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Monday, August 29, 2011

1 Little Monkey Falling Off The Bed!

Dear Lord, it happened. My baby got hurt on my watch. I'm told this is normal and will happen time and time again, but that didn't make me feel any better at the time it happened, or even now.
Sutton was in bed with me, as he normally is in the mornings. After nursing and napping on and off for a couple hours, he decided it was more fun to kick me in the face, repeatedly. This is part of his daily morning routine. I am usually awake at this point singing, laughing, talking, fake sleeping or anything else that comes along.
Today was like normal, then I fell asleep. This is when IT happened... I woke very alert because I heard a thud, then a cry. I flew out of bed and saw my precious little boy, laying on his back on the hard non carpeted bedroom floor. He was wedged between the bed and the side table. I instantly scooped him up while grabbing the phone. I called a friend who thanks to his firefighter education was able to assess Sutton through the phone. No blood, no obvious bump, pupils normal, not sleepy, etc.
I nursed him, he played, ate breakfast. I also held off his nap for almost an hour longer. He is just fine. Thank God.

This now brings some questions, which I've been trying to answer all day, but yet to have a definite answer.
Will Sutton be in our bed with just him and I again?

When he wakes around 230 or so, he comes to bed with me. I would love to nurse him in his room and put him back in his crib, but honestly, I always forget. I'm asleep and practically naked, and just bring him to bed with me. Lately Alan has been getting him and bringing him to our room. Sutton nurses, sleeps and the wakes around 6 or so and nurses on and off for a couple hours. Its usually just after 8 when we wake. SO, what do I do to change this routine?
I will add that Sutton exclusively co-slept with is for almost 8 solid months. He has only been in his crib for about 1 month, for the first half of the night for the most part. My day cannot start at 6am, that wouldn't work for either of us. Plus, sleeping, cuddling and nursing is a part of our day that I truly cherish. I think we both do. Even on the mornings that Alan is home we still do this, and Sutton always wakes Alan up by trying to climb on him.

Do I get a bed rail? Do I make sure I don't fall asleep, as I never have before. Do I make a barrier of some sort? Do I duct tape him to the bed!
I just don't want anything to change, things are perfect as they are, except for today when Sutton fell off the bed.

One thing to add, I went into the bedroom later today, to get dressed....at 2pm.....and saw the little mirror on the bed. He must have seen it, grabbed it, and then went to grab my hairspray, and that's when he fell. I don't know this, but this is what clues the evidence is leading towards.

Why did I fall into a real sleep and not just doze like normal?

Sutton is just fine now and got a little tougher today....or he is not going to be getting straight A's in school, I'm not sure.

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