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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'No Cry Sleep Solution' Book Review

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had started reading the book 'No Cry Sleep Solution'.  I had really started to enjoy the book, but hadn't yet got into the "how to" section.  As I was reading I knew this was going to be a lot of work, as everything involving parenthood is. As the book progressed, I had to start the logs, this is where the challenge came in.  When I started this book, Sutton was sleeping the first half of the night in his swing, and the second half in our bed.  I was supposed to write down what time he woke, how long he nursed, and what time he fell back asleep.  This was almost impossible for me to do, because in order for me to write it down, I would have to turn over to the bed side table, risking waking Sutton.  I also would have to stay awake.  Sometimes I cannot tell if Sutton is comfort sucking or if in fact he is nursing.  (I know, 5 months in, and I still don't always know!)

The thing I love about co-sleeping, is that I get a full nights sleep...for the most part.  This may seem selfish or lazy, but sleeping is important for me, Sutton and Alan.  Alan doesn't wake at all, but is very aware of Sutton's presence in the bed.  We do what works, and this is the best decision for our family.

For 5 months now I have gotten much "advice" about how to get Sutton to sleep in his crib.  Some advice is from friends or family or people who genuinely care, this is fine.  But  many people tell me that he will never sleep in his crib if we don't make him do it now.  We all know this is not true...don't we?  Am I the first person to ever co-sleep?  What about cultures where co-sleeping is the norm?  What about large families in small houses?   Why are some people so oblivious to the fact that I am not crazy or making bad decisions?  We all judge I guess, but it's no fun when people judge me.

Alan and I decided that co-sleeping was good for us, it was something that worked, and something that we felt Sutton needed.  We have been trying the crib on and off the last couple weeks, and it is going really well.  He falls asleep at the breast as usual, and then we place him in his crib, he always lies on his tummy, looks around, then cries.  Instantly I pick him up and hold him chest to chest.  He quickly falls back to sleep, and then after a minute or 2 I place him back into his crib on his tummy and pat his little bum.  He settles just fine, and sleeps for about 4 hours.  At this point, he comes into our bed, and I nurse him and he stays the rest of the night. 

I am aware that I should sit up, nurse him and put him back in his crib, but we have come so far with him sleeping for any amount of time in his crib, that we will slowly progress to the full night.

The most important part of all of this is that every morning I wake up to little hand in my face.  To smiles and kicks and little chatter!  Sutton obviously has slept well, and is well rested.  That is key, Sutton gets the sleep and comfort that he needs and is entitled too.

However....I really really wanted to read the entire book, and apply the techniques.  In the meantime though, we have found a technique that works for us.  I will read the rest of the book, but not do any of the logs.  We have already established a good nighttime routine and are getting our baby to sleep without crying it out!

I cannot upload a picture of Sutton sleeping in his crib, because I do not dare go in there and risk him waking to the startling "bright lights of heaven" of a flash I have on my camera!  Another good parenting move on my part!!!  Yeah!!!!! 


  1. I'm glad you guys are doing what works for you - that is most important! I got the same comments that Sloan will never sleep in her crib, yada, yada. But really...have you ever met a teenager sleeping in their parents bed still!?! At almost 17 months (omg that is insane - how is that possible?!) Sloan sleeps in her own bed all night now. She is still usually waking once every night and sometimes I can get her back to sleep without nursing, but usually she has a quick snack. Depending on when she wakes up she usally goes back in her crib, but if its after 5am then she comes into bed with us (or me if it's during the week and Matt is off to work). I know some people think I am crazy for still getting up in the night with her and nursing her (apparently they know that there is no possible way that she "needs" nurishment at this time of day), and that I should just let her CIO, but this is what works for us - I would much rather get up in a semi-awake state, nurse for 5-10min and then go back to bed vs. let her cry for who knows how long while I lay in bed wide awake thinking of how much she needs me then! We have recently had a few 12 hr sleeps too - right through the night! So I'm confident she is just working into her own little pattern and a full nights sleep will come eventually!
    Waking up to the little hand and chatter makes it worth it too eh!

  2. it's great that he's still sleeping; because without sleep, in any location, you will not be a well-functioning parent. it would be nice if he slept in the crib, but if he wont do that one thing and hes still great all the rest of the day then thats better than a lot of babies!!!! the important thing is to know you will need to ween him away; i've got a friend with a 6 year old sleeping in her bed!!! and by the way... being there for a week, i never heard sutton make a peep!