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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips For New Moms!

Over the last 7 weeks I have learned a lot. 

Here are some little tips/advice/anecdotes etc. for new moms, I've come by them all honestly, some funny, and others are just plain old common sense!!   You may get a good laugh or head smack from them!

Remember though, that I am not a professional in child rearing nor am I a doctor. (Although, I do self diagnose like a pro!!!)

1.  Bibs - They can really save an outfit!
2.  Lanonlin Cream - A must have those first few weeks of breastfeeding.
3.  Bassinet - Must easier to have baby in room with you than in their room, easier for night time feedings, and a sense of security for the baby.
4.  Breastfeeding - It is hard, do research before the baby arrives, so when you need it, you have it.
5.  Diapers - Don't buy them before baby arrives, because you might need a smaller or larger size, and chances are you have thrown out the receipt.
6.  Cloth Diapers - Remember they are really puffy so make sure the clothes you buy fit over the bum, this means you might have to buy larger clothes.
7.  Your body - Let it heal after childbirth, there is always lots to do when you get home, but your body needs to heal itself as well.
8.  Pads - The ones the hospital gives doesn't have wings, they are mandatory, so bring your own.
9.  Onesies (Diaper Shirts) - We went through so many of these, so have lots on hand.  it is possible to go through several a day, especially when you haven't perfect diaper changes or the diapers are crap!
10.  Sleep Bras - If you are breastfeeding, this will be an essential item.  They are easier to get your boob out, and provide a good amount of comfort and support while you sleep.
11.  Swaddle - Learn to swaddle or use a woombie, keeps baby warm and secure.
12.  Pictures - Take lots, if possible have a nurse take pics during the birth and right after.
13.  Meals - If people offer to make you meals, why say no!!!  Someone else bringing you supper us always a bonus!
14.  Showering - I found night showers to be great.  Nice and relaxing before bed.
15.  Bassinet (Part 2) - Raise the head part if your baby seems to hate it.  This can help with reflux.  I also lined mine with blankets so it wasn't so hard.
16.  Noises - As much as this can be controversial for long term sleep habits, the Sleeping Lamb might be nice to help baby sleep, sounds of heartbeat, rain, whatever.
17.  Waking at Night - Don't wake a sleeping baby, everyone will tell you this.  If your baby wants to sleep for 5 hours, let them.  If baby is hungry, they will wake!  Of course, preemies are another story.
18.  Breast Pads - Leakage is no fun, helps to keep the lanolin cream where it should be as well.
19.  Clothing Sizes - Newborn size, doesn't always mean small, sometimