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Friday, December 10, 2010

Oma was here!

My mom, Sutton's Oma was just here for 5 days days.  She flew to Edmonton from Toronto last Sunday and just left today.  What a busy week we had.  Lots of shopping, laughing, chatting and of course more shopping.

I initially didn't want any house guests until the new year.  However, as the days passed and I was feeling confident in my new role as a mother, I wanted to spend some time with my Mom before she left for 3 months holidays.  It was great having her here.  I had long showers, walked to dog, and regained some feeling from my arms which are usually numb from baby holding etc. 

We had a great time!!! Here are some photos:

Picking Mom up at the Airport!

Oma holding her Grandson!

Daddy feeding a bottle which took forever for me to pump!

3 weeks old and in a Christmas outfit.

Morning snuggles from his Oma! 

This makes me laugh.  He is clearly terrified he is being held by a crazy lady in leopard print jammies and making a babouska with a receiving blanket! haha


  1. Hahaha baboushka I can't read what the sign says.

  2. LOVE the pics! Glad you got to spend some time with Chilite!

  3. The sign says "Chauffeur for Sutton's Oma"

  4. Chilete (Moms)May 06, 2011

    It was definately very special for me to be there and the first to see him :)