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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Milk Maid Tea Experiment

I must start this post by mentioning I am VERY pro breastfeeding.  I do not look down on mothers who use formula, but I always wonder why.  If it comes up in conversation, it is always the same thing "I wasn't producing enough milk"  What does that even mean?  Breastfeeding works best if you do it.  I know it can be hard to wait it out; especially, if you feel your baby isn't getting enough milk, usually they are though, but if you continue to feed the baby it will work out, and if your supply is still low, there is much you can do to increase it.  Assess your lifestyle, your diet, your stress level, your determination. 

I must also mention, I am not in the medical field and do not in any way possess a medical degree except for the one I issued myself in the ability to 'Self Diagnose'.  I am also not a Lactation Consultant.  I am not going to provide any studies or research in this post, I will simply speak from experience and conversations I have had with others. 

My son has been exclusively breastfed for 4 and a half months....his entire precious life.  At first I wondered if I wasn't producing enough milk.  Now I think that maybe I just don't store a lot, I have small storage tanks maybe!!!  My milk came in right away which was wonderful.  At our 1 week check up I mentioned to my doctor that I was concerned I had a low milk supply,
and she was not at all concerned as Sutton was back up to his birth weight in less than a week, on average they say it takes up to 2 weeks.  She did give me a prescription for a medication which can aid in more milk supply.  In fact, she said she had a patient who adopted, and was able to breastfeed because of this medication.  I did not fill the prescription as when talking with a friend about my concerns, she basically told me that my body knows what to do, and if the baby doesn't suck the body doesn't produce.  Tough it out, hang in there, and most importantly to keep at it.  I consider her a hero in my breastfeeding adventures.  Another thing she told me was to not have any formula on hand, it will only make me want to use it when I am struggling the most.  I had to follow my instinct, by body and my son.

Here, almost 5 months later, I still wonder.  I think just because I cannot pump very well.  It takes me at least 2 days and 4 pumping sessions to get a 5oz bottle.  Everyone knows though that a baby sucking at the breast is far more effective than a breast pump ever will be.

Regardless of the fact that I KNOW I am producing enough milk, I still regularly eat oatmeal as it does enhance my supply, and it is so healthy and yummy too, and I get to eat copious amounts of brown sugar! 

I was at one of my favourite children's boutiques when I came across the Earth Mama Angel Baby Products.  They had a 'Milk Maid Tea' for breastfeeding mothers.  I figured I would give it a shot. It contained 16 tea bags for $9.99.  That works out to $0.62 a cup. 

Man oh man does it ever work.  I was going to try it for 10 days, but I just quit last night and did it for 6 days.  It really does work.  My breasts were definitely larger, huge even.  Alan and I pointed and laughed that I was going to topple over.  I was also able to pump more than usual.  I was slightly engorged, but not too engorged that I was in complete discomfort.

As I mentioned in a previous post....all (or close to all) women can breastfeed.  I often hear people say that they cannot, as they didn't have enough milk.  How did they know?  One cannot determine how many ounces of milk they have.  The more you feed the more you produce, and a pump can never replace a baby. 

For the first month or so, Sutton was ALWAYS on the breast.  Several people told me he was comfort sucking and to put an end to it immediately.  I didn't want to to deprive him comfort at all, and I wanted to wait it out.  I now truly believe that he was increasing my supply.  My son and my body worked together.  There are still times when Sutton 'comfort sucks' and sometimes I know he is just needing comfort and other times I think he is increasing my supply.  Breastfeeding is a 'Supply and Demand' business after all.  The more the baby sucks, the more you produce.  Just as your body can conceive a child, carry a child and deliver a child, it can also nourish a child.  I am sure there are some circumstances where mothers cannot or do not produce enough milk, but I also believe that determination plays a huge role.  If a doctor says you aren't producing enough milk do you believe them?  How do they know?  Their medical degree doesn't enable them to see through your skin and into your milk ducts.  As long as your child is healthy, content and gaining weight properly that is indication that you ARE producing enough milk.  Never trust a pump alone.  Had I have done this, it means that my son is only getting 2 oz of milk per day.  I know this isn't true.  I make sure my breast is emptied as much as possible to aid in my body's ability to continue the supply and demand.

So, to conclude my experiment, the Earth Mama Angel Baby Tea is very effective.  Please see the ingredients below.  I am sure the main ingredient of Fenugreek is the reason it is so effective.  I have heard of doctors who prescribe Fenugreek pills as well for the reason of increasing milk supply.  I will use this tea again if I want to quickly enhance my supply to be able to pump a few bottles.  It seemed to work very quickly.  I noticed by the next day for sure.  The taste wasn't bad.  I could smell and taste the peppermint most. 
It also states not to use if you are Pregnant.  I am not sure why.  I assume it has something to do with the Red Raspberry Leaf in it, or maybe because you do not want to stimulate milk supply too early in your pregnancy.  I am not sure why, but I wasn't concerned as I am not pregnant.  As with anything, do your research and ask a professional.  Most places who sell these products are very well informed as well.


  1. congrats on the milk!!!

  2. Love the review! You should add a review tag! :)
    As you mentioned, I think the best method for making more milk, is using more milk...aka nursing more. My boobs know this first hand when they start aching Monday at 1ish since Sloan has nursed all weekend and they think it is nap time! By Tuesday they know what's up though! ;)