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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Appliances Have Arrived!

Well, the day finally came!
The appliances were delivered on Thursday evening, and the old ones sold and picked up!
It was a very hectic night, with only 1 trip to Home Depot and no diasters.  The delivery guys were rude but we fought back.  They couldn't fit in the alley as their truck was too long to make the turn, they then said that id the neighbout didn't move their car on the road then they couldn't deliver it.  We have a little cut out from the sidewalk to the street, and we are the only house on the block that has this.  Perhaps there used to be a cross walk there or it was wheelchair access.  He then, came in the house, and didn't even consider taking off his shoes.  The then told me that I had to take the door off because "it was easier for them."  I instructed them that it isn't my job to make their job easier, and that I was not removing my front door.  They can go through the gate and use the patio doors as those doors are larger, and the extra 10 steps would actually make the entire process easier.  After this, I freaked out to Alan and told him to deal with them, and that they had to use the patio door, and that was final. They were very rough, and didn't work well together.  Here is what I don't understand though, they proceeded to bring in the new appliances without taking out the old ones.  Alan and I looked at eachother, both realizing that they were doing it all wrong, so he suggested it might be wise to remove the old stuff first!  They agreed.  After petting Lewis for a few minutes, and asking me questions, they finally got to work.  Alan still wants to inspect the patio, as they were fairly rough.  Hopefully they didn't scratch or chip it.

The old fridge had an ice maker, and we couldn't turn off the water, so Alan had to run out and grab a special thing for the tank.  All solved.  And thank god, because Alan left for work, so there would have been a hose running through the kitchen for days with water constantly running!  But, again, all sovled!!!!  Yay!

Here is a picture of me cleaning the old stove before we sold it. It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end.  When the man was looking at them to purchase, he commented on how clean they were!!!  Here of course it is filthy, but this was the very beginning!

And.....here are the new ones!                                     

But here is the kicker. The dishwasher isn't yet hooked up as Alan had to go out of town with no notice, and the stove and fridge still need to be leveled off. If I open the fridge, and leave it open it smashes into the wall, potentially damaging it, so we must get that done ASAP!!! The fridge sticks out a little further than I had hoped, but I am happy with it, it really isn't as hideous as I thought it would be!  Alan was a little dissapointed that the stove looked so different.  The one we saw at the store was black with stainless on it, and it looked really really nice.  With all white, I think it takes away some of the effect.  We wish we would have gotton the other one with the outside light and the 2 plugs.  Since the plugs were something we really wanted, but in the end decided we could live without.

I used the oven last night to make a giant plate of nachos for myself, and I think it was on the wrong setting. There are a million different settings, so I need to maybe read the manual!

Alan loves that he doesn't need to bend down anymore to get things out of the fridge. I like that so much stuff can be stored in the door.

And, below is the most recent picture of Kobe and myself! I love how he is leaning forward!!! Like as if he really wants to make sure that he is in the picture!!! I think he was actually trying to escape my grip though!


  1. They look great! I am so jealous of your giant fridge! I think ours would fit inside yours.

  2. They look very nice - congrats!

  3. Very nice!!! I am also jealous of your fridge - I want a bottom drawer freezer!

  4. You have a massive fridge. I love how it's built in. Is the glass on your microwave funky and not rectangular like all other ones?

  5. That is so funny, my fridge is actually small. 18 Cubic Feet or something. So, as far as fridges go, it isn't big at all. We had to get one that fits in the whole. I also love that it is built in to the wall! And the freezer isn't a drawer, it opens like the fridge, which I like better. The microwave is ancient. Mom and I chose that when she was here the first time I think. We needed it to fit somewhere in the appartment, so it is really really small, you can't even fit a plate in it, I just needed it for popcorn! hahaha

  6. I'm sure for popcorn. You and Britt love your popcorn. Why don't you just buy a popcorn maker?

    It looks bigger thatn it is.