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Monday, August 16, 2010

Girls Girl Girls!!!

Last weekend I spent around 4 days with my Mom and 2 sisters. Something I rarely do as I live so far away from them all.
I flew in on Thursday night at 11:30pm into Toronto.  From the airport I went straight to the hotel where they had thrown me a suprise baby shower!  Even though, I was so tired, and stuffy from the plane, it was a lot of fun, and I got some great gifts.  Aside from baby stuff Christine got me a Pandora Carriage Charm, and Brittany got me a Pandora Hedgehog Charm.  I love them!  I had a grand total of 3 charms at this point.
The next morning we got up, had a crapola breakfast, and then headed to Buffalo, New York.  the border crossing was really quick, and cool as we had the top down in the convertable.  Both Brittany and I were freaking out, as we hate the top down feature!
We checked into our mediocre hotel, and instantly started shopping.  The next couple days consisted of more shopping and eating and pedicures!
I did buy a cute baby outfit, a sweater and a Coach Clutch, which I LOVE!!!! 
We threw Christine a suprise baby shower in the Pandora store. We all pitched in and bought her a bracelet, and then we all bought the same charm, so, now I have 4.  I love the charm we all bought, it is a great memory from the mini vacation. Oh, and Christine bought the hedgehog charm as well, so we also all have that one!
Sunday, we packed up and left, and headed back to Canada.  Again, the border crossing was very quick.  I got into the airport with much time to spare, so I decided that have a chair massage, which I think was the best massage I have ever had, followed by an ice cream.  The fligth back was so uncomfortable.  I really don't think I can fly again during this pregnancy, unless of course there was an emergency.
All in all the weekend was great.  We did gang up on eachother a bit, as families do, but I think we all know that it can be easier to poke fun, then it can be to show love! 
Here are some pictures of the trip!

Us Sisters sitting on the back of the convertable!
(Christine (oldest), Brittany (youngest), Me (middle))

Us in our Baboushkas!

The suprise shower we threw Christine at the Pandora store.

The noodles we bought for the pool that we had to walk around with at the mall all day!

Us 3 girls in the pool...with our noodles!!!

This underwater shot took many attempts to have a half decent one! 

All 4 of us on our last day together!


  1. Your pictures didn't work!
    Sounds like fun! I think I need to join the pandora club - then Matt will always know what to buy me!

  2. I've reposted, try again!!! And yes, you must get a bracelet, it makes gift buying much much easier!!!

  3. It was fun. I just wish we had picked on Brittany more and not so much on me.

  4. Brittany definately needs to be picked on more!!!

  5. I love all these pictures. Love them!
    And everyone looks wonderful.

  6. Chilete (Moms)September 09, 2010

    It was a week end to remember, it won't happen again as there are too many children and babies in the coming months and years.
    It gave us a chance to bond again as a family and it really meant a lot to me.