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Monday, July 12, 2010

Poked, Sore, and Annoyed!

I think that it is completely normal to have ridiculous fears.  For example, some of my biggest fears of childbirth are: 
a) How will Alan cope with the gore and stress?
b) I have to have IV
c) I have to wear a hospital gown
d) Tearing
I could see caring about Alan and the tearing being legit, but a fear of IV and gowns?  Give me a break.  It's not my fault though, those are just fears that I have.

I won't even mention my regular daily fears!  haha

Well, yesterday....I had to have 2 IV's and I saw a peek at how Alan will be during the birth.

Friday I started having some pains, felt like an ovarian cyst.  The pain the radiated towards my back in my kidney area.  And, I am no stranger to cysts or kidney problems.  Saturday night it seemed to get worse, so bad even that the pressure was almost too much to handle.  Not pains really, more pressure.
Sunday morning, I woke up, and it was still there, I called Capital Health Link and they suggested that I go to the hospital where I will deliver, skip Emerg, and go straight to the Maternity Ward.
As it turns out, they were short staffed, and (after crying and getting lost) I learnt that all patients were being seen in Labour and Delivery.  Alone, I walk into the main area, where 20 nurses or nurse looking people stare at me.  I then tell them I was referred here by Capital Health Link, am 21 weeks, and am in pain.  Immediately, I get wisked away to room 71.  The nurse throws me in a gown, lays me down, puts monitors on my belly, and listens to what appears to be a baby with great vital signs and lots of activity. (Such a relief!!!)

THEN...they ask my name, and why I am there.  They were great, immediately I was cared for, and my baby's health was looked into.
Shortly after this, Alan showed up, witnessed a vaginal exam (he was looking away, I felt so bad for him, and I actially felt somewhat violated that he had to witness it), I gave blood (1 failed attempt, 1 successful) and also gave more blood for my "cultures" test.  (Alan had his head between his legs, trying not to pass out).  I also had to give urine.  Alan left just after this to put more money in the meter, warm his feet (it was freezing) and also to check the score of the soccer game.  What he did miss though, was when they tried to administer the IV.  I really didn't want it in my hand, and my tears helped relay this.  The nurse left, got another, and tried my arm.  OMFG!!!!  I felt the GIANT needle puncture my skin, then puncture something else, and then a lot of movement.  She couldn't find the vain.  Taking the needle out was even worse.  I breathed, and tried to concentrate that it wasn't a big deal, but at one point, I did let out a little squeal.  Alan then comes back into the room, and I know wants to leave again, which sets me into a fit of giggles.  Then time for round 2 of the IV, this time in my right hand.  The nurse (another new one) uses a much smaller needle, thank god.  I look at Alan who is looking at me, but it breaks my heart to see him suffer, so I just look up to the ceiling and stare and cry. 
Good Times!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I am not scared of needles at all, and actually prefer to watch them go in rather than look away, but giving blood or getting a shot, seems so much less invasive than an IV.  This has always been a fear of mine.  I did have IV one other time, but I was so high on meds that I had no idea what was going on, and it was in my wrist, so still better than my hand.

The antibiotics FINALLY come, and then the wait begins.  Because I am allergic to EVERYTHING there wasn't much they could give me, so they use the IV, and the nurse stands there and waits to make sure I don't have a reaction. 
The nurse leaves and more waiting around. Alan and I were so bored!!!!  We snooped in all the cabinets (well, he did, I couldn't move, fear of the IV being ripped out, and blood everywhere!!!!), and then I whinged about my butt being numb, wearing a gown with a stain on it, and being so cold.  It was freezing in there, Alan even used the blowdryer to warm his toes!!!
The neat part of it all though, was that we were in a delivery room, so we know what to expect for next time!!!  A little view of the future!

