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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Joys of Sickness

Well, another week passes, and another illness rears its ugly sick head!!
We went to a wedding this weekend, and part way through the reception, I instantly felt sick.  I had only eaten a couple bites of food, so I doubt it was the food,  maybe it was the company!  Ha!! 
Anyway, I get the fever and chills just like the flu, and the abdominal cramping starts too.  We leave shortly after the speeches, but do have a quick dance with little baby!  He moves so much when music is playing.  I'm going to say its love and not hate!
I get home, straight to bed, and the next morning is HORRIBLE!  I am so cold that I can barely even get out of bed to use the loo, which of course was where I needed to spend most of my day.  I was in bed all day with a couple quick escapes for the toilet, drink, and to let pup out.
When Alan came home he made me some soup, and then I basically went back to bed.  Felt great to eat though.
Monday was basically the same.  I stayed home from work and slept for the most part.  The abdominal cramping was so bad.  I seriously thought I was in labour.  In fact, I called Alan at work on Sunday and told him I was having contractions.  I had never felt this type of pain before and certainly not to that extent.  At one point, I even checked for dialation and crowning of a head!  No joke!  This was by all means not normal cramping. 
Kobe and Lewis were very supportive and curious about me.

So, here we are on Tuesday, and there is still no baby, as it turns out, Alan was correct I wasn't in labour.
I am seeing a specialist today about my bone disease, so I will bring up all the issues I have been having lately.  Including all the gorrey details, that for your sanity I did spare you!  Seriously, you're welcome!!!! Hopefully she can assist me with the other problems, which I have decided are intestinal issues and not pregnancy related.

BUT.....on Sunday, I was in bed...of course....Alan came to see me, and I said that the little one was going mental, so Alan touched my tummy where I indicated, and then before I could even say something or look at him, he says "I felt it"  then of course, he got his Daddy proud smile on, and kissed me.  It was another glorious first for Alan.  Truly amazing!!!

Throughout all the illnesses I have had and all the uncertainty in this pregnancy, these little moments of joy that I experience and especially see in Alan make me realize the joys that I am going through now, and will go through later!  In the end, it is all worth it.  That I know.  Sometimes, it is just hard to see past the fog. 

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  1. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly!
    Hopefully the baby will get bored of making you sick and move on to something else soon!