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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love Spring!!!!

I love spring.  I think it might be my favourite season.  The snow melts, the weather warms, and everyone is so happy.  I do love the fall too but everyone is always so negative awaiting the first snowfall, and the first COLD day.  We also pack up our patio furniture and prepare the house and yard for the next few miserable months.  It's just a feeling of ending, dying even.  But the spring signals new life, and a new outlook.

Oh, and it is also my birthday month!!!!

Here are some photos of Spring so far for us!

I need some new baby approved sunglasses for The Butt!

A lovely walk!!

I have feet!!! Yay!

Time to clean the car...I mean minivan!!!  Waiting in line for the car wash gave us time for a quick nurse and bum change!

Got all the ice off finally!


  1. I got the best sunglasses for Joshua when he was a baby. I got them at Walmart and they had an SPF rating as well. I loved them because they attached at the back of the head with Velcro so that they can't get them off. I think they were under $10 too.

  2. Sutton has a really smal head. Even the babybanz are too big!

  3. I think that was the kind.

  4. You look great! I can't believe how much snow you had over the winter - and also think it's hilarious that Alan is shovelling with no coat on! I love spring too - I can't wait for summer though!

  5. Love the pic of you guys in your chapeaus!
    Of course Sutton has a tiny head...look at his mother! ;)

  6. Auntie PearlyApril 14, 2011

    haha I was going to comment on Randi's small head too.
    I love the pic where Sutton is grabbing his feet. So cute! And still looks exactly like his mama!