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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo Update

It is hard to type with 1 hand, so I will upload pics for now with a breif description!


Enjoying some time with Mom is his Carrier

Daddy giving Sutt-the-Butt a bath.  He loves baths, but didn't in thispicture!

December 22 - Sutton all ready for Alan's Christmas Party, I am still in my pj's.

December 22 - Sutton's first Christmas Party.  This was the very end of the night, and he was partied out and wanted to see his Mimi and Grandad!

January 5 - Enjoying some time on his mat, with a partial smile!!!

January 05 - Sitting in his glider with his giraffe

December 30 - New Car Day!

Janaury 05 - Chillaxin with Kobe!

Auntie Pearly gave him this adorable shirt.  I love the look on his face!

January 04 - Having some Tummy Time!


  1. Aunty PearlyJanuary 06, 2011

    I love the shirt on him. Clearly I would say this. LOL
    He's adorable. You look amazing Randi. So happy.
    You have a great little family. Its amazing that just yesterday (i swear!) we were insane!
    Wait...we still are. But now insane adults. LOL
    Love seeing pictures. Miss you guys.

  2. PS: Sutton looks like Alan a lot in the pic sitting on the couch with Kobe.