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Monday, August 23, 2010

THE Room is Started!!!

Last night Alan decided it would  be a great idea to move the spare room into the den.  I of course went along with it, as I have wanted this done for a number of months now.  So, we got it all moved and organized.  It looks great, we just need to move the blinds, curtains and wall pictures still.  Then the spare room is complete in its new location.

We also built the dresser/changetable for the babies room.  Alan did the bulk of it, and I did the drawers, and Alan only had to fix a couple of the wheel things that I apparently put on the wrong side.  We also started attacking the closet with full force.  So much stuff, most of which we threw out, as it was crap we had accumulated for years and never did anything with.  After setting up the dresser and cleaning the room out, I put everything we have for the baby in the drawers.  The top drawer is FULL of diapers!!!!!  So many cute things, I even kissed the little dog I bought in the States.  I love it so much, it's so cute!!!!!!

By the time the night was over, I was beat.  A day filled with lunch with friends, a trip to Costco, laundry, dresser building, more laundry, closet cleaning, and of course more laundry, means my bed was looking pretty fine!  I finally get into bed, and little boy Bond decided it is time to play.  I call Alan in to the room to see my tummy moving, and we both just watched it and laughed.  I then took a video.  Check it out.  The quality isn't great as it was on my phone, so I will explain.  The giant blob is my tummy, and the gaping hole is my bellybutton.  My breathing is easy to see as it is regular, but you can really see the punches and kicks.

I didn't go to work today as my back and sciatic nerve are killing me.  I think too much activity yesterday!  I did manage to get out and go to HomeSense today as Alan said walking around would be good for me.  I am sure he didn't mean for me to go to HomeSense and go shopping, but, he should have known that's what I would do!  hahaha
Anyway, I have given up on finding "the perfect" nursey decor, and decided to find a picture I loved and then work from there.  Well, today...I found that picture!  It was quite the drama, as I grabbed it and took it to the next aisle to really look at it, think about it, and inspect it.  This woman comes up and asks me if I am getting it.  I tell her that I think I am.  She then pressures me telling me that she had brought her son to the store, as she wanted to get it. Then she calls him over, and he says he likes it, and she clearly wants him to say that he has to have it, and then rip it out of my hand.  THEN....his daughter comes over and grabs the side of it.   The woman asks me again if I am getting it, even though if by the laws of "First Come, First Serve" I clearly am the winner.   I mean, there was no one around when I picked it up and practically put it in my cart.  I then feel bad that they want it to, but you know, I figured that if I didn't get it now, then I would loose my chance.  And then decide that I am buying it, and if I change my mind it doesn't matter, as I can just get my money back.  But leaving the store without it, means its gone!  AND...it is exactly the type of picture I was looking for too!  Eventually I came to my senses and thought screw her, grabbed it and pretty much ran away.  Then I kept seeing her, and it was so big I couldn't even get it in the cart so I had to carry it around.  I am glad I stood my ground though and screwed them over.  It made me smile that I got what I wanted....and fairly too!  PLUS...it was on clearance!!!

The theme now for the babies room is...well, it's....you know....it's.....okay, so there isn't a theme, but I guess if I had to choose one then I would say it is colours!!!!
I also bought a lamp, 3 more wall pictures, an adorable pillow, and wall hooks for all 3 initials.  Although, in the picture, you can only see the middle and last initial as I turned the first around!!!!  Sorry guys!!!!  I think that I will try to find curtains or the bedding that is red.  I'd like something in orange and green still as well!!!!  My hunt is on!!!  The had really cute mini table and chairs as well, although that isn't necessary at this point.  Steph had picked up a stick-on wall decal the other day so I can't wait to see that!!!   You can't see the dresser/changetable in the picture, so I will wait until later to update that picture when I have more.  The window will be installed in about 3 weeks, then painting, then all the fun decorating stuff can really begin!!!  And then a couple weeks after that is my shower!!!  I can't wait!


  1. I love that giant picture. It is so cute. I'm glad you got it. I can't just imagine you beating the woman to death if she tried to take it from you. I also like the other colorful pictures too. I can't watch the video on my iPod so it will have to wait until later when I use the computer.

  2. I finally saw the video. My belly has been moving too and everytime I try and show Todd or Joshua the baby stops moving. Joshua was the same way with todd he would never move when Todd went to feel the kicking....At least you have a cooperative baby.

    Very cute though.

  3. I love the picture too, and what woman almost got it from me. I really didn't say much to her though, as I was so shocked that she actually tried to practically beg me not to get it.