I am sure that more stuff happened, and I was tested for other things as well, but I truly forget. Maybe it wasn't even all in that order.  At the end of the day though, the only conclusive test we had was that I had high levels of potassium.  My kidneys and ovaries appeared to be normal.  We skipped seeing the radiologist at this point.  I do have to give more blood today though, and other results will be in tomorrow. The doctor (who was called in from the pre-natal clinic I go to) does recommend that I see the specialist that I have been hiding from for a couple months now.  I am not impressed about this.  She figures that my bone disease could be an underlying issue in regards to my kidney problems and potassium levels.  The levels though aren't so high that I need to be medicated for it.

I just hope to get my issues with my kidneys sorted out.  The paint that I experience and the troubles I get has to be something.  How can it not be???  This pain sometimes is so extreme that I have collapsed in pain!  Childbirth will be a breeze I am sure!!!

But, I wore a gown, no big deal really.....had the IV...it was hell....saw Alan deal with all this, but at least he got a preview.  Now all I have to conquer is the tearing part!  Well, I could always skip this I guess.  haha

The care was amazing though, I never expected anything THAT great.  I finally saw the new hospital, which is great, and the baby is fine, and as it stands right now, so am I!!!!  I did though, wear clothes that made me look as pregant as possible, and I cramed my wedding rings on my finger, as I assumed (which Alan thinks I am crazy) that married women get better care than whores off the street.  (This was never confirmed!)

I did get some photos of course though!!!

All hooked up!!!

The IV that worked in my hand.

The successful bloodwork arm, and unsuccessful IV arm.  (It is still throbbing, I had no idea skin is actually removed form my arm!!!!)

***Update:  shortly after posting this blog, I did have a reaction to my new antibiotics.  The reason I didn't take them last night was because I am allergic to everything, and we didn't want anything to happen while I was sleeping.
I waited till I was at work today and around other people.  I did react though.....I threw up MANY times at my desk in my garbabge can.....how embarrasing!!!  It wasn't an allergic reaction like usual, just a side effect.  so, that's good.  It is an antibiotic comparable to pencillin which I can't have, so that's a good sign!


  1. ChristineJuly 12, 2010

    I'm glad that you were ok and I think the tearing will be a breeze compared to the failed IV attempt.

  2. I am sure tearing is not fun, many people don't, and there are things you can do to prevent it. But as for the IV, it was torture. All I can say is that if they say to put in your hand, just do it, they know what they are doing. Son't fight it and ask for it in your arm! I am going to refuse IV when I deliver! I don't think it is necessary unless I test positive for Strep B or something. I have to research that more.

  3. The IV isn't mandatory (even though sometimes you get told it is). It is only a precautionary measure, even if you do test positive, lots of women don't have it. But if you are negative for SB, then I would hands down say you don't want one. You need to be comfortable during your labour and if an IV is going to make you uncomfortable, then don't have one. If (hopefully not) something comes up during labour that is a problem, then you can have an IV put in if/when it is needed. There is no need to have one the whole time if you feel that way about it. Also, lots of women wear their own 'labour dresses' during labour. You don't have to wear a gown if you don't want to. I mean, seriously, as long as what you are wearing has a wide/stretchy neckline and it can sit comfortably up around your hips, out of the way..then why wouldn't they let you?
    As for tearing, the doulas you speak to should have lots of ideas of preventative measures to try. I have heard a lot of good things about olive oil massage daily during the last month or so of your pregnancy. It's supposed to soften up the skin and help it to stretch. Also, positioning can be a major factor in the degree of tear. The feet in the stirrups position is the worst for high chance of tear because you are forcing against the baby's instinct, (having to push it up instead of just out, and against gravity.
    BUT...the best thing is that you got to feel out the hospital rooms like where you will deliver. I am glad that you felt cared for and good about most of the experience. I guess the only bad thing about that hospital is that you may have to wear mittens and slippers while delivering your son! Maybe Alan can keep busy boiling water for hot water bottles for you when he needs a distraction!

  4. I didn't tear at all, but the midwife continually applied a warm compress while I was pushing which felt great and I'm sure it's what helped. I think it's also what helped me to NOT feel the "ring of fire" that everyone talks about!