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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where does the time go?

Another post in just 2 days....I hope I am  not causing anyone too much shock!!!

Things in regards to the pregnancy are going really well.  At the end of the month I have the 4D ultrasound, as well as my WinRo shot because of my negative blood type, or is it positive, I seriously forget.  I just know when and where I have to go to get it.  My next test after that will be for gestational diabestes.  I hope that goes well!  This is my last monthly appointment, and then I am going every 2 weeks to see my prenatal doctor...well, 1 of 11.

Today I am 26 weeks and 4 days!  Getting very close to my 3rd trimester.  The home stretch is coming so soon now!  I never thought I would be at this point.  I would look at people at my Yoga class (also known as the worst 90 minutes of my week) who were 25-30 weeks, and wondered what I would look like at that point, and how I would feel.  I am having a lot of back pains and sciatic nerves problems, but am getting through it.  Last week it was so bad that I told Alan I was done with this pregnancy and that I give up.  I also said that this little boy would be an only child.  We will see if those words prove to be wrong later on!
To help with the back pains, I have a hot water pack, new shoes and am trying to get a monthly massage.  Oh, and I bought a new Lulu Lemon wrap...just because it makes me happy!  I miss my hoodies so much! 

I have gotton in contact with a Doula.  My massage therapist has a client who does this, and passed me her number, as this is something I am very interested in for a number of reasons.  I have a very close friend who is a Doula as well, and she has offered her services.  However, I am leary about how I might treat her at that time, I always seem to think that having someone I know there will be rough as I might be mean to them, but I also know that those I love, and especially her will not take offense to it, and will probably even find it funny!  I know what she will provide me with the comfort and insanity I will likely appreciate at the stressful time of removing a human baby from my body through my crotch!!!!!  Because, word on the street has it that when going through childbirth, that is seriously what is going to happen! OMG!!!

I also know that it will be so hard for her to coordinate her being here for the birth as she lives in Ontario and a 4 hour plane ride at very short notice will be a challenge.  I really don't know what to do. I am stuck as to what decisions to make.  What if I got into labout early, and she isn't here, or she has taken a week off work to be with me, and I am late, and she ends up having to leave before the baby is born?  This is why I feel someone local might be my best option.  We will see.  I am going to meet her tomorrow and see how we get along, and what she believes in and if we are on the same page when it comes to a birth plan. (Which, apparently, according to my book, I should be thinking about....)  OMG AGIAN!!!!

And for photos!!!!

25w1d (Underwater)

25w1d - Floating.  I had this same picture at 17 weeks I think (When in England)

And the most recent where I am at 26w0d.
 (Taken on Aug 13, 2010)


  1. You have such a cute belly. I too was thinking of a doula but with 2 midwives, mom and Todd I think I will be ok.

  2. Yes, I think you will have all the support you need! I have since met with the Doula and am suprised at how much support they offer the husband, she is there for us as a couple and not just me as a labouring woman!

  3. Yes that is true, Randi. I am sending you the information still. I'm so slow at mail. But I will do it.
    And a Doula doesn't have to see your crotch. FYI.