather than suck it though!



  1. omfg, he's so sweet!!!!!

  2. Nice name Britt! LOL
    That last picture of Sutton made my day. Such a sweet smile. I can't wait to meet him. As I say ALL the time.
    I'm glad you're laughing and smiling a lot. Happy baby = Happy Mom