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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Body, My Wonderful Body

I've said before that women's bodies are truly amazing, and here I am experiencing this in MY OWN body, everyday!
Everyday, several times a day I can feel this little man moving around.  I am not yet sure if I can feel his kicks or punches, but I feel something, that is for sure.
This past weekend, I was watching TV, and as my belly is getting larger, I see it more than I ever have before.  Well, I thought I saw my belly move, but wasn't sure, so I continuously watched, and sure enough, little man was moving so much that it was visible from the outside.  Alan also caught it as well.  It was so special that I was able to experience something and then instantly share it with him.
People have often said to me "Wait until your tummy moves on its own, or you see hand move across"  Well.....I had no idea it would be so soon.
I almost want to rush to the store and grab a packet of Malteesers and be just like the couple on the commercial!  haha

I am currently 24 weeks and 4 days, ALREADY!!!  It seems as though the time has passed so quickly, of course with a few very slow days and week squeezed in there as well.

Our preparations for him have slowed down for now.  We ordered a new window for his room, but it cannot be installed until sometime in September, so we have to wait until after the installation to be able to paint, and decorate, we will also wait for our divorce...I mean furniture building day until after the install as well.  Since I won't be able to lift the furniture, I think I will stay out of that altogether, especially as it can be so stressful for couples to share in building furniture!  haha
I think we have all the diapers we need though, unless of course I hate a certain style and have to replace them.  We did buy a dresser/changetable this weekend though.

Steph has started planning the shower, which will happen in October.  I am so excited!!!!  She will do an amazing job as a host!  I hope that everyone will be able to come and celebrate with me.

This weekend, I am flying to Ontario, only to hop in my Mom's convertible car shortly after landing, with my sisters and mom, to spend the weekend in Buffalo, NY.  It should be a good time, hopefully there aren't any family fights or freakouts.  No guarantees of course though!  It will be neat to see my oldest sister Christine pregnant as I don't think I saw her pregnant with her first at all! 

At the end of the month, I have my 4D ultrasound scheduled.  As creeped out as I am by these scans, I am excited to get a sneak peek of baby and confirm again that he does in fact have a penis!  I am allowed to bring people with me, and so far, Steph and Caitlin are coming.  Zoe will also be in from Houston that weekend, so hopefully she can attend as well!!!

Things are going so well.  I am though, incredibly lazy, and seriously cannot even remember the last time I cooked or cleaned.  I still do laundry all the time, but other than that NOTHING!!!  I even ask Alan to get me things like ice cream and water!  I feel horrible, but at the same time, I know I have limited time left to be lazy or bored, so I am going to ride this out as long as possible, in which, these days are numbered anyway.  This second trimester has really shown me the true meaning of fatigue and discomfort.  Still manageable though, where I can productively continue to work and function (on some days), so that's good.

On another note, this past weekend, we were able to help friends move, attend the annual Capital Ex Festivities and do lots of yard work.  Alan did the most part of the yard work, okay, all of it, I did have to refill his water though, as it was another scortcher this weekend.  I also did a little shopping, and Alan fixed his newly aquired weed eater and blower! 

Life is great!  I am in great health, as is Baby Bond and Alan.  The pets are happy, healthy and full of love, the bills are paid, we love our house and jobs, and of course eachother, what more could we ask for? Our lives are damn near perfect!!!!

Happy August Everyone!

And finally....some updated photos (although not from this week)!



23w1d (this picture looks funny because it my belly looks all bumpy and the way I am standing I am really looking as though I will tip over!!!)


  1. You look so freaking cute! Uncle Peter and the kids are flying in Friday - maybe you'll be on the same flight! (do you come in Friday?) Any chance you have time to meet for a decaf coffee at the Williams beside the airport when you get in, or just before you leave! I want to see your pregnant belly and have you meet Sloan before she goes to high school!
    Matt didn't feel like building the crib the instant that i wanted it done so I did it myself -easier that way!
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better now and baby Bond is moving like crazy!

  2. We will all get along splendidly I'm sure of it. Todd said he wouldn't be paid a million dollars to go on this trip with 2 pregnant woman....hahaha.
    I wish I looked as cute as you do.

  3. I hate when men sterotype pregnant women. My moods have been fine, I am just uncomfortable a lot. It is such a shock to gain 10 lbs to 1 area on your body. A big adjustment really. And yes, I am sure we will all get along.
    Thanks for saying I look cute! Our cuteness cannot be compared because we are very differently shaped. I am sure you look cute as well!

  4. I haven't been moody either. I don't like the heat though and I think that he thinks you don't like it either. I was dying at the Farmer's Market with mom the other day....I said I was starting to get cranky from the heat and she said starting to get cranky....ok so maybe I was cranky.
    I am carrying completely different with this baby. I have a pregnant belly this time and I didn't have that last time. I gained very little weight with Joshua.

  5. You look amazing! Hooray for moving belly!