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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet my Baby Boy....Electronically!!!!

This past weekend was GREAT!!!  So much happened, even though it was a pretty relaxed weekend!  
Friday night, I can't even remember, but Saturday morning, I went to St. Albert to the market, where I got a car seat cover for winter, a hooded towel, 2 huge receiving blankets, and a sleep sack!  I got exactly what I went for, and then some more too!  Shortly after getting home, Steph came over to check out the stuff I have bought BBB (baby boy Bond) so far.  I loved opening all the drawers and basically showing off all the diapers, clothes, and other miscellaneous items!!  Such a moment of pride, I can't believe that in a matter of weeks (well, 11) I will be showing off my baby!!!!  Then, Alan came home from fishing and we went to the 3D Ultrasound.  Following this beautiful sight, we went for dinner with the Springers, and as soon as we got home, Alan went to bed, as he wasn't feeling well.  I spent the night watching TV, and waking Alan up to see how he felt!  Sunday morning, we lazed around a bit, and then went to the West Edmonton Mall, along with the rest of Edmonton.  It was so busy, I was going crazy, but it is back to school shopping.  Other than lunch and frozen yogurt (of course) I got 2 clips for my Pandora bracelet to keep my charms where I want them.  After the mall, we went to Babies R Us and chose the crib, stroller and car seat!  All ready to go there.  I am so glad Alan was there, as it is impossible for me to make huge decisions like that myself. 

Now for the super exciting news......the 3D Ultrasound has come and gone, and I am still in awe over it.  All of our parents, my sisters and a friend had the luxury of being able to view the ultrasound live online, and I was so happy they all could.  Steph and Cait came along with Alan and I, and they enjoyed it as well!

It is confirmed, he is a HE! (My dreams proved me wrong again!!!)

So, here are some pics from the ultrasound!!!!

Moving around a little bit!!

Still relaxing with his little hand close by!

It's a BOY!!!  (The tech actually said he had a long penis, we all laughed so hard!!!)

A little foot and toes!!!

Still sleeping!
 (Look at his bicep!!!)

He opened his eyes to look back at us!!!!

Is that a smile?

This is where I shed my first tear!  He is sucking his thumb...it was so sweet, and he is so human like (of course) it is still shocking though to know that he is Alan and my son!

All snuggled up using his arm and my belly as a pillow!

After playing with his cord, he decided he was tired and needed yet another nap! (Another tearful moment for me!!!)

Folded in half!

It was so amazing to see, and I loved looking over at Alan and seeing him smile and look interestingly on at the screens!

The tech said that everything looked good (she isn't a radiologist though of course).  She estimates him to be fairly tall.  She said that he looked very much like his Dad but with my nose.  She also said he has a little bit of fine hair on his head, and has nice full lips!  I can't wait to kiss him.  He will probably stay in the position he is in now, as he is getting too big (approx 3lbs) and there isn't enough room for him to move around much).

It's amazing how much you can love someone without ever meeting them or knowing them yet.  I want to hug him so tight, and kiss every part of his face over and over again!  I want to hold him, and love him, and kiss him!  AND....I think he wants me to hold him!These are going to be a long 11 weeks ahead of me!!!


  1. Those are really good pictures. I wish that they looked like that when we were viewing them. There was a little bit of a lag when we saw the ultrasound. I think he wants you to hug and kiss him too.

  2. Wow, that's actually kind of amazing! Only 11 more weeks?? It'll fly by. :)