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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Applying Cash for Appliances!!!

Tonight was a very nerve wracking night, I am still in shock.
We bought all new kitchen appliances tonight......Fridge, Stove and Dishwasher.  (Damn, I just bought a new bottle of dish soap!!)

Since the day we moved into this house, I have wanted new appliances.  Our current ones use so much electricity, the fridge moans, the dishwasher is currectly broken due to a water leak I found in the basement one day, but, the stove is in perfect working condition.  The current ones we have are by a manufacturer called "Concept II".  We never seen this elsewhere, and no one else has either.  We figure it a dollar store brand!  hahaha.  I think the salesperson asked if it was Asian made....isn't everything????

We went to Sears to look, but I think we both knew that we would buy....why change who we are!!!

The chap in the store was great! He knew a lot, and worked with us, and what we wanted.  As soon as he opened the bottom freezer, I knew I hated the drawer, I want the side opening style.  And he didn't try to persuade us into anything we didn't want.  We also had very detailed measurments.  I do not want to get a new counter, well, I do, of course I do, but we aren't going to.  The fridge is built into the wall, and this is one of my favourite features of the house. (Although, I have many)  One thing I will not do is change the width of the wall opening, I will only negotiate the height.  They had free delivery, but you had to pay for it ($60) , then after you received the items, you had to fill out forms, mail them in, and then wait for the money back.  I asked him to take off $60 of the purchase, so that we didn't have to do the paperwork, we get the money upfont this way (or free delivery).  Although.....I just had a thought.....I could still send it in anyway.......

So, we chose some great appliances, at great prices.  I had a budget of $2000, we spent $2572.  That being said, I hadn't researched the prices to a great extent prior to going, I just hoped it would less than $2000.  We got some features in all 3 that we hadn't thought of before, and we also lost a few.  The stove doesn't have any plugs on it.  We really wanted to have plugs, as our kitchen is seriously lacking.  However, Alan has promised me that when we do the new backsplash (very soon, research is in the works),  that he will install new electrical outlets, which is necessary anyway.  The dishwasher was the most difficult to choose, we have massive plates (which may reflect the size of my ass!!!), and I brought up a very valid point that I would rather spend $50 on new plates than a machine that costs $200 more.  The logical thing to do I'm sure!  The stove is also the glass top, I much prefer the coils.  I like the look of the glass top, but not the practicality of it.  Alan was for the glass top, but the stove is great, MUCH more modern than any stove/oven I have used before.

This is why I am having second thoughts though.....we paid cash and not credit!!!  I know, another logical thing to do.  For large purchases, we often use a credit card, and pay if off in increments, or use the store card and recevie no interest because we start paying double the monthly amount right away. 

I loved seeing this money in our savings every month.  I like to have a certain amount of money in that account, and now the balance has dropped by $2500.
These doubts started as I was swiping my debit card, I even asked if we could get full money back if we cancelled the order before it was delivered.  He assured me we could.  So, Alan and I talked about it as I crammed my face with poutine while reading the giant receipt.  All in all, it was a great choice to make, as we would have sooner than later, AND we own it!!!!  Paid cash, it doesn't get better than that!!! 

Now that the shock has worn off, I am so excited for my new appliances, and I hope they are everything I have ever wanted in appliances!!!  They are being delivered a week from today!!!

Sadly however, Alan will not be getting his new toolbox as soon as he had hoped!!!


  1. I'm so excited for you! New appliances will be so much fun. So you got a fridge, stove and dishwasher? Exciting! And I expect pictures.

    I have to admit, I died laughing when you said the man asked you of Concept II was Asian...isn't everything? That killed me. Hilarious.
    And your giant plates don't reflect to your ass, Randi, Jesus. However, I did laugh at that too.

    I know what you mean; to spend money you actually have but then to see your account go low again. It hurts a lot at the start because we aren't made of money and have a disposable income. In the long run, you'll be happy with your decision.

    And if you had paid credit, over the long run, it would have cost you more.
    Congrats on your purchase.
    PS - send me your Kurieg.

  2. Congrats! Super exciting! You may want to invest in a "scrunge" by Vileda, they work great on the glass top!
    I agree with Laura - I expect pictures!
    When is the big delivery day?

  3. Congrats on your new appliances.
    I can't wait to see them in person in May.

    P.S - Britt just got new ones too.

    P.P.S - I sent you and email today with a bit of a song attached to it.....HINT (it's Rick Astley)

  4. So exciting! I'd love to see pictures at some point. And yes, it is VERY scary to pay out that much cash at one time... but seriously, it's so much more stressful to have to pay off debt. So... good decision!

    Does your new fridge have an ice maker? I've always wanted one of those... maybe someday!

  5. Happy New Appliances Day!
    That sounds so exciting! Coming from someone who lives in a country where bar fridges are standard kitchen fridges...I am super super jealous.
    And i agree with everyone about the cash vs. credit. Adam works in cash of course, being a cabbie. So we always feel like we have NO MONEY, but the good thing is that we are paying in cash for everything. so we are not accruing debt. In the long run, it is a big relief.

  6. I am so glad that we paid cash and we own it, and you know, it really feels differently paying cash. So real! Invisible money is great and all, but in the long run isn't always the best idea!!!!! Once we have them in next week, I will take pictures and post for you all to see!

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