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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Days Continue...

Well well, it's been so long since I did a proper post, in fact, it has been about 2 months since my last real post about me and what has been going on.
Clearly, I have been so busy being a mom that I haven't had a chance to even properly get online and just waste time. Actually, now that I am no longer working full time, I seem to have very limited personal time....if that even makes sense.

Over the last couple months so much has happened. More recently though, Alan's parents were here for Christmas, and we all had a wonderful visit. I was sad to see them leave. Sutton is becoming more aware of his surroundings and needs to be entertained. He looks at something to intently and really examines it. It is so funny to watch. It seems as though maybe he has a photogenic memory, or that he will be a genius. He is also getting so big. He has outgrown his newborn clothes already.

 really miss my old life. I miss getting up and getting ready for work, hair, make up and clothes. Teh rush of the drive to work, with a stop for breakfast. I miss sitting at my desk first thing, and doing the same routine everyday. I miss wondering what I was going to have for lunch, and then actually having an hour to do whatever I wanted. I miss packing up and taking the elevator down to the parkade everyday at 5:00pm. I miss coming home, seeing Kobe and waiting for Alan. I miss the countdown to Friday and then sleeping in all weekend, and doing nothing, or doing everything, I could do whatever I wanted. My time was that; all mine. I could do as much or as little as I wanted.

As much as I miss my old life, I love my new life. I am so blessed to be able to know who I was then, and who I am now. I am the same person, yet my priorities have changed so much. The transition from a career girl into a mom is fairly drastic, yet it has been relatively easy for me, and I have taken it all in stride. Don't get me wrong, I have had some bad moments and even bad days. But I do love being needed and loved. I love that my son needs me for nourishment, comfort, shelter and entertainment. The feeling of being depended on is a feeling that I don't think someone can truly understand until they are a parent. Being a stay at home mom and wife is better than I could have imagined. My house isn't immaculate and my homeade suppers are elaborate, but I think my expectations were far too high.

The thing that really amazes me the most is that my days do not start and end. They continue on, one day falls into the next.

Sutton and I are gradually getting into a routine. We get up at about the same time everyday, and then we have a day filled with feedings, naps, playing, cleaning, errands, diaper changes, clothes changes, and clock watching. I am always looking forward to Alan coming home. Him and Sutton have a very special Bond. I always knew that Alan would make an excellent father, but to actually see it is something else altogether. The next best thing to my son smiling at me, is him smiling at his Dad. It warms my heart to no end. I love listening to Alan talk to him and tell him stories. Sometimes he just walks around the house and talks to Sutton about everything, the fridge magnets, the pictures on the wall, the contents of his room, the dogs every move, and what I am doing. They always spy on me. The evening can be a challenge though, as that is when Sutton is needing me the most. He likes to be held in my arms and be able to nurse as often as he wants, which is usually contantly. If he is not given this special mom time, he is fussy. I love when Alan has days off because then Sutton and Alan can spend real time together when Sutton is happy and his true personality shows through.

The other night I heard Alan telling Sutton how much the Flames suck. That must mean that Toronto lost the hockey game. Cutest thing ever. Alan held Sutton inches from the TV and he watched it so intently. It was hilarious how enthralled he was with it. Sure its the colours, movement, etc, but Alan believes he is learning the game and preparing to be an NHL player, so we will go with that!

And now for pictures!!!

We have smiles.  He loves when I sing him the song I wrote for him!

Jan 16 - Swimming, he loved it!

 Jan 02 - A flying baby!

A clean baby!

All dressed up for the Passport office!

More swimming!  He looks naked here!

Jan 15 - Hockey Night in Canada!!!  He wears his Toronto hat for support!

In his outfit from the Gulleys!  So cute!  One foot says "Little" and the other says "Monkey"  He looks terrified!


  1. Very cute pics. I think that "tv" stay at home moms make the "job" seem easier than it really is. I too thought my house would be spotless and there would be pot roast on the table every night for when Todd got home form work. It's still the best job in the world. It's worth it just to get those smiles or when your kids tell you they live you.

  2. Who EVER thinks there will be a pot roast on the table? Heck, I shouldnt get married or have kids because there won't be any damn pot roast! LOL

    Sutton is adorable. He is looking a lot more like you, Randi. I don't see Alan too much just yet. I'm sure you do more so in person but in his smile, I see you, Randi.
    He's so small but I just want to cuddle him up. Tell Alan to talk to Sutton about his Aunty Pearly ok?