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Friday, May 6, 2011

Playing is so much fun!!!!

In the last couple weeks Sutton has been loving his Exersaucer.  I do not like to keep him in for too long as he cannot yet stand on his own, but he LOVES it.  He grabs at everything and pulls the toys, presses the ones to make songs and just flails around.  It is so exciting to see him get so overwhelmed at all the toys and the songs.  After about 10 minutes though he has had enough!  I am using the excersaucer as a tool to help him play on his own.  I love to always play with him, but I feel it is important that he also be able to entertain himself alone or with toys for short periods of time.  His hand eye coordination is also delveloping as is his abilty to reach out and touch things.  This will help when he is ready to start eating solids by baby led weaning.  He is learning cause and effect.  He knows that certain things make certain noise, sometimes it takes him a while to remember or figure it out, but once he does, he doesn't stop! 

My perfect sweet little baby is growing so fast!!!!!

Here is a video of him playing.  I couldn't do it with the camcorder as I do not know how to upload, so I had to use my cell, the quality isn't that great, but of course his cuteness shines through regardless!  He mostly stared at me, but when I am "not looking" he really plays and explores!


  1. So cute! I love the crazy involuntary arm spazms babies make!
    I find that just about any time I want to take a video of something other than Sloan staring at me, the camera has to be on the tripod!

  2. omg you have the cutest child ever!!! he's growing so much everyday!

  3. I agree about letting him play on his own. I always tried to take the stance with Ella that if she needed or wanted help I would be there, but that I would let her get on with whatever task she was focused on. I have to say it has totally paid off. She has amazing focus and patience with tasks and she is very independent and imaginative.
    Not to say I didn't play with her tons. Cause I did and still do. but i wanted to teach her that there are sometimes for being together and sometimes for being independent. It has been a LIFESAVER since Freddie came on the scene. She plays happily on her own while I tend to him.
    I think you are doing a fantastic job of being a Mum. Your forethought and self-education regarding the choices and preferences you want for your son are inspiring.