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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wii decided against it!!!

Well, we took the Wii back.  Actually, I took it back.  Alan seemed to be making me a list of things to do today, one of which included taking the Wii back.  We didn't like it, and we didn't use it.  So, why have it if you don't use it right?

Wednesday night, Alan got home.  He was away maybe 6 days or so.  He had worked on the dishwasher the following day.  He finished it off, then we leveled out the fridge and stove.  Fun times!!!!  And if I have to ask the shape and not name of a screwdriver again, I am going to freakout!  All tasks were completed in typical R&A Bond fashion.  We have learned over the years, that we can work very well together.  We see things differently, which means all bases are covered!!! haha
This weekend has been very productive so far.  I got off work early yesterday around 11 maybe?  When I got to work, I started sneezing, eyes leaking, and just feeling blah.  I took a Reactine. During our Friday mtg, I sat at my desk not at the table, and half listened while I used hundreds of kleenex's.  Pat and Michelle started popping vitamins like mad, and staring at me with disgust.  Pat then kept telling me that I was using the kleenex from my nose and wiping my eye.  I had no idea!!!  Sick!  So, then I said that if she wants to send me home that she is more than welcome.  She said after the mtg to go. So, after the mtg, I simply just shut down my computer, and walked out.  During the mtg I was copying and opening mail and stuff and listened. 
I got home, and started some laundry.  Then that ended up being 6 loads.  Mine, Alan's, Towels and bedding!  My head still felt it was going to explode and snot was everywhere.  I had a tea and read for a bit, then went to the dog park.  It was such a beautiful sunny day, and it felt great to be out.  When I got home, I did more laundry, and then napped with Kobe on the couch. 
Alan comes home, we eat, watch TV, get DQ and go to sleep. 
Alan was up some ridiculous time, like 5am.  All I remember is him kissing me bye and telling me Kobe was out already so I could sleep in, and Kobe was back in bed with his Mum!!!
I was up early, and started more laundry. I had to go to take the Wii back at Northgate, then the south side for animal food, then back north to the New Save-On for people food.  I did the groceries, alone.  I hate doing groceries, but at the same time, there is the hope of homecooked meals!!! And here i sit.  I am going to finish this up, then head to the Dog Park.  It isn't an overly nice day out, but it is +3'C.  I must be out there.  And I am feeling good.  a little stuffy, but good, and I haven't taken anything.

I then plan to make supper.  I am not sure what though.  Alan called, and said that he may have to go out of town today.  He hasn't come home for clothes, so perhaps someone else went.  Yay!!!  I have a recipie for Beef Strognaff that I want to try out.  I also want Taco Ground Beef Nachos.  They were really good last time we made them.  I love using the new "range" and oven!!!  So, we will have to make something!  And I have prep time too, which I never seem to have on week days!
Have a great weekend guys!!!

I happen to have a pic of Nachos from the last time we made them!!!! (This was in the old oven though!)


  1. Those nachos look so good. I made a stir fry, only I wasn't home so I put it in the crockpot instead, big mistake, it was NASTY!!!

    Hope you feel better.

  2. What did you end up making for supper? Those nachos look very good! Glad you are enjoying the new appliances. Our dishwasher is crap, but we will keep using it until it completely stops working.

    Sorry the Wii didn't work out - we use ours mostly when the kids are here, but I get the urge to play sometimes too.

    Hope you are feeling better! I was feeling much better on Friday, but after my run yesterday and again today... I am scared I am going to get sick again!

  3. Yum! Those nachos look so good! Jon and I make them all the time too. That or tacos. It's actually pretty healthy for you if you use the right ingredients.

    Hope you're feeling better! Colds suck!

  4. Adam and I had nachos for dinner the other day. My friend Steph Sent us a package full of Texas nacho ingredients that I haven't seen since I last visited her. Man, we had the best nachos EVER! She also sent us Yoohoo!
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    While it's nice to have time to do stuff, it's not so great when you have an explody head.
    I'm so sure that your coworkers started popping vitamins! People get so crazy around sickness. when meanwhile, they have a higher chance of picking up germs at the grocery store when they touch a shelf that a thousand other people have touched and that's never been cleaned etc.
    And if you wash your hands regularly and properly then you should be in any great danger. I mean, you weren't wiping your eye and then putting your tissue in her coffee or anything.

  5. We ended up going to dinner to Brits with the Springers!!!
    My co-workers do not want to be sick. One does lots of volunteer work, and the other has 2 young kids that she doesn't want to infect! I always laugh though, that they are so germ concious, and it really never even enters my mind. I am scared of enough things as it is, I don't want to also be scared of germs!
    I did make the Stroganaff the followign night though, and it was great! Really good actually! Next time I will leave out the beef Oxo Cube thigns, as when I looked at the ingredients, Alan alone in 1 meal had 147% of his daily sodium intake! And I don't think it would make a difference taste wise either!
    I think that I will add a spot to my blog which has my recipies in it. I like to cook simple meals, with little prep and cook time, and which uses regular ingredients. I hate when I want to make something, and the recipie calls for something that I do not have, or do not know what it is. I also like quick stuff because I do not plan ahead. I normally come home and start looking at what I have and then go from there. Would anyone be interested in reading these?

  6. I would be interested in reading them. I may even use some myself sometime.