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Monday, July 5, 2010

Warning about Popcorn Kernels

This past week was a great one, for so many reasons.  Gender Determination, organizing fiasco somewhat progressing, standing up for myself....etc.
I got off work early on Friday, at noon, and then went to some baby stores and bought 4 more diapers and a couple covers.  They're so cute!!!
Saturday, a friend and I went to the Farmers Market in St. Albert, and it was great!  Bought some cherries, lunch and popcorn.  Kettle Corn!  Yum!!!!  After the market, we took the parking ticket off the window and continued on shopping. I bought 7 cute little sleepers!  I can't wait to hold something so small wearing them! 

The rest of Saturday and Sunday were relaxing.  Kobe and I couldn't get off the chair, and watched TV mostly the entire time.  Between naps and a couple quick loads of laundry and of course finishing the Kettle Corn.

While watching TV, I felt this little pop inside me.  It almost felt like gas, but not at the same time.  I instantly wondered if it was a "flutter".  What the hell is a freakin flutter??  and who came up with this term???

Later on last night, I was having such a hard time.  I was really crampy and was feeling a lot of pressure and muscles moving, etc.  I was VERY uncomfortable.  We had nachos in the livingroom and had to use the coffee table as our table, and it is very low, and leaning over like that is more of a challenge now than it once was.  All of my comfy pants were in the wash, so I literally had to resort to pulling my pants down and around my thighs while I wait.  (That or I wear dress pants)  After whinging to Alan about what my life has become, he told me he understood how I felt.  I quickly reminded him that he has never grown a human inside him, so he actually doesn't know.  And like the great man he is, he agreed that no, he doesn't actually understand he just feels bad that I am uncomfortable.

Well, after supper, we were watching TV, and I felt little popping again.  I told Alan and he said for sure it must have been our son.  I felt my skin to feel if it was on the outside, but it was so hard to concentrate.  We even had to mute the TV!!! 

So....either, I was being punched or kicked by our baby; or the popcorn kernels I may have eaten were popping inside me!
Lying in bed I felt it again!  It was so neat and real.  I am so excited for when Alan can feel it for himself!!!!

*** Update:  Since I have posted this blog a few hours ago, the popping has continued!!!  I am definately sure now that my little man is saying hello and that it is not popcorn kernels!!!  YAY!!!!  This is so hard to believe.  This time last year I never imagined feeling a baby inside me move, because I never thought we would actually conceive.  Or I was thinking cycle to cycle and not anything after an actual positive pregnancy test. (Which I also didn't believe would happen)  I really didn't imagine these emotions I would feel.  I didn't realize that everyday would be a new day, and even though when people ask me how I am, I always say that everyday is a new day, I believe it more and more now.  The changes are so drastic and so sudden.  And really, there are somethings I feel every woman experiences in their own way at their own time. No one can tell you what it will be like.  No one can really say the emotions you experience when you feel this "fluttering".  Just this morning I still felt kinda creeped out by a human moving inside me, but at this moment I sit here with tears in my eyes, amazed at what the female body can do, but more importantly, what MY body can do!!!  This is my baby inside me, my son, Mine and Alan's and I couldn't be more excited.  I am still suprised that I look back 10 years from today; before Alan and I were together, and I knew, I knew right away when I met him that he would be the father of my children.  And here I sit, with something he and I created growing inside me!!!!  I think right now, I am overwhelemed with the feelings of love!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Baby boys are so much fun! :)

    We also have Schnoodles! We have 3.

  2. ChristineJuly 06, 2010

    That is so nice Randi. It made me almost get all ready eyed. I tend to be less teary with this pregnancy than what I usually normally am.

  3. That is so exciting!
    Your description was spot on! And it is really lovely to read all about how happy and excited you and Alan are!
    What kind of nappies did you get?

  4. Elsie, for diapers so far I have:
    - (4) GroBaby's - All in One, 1 Size
    - (4) Dri-Line - Sized, local diaper service uses them, I also got (2) Bummis covers
    - (2) BumJoy - 1 Size, Pocket (found on Etsy)
    - (4) Forget the Brand - 1 Size, All in One