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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GDS...To Skip or Not to Skip???

Man-oh-man, did I ever screw this up!  You know when someone says to get a test done in a few weeks, well, those weeks have come and gone and I didn't get around to getting the testing done.
From what I understood when I was first given the blood req forms, was that I had to have blood work done to confirm my blood type for my WinRo shot.  And I had to have the Gestational Diabetes Test done at the Perinatal Clinic a week after that, or a week after the WinRo blood work, I forget exactly.
I go yesterday before my pre-natal appointment to get the blood work done at the lab in the clinic I am already in. I decide to look at my form...it states on it "Nothing to eat, drink, smoke or chew 3 hours before."  Okay so, skip that test for today.
I see my doctor, she asks me about it, and I tell her that I don't really understand what I am suppose to do.  She then tells me to do a 3 hour fast and get blood work, and they then I will be called to be informed as to where and when I go next to drink the orange crap.
So, this morning, I fast and go to the clinic again, the girl at the counter states that I have to wait an hour there after drinking the orange crap.  WTF???  I thought I was only getting blood work done first?
I run upstairs to my pre-natal clinic to get the booking girl to explain it all to me.  Again, I am now on a 3rd explanation and it is different from the first one SHE gave me, the doctor and the lab girl.  I have since called the DynaLife Lab people to make an appointment, and I can't get in anywhere by appointment at 7am.  I do still have to make it to work at 8:30am.  I can go as a walk in, but "apparently" they need to prepare the drink.

I am thinking maybe I will just skip the testing.  I am not sure I can though as I also have to have blood work done to test for syphilis.  Which I guess is routine testing done 3 times throughout your pregnancy.  It just doesn't seem to be able to work out for me time wise.  That or I am too lazy really!  And just annoyed and irritated!!!
And I also hear that this test is brutal, being made to chug this orange crap in seconds, and then sit there with a full bladder for 1 hour.
Can I skip the testing though??  Do I have to have it?  I have opted out of other tests and medical care which was recommended I get.  Chances are I do not have GD as I get my sugar tested through my urine at every appointment right?  I am not overweight, etc etc etc.  However, my mom is diabetic and my older sister had GD with her last pregnancy.  So, does that mean I am at a higher risk of having it???

I did find one place that opens tomorrow morning at 7:30, and I might have to a wait about 15 mins to actually get in, so if I do have to wait, then I will be late for work.  Actually, I will be late regardless as I have to sit there for 1 hour, and then get to work, luckily it's only a couple blocks away!


  1. The reason you have to wait is because they have to check to see how high your sugars are after drinking a sugar drink. The drink isn't so bad. It's really sweet orange pop. Drink it fast and it's not too bad.

    I don't think your at risk for GD because you aren't over weight and I was with Joshua. which is why I had it.

    Just be thankful it's only the 50mg test and not the 75mg test because that one is a 3 hour test and you have to get blood drawn every hour for 3 hours.

    I would skip it. As I would also skip the syphilis test too. that's the crazy disease and I think you would know if you are crazy.

  2. Weight isn't the only risk factor for GD, but family history is one. I think it is a personal decision and if you feel comfortable not having it, that's your decision! :) Did your DR say why she wanted you to have it?
    I didn't think the drink was so bad, it was like extra sweet (warm) flat orange pop. I had 5 min to drink it, but drank it pretty fast, then I just sat and read my book for an hour while all the old people tried to talk to me (ugh - can't you see I'm reading!) If you really don't want to drink the orange stuff you can ask for another option. There is a certain amt of jelly beans that you can eat to get the same sugar effect if you would prefer that!

    I'm with Christine though, I would be skipping the syphilis testing too - why on earth would you need to be tested THREE times for that!?

  3. I probably should have it done, I hear that with GD you can have massive kids and your placenta can go bad. I do have an exam coming up so the 1 hour forced wait would be a good opportunity to get some studying done, or start a new novel, whichever!!! haha
    I already know I probably don't have it as I consume VERY large quantities of sugar and feel fine. Although could I feel fine and not be fine? I have no idea! I probably should just suck it up and get it done! And I should have had it done a few weeks ago anyway! So I am really really behind.
    As for the Syphilis test, I am sure I don't have it. And, I have already been tested for it.

  4. I was induced 2 weeks early because of my GD. I also had to go in for weekly ultrasounds after 28 weeks to monitor the size of the baby. They say that with GD there is a risk of larger babies but Joshua was born at 38 weeks and weighed 6.14 lbs. Not huge at all.

    I also don't have GD with this pregnancy either. And last time I was on insulin 4 times a day.