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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sutton is 1 Month Old....Tomorrow

I was going to do this post tomorrow, however, I have some spare minutes so I will do it now!  Can you believe it, I am actually sitting down on the computer, resting after a baking session that was a disaster, listening to Christmas music and just waiting for Sutton to wake up.

Exactly 1 month ago today I was pregnant, anticipating my due date which was the following day.  Little did Alan and I know that Sutton would start his decent in just a matter of hours.  It is amazing that this time last month I wasn't a parent, and fast forward to today...I am a parent.  The last month has flown right by.  I have been trying my hardest not to blink...at everyone's advice!

My little sweetheart has been with us for a month now.  A month filled with joy, tears, happiness, confusion, laughs, frustration and cuddles.  I guess that's the life of a parent.  We deal minute my minute and take the hard and easy days in stride.  Alan looked at me the other morning, and said "We will just chalk that up to a rough night."  Isn't that the truth.  We also praise the good nights though, as there are many.  We are trying to establish some sort of a sleeping routine.  I have read many many articles, some which state that at a month of age a sleep routine isn't possible, and others state it is.  We are picking and choosing the parts we like best, and adding them to our memory. 

Alan and I make all our parenting decisions together, and that is exactly how I hoped our life would be.  I only wish Alan came with boobs.  The other day though, I brought Sutton to my breast and made sure his mouth was open wide, and Alan pushed him on, so he helps every way that he can.  He is an excellent bather and bum changer.  My husband is the greatest husband and a truly wonderful father.  Years before Alan and I were together, we joked that we would have kids together.  When we sent eachother letters (in the mail, not email) on the return address sections we would write "The father/mother of my child."  As it turns out, we knew exactly where life would take us.  10 years later, here we are, happily married, and we have a son together, something I refer to as our "little ball of human perfection"

Sutton recently showed us he can make tears.  Heartbreaking, yet adorable at the same time.  He hasn't seemed to get sick and tired of me hugging and kissing him though...thank god!  He isn't a fan of me not allowing him to comfort suck.  At a feeding it is fine or at night time, but not just all day long for something to do.  He doesn't like his soother either.  He did suck his thumb last week though, and it was the cutest thing ever!!!!  He also got his SIN card!  What a grown up little man.

This month we welcomed Brayden James into the world.  My sister Christine gave birth to an adorable boy on December 15.  I cannot wait to meet him.  Sutton now has 4 cousins.  I often wished we lived closer to our families so that we can all be closer, especially the kids.  As much as I wish that, I am so happy here in Alberta.  It makes going to Ontario to visit that much more special.  But we live in Alberta, and we love it.  This is home for us. 

We hope to get a new vehicle soon...Alan wants a minivan.  Help me God.  I am not against minivans, I just never thought I would have one, especially before the age of 30.  However, I also had doubts I would have a child before the age of 30.  We have a list of pros and cons for vehicle choices, and the minivan is winning.

It is almost Christmas. The house is decorated, and almost all the gifts are bought.  Alan's parents (Mimi and Grandad) are coming next week, and we are very excited.  They have been in Houston the last couple weeks visiting Sutton's little cousin Penny, and will make their way here next.  We will welcome them in our parkas, mittens, toques and boots!!! hahaha

I can't upload any pictures at this time, as we have signs of life, oh wait, maybe not....Kobe was just checking on him.  I am so touched at the wonderful Bond these 2 have!  It is adorable to see Kobe interact with Sutton.  When I was showering the other day, I heard Sutton crying, and I heard Kobe run over to him, then come into the bathroom and push the shower curtain aside so he could see me, then he ran back out to Sutton, and then to me again.  He was clearly telling me that Sutton needed me.  I have been watching Pet Heroes a lot lately, and have been thinking of making my own show called "Pet Babysitters!!!"  hahaha

Here are some recent pics:

Thumb sucking Baby!!!!

Alan looks funny here, still in his work clothes, as soon as he gets home he is thrown the baby and I shower or do laundry! Sutton looks so happy being held by his Dad!!!

I love how Sutton is sitting so straight and tall.  He was probably terrified of Alan's shirt or his giant hand!


  1. Holy crap your son is adorable!!
    Please tell Christine i said congratulations!

  2. Randi you will love the space that a mini van offers. Babies and pets seem to take up so much space when traveling. You need playpens and chairs or exersaucers as they get older depending on how long and where you are going. Don't underestimate the coolness of a minivan. I have one and love it. Todd says our next vehicle will be a big car. I think he's insane to think this because I won't look at another vehicle unless it's a van.
    Sutton is very cute. I can't seem to decide who he looks more like.

    Elsie thank you for the congratulations.

  3. I hate to correct you but Sutton has 5 cousins.

  4. I love the pictures! Sutton is adorable - what a cute little bundle! I am so glad the first month has gone so well for your family. Keep the posts coming, I love reading the updates!

    Happy holidays!
    Laura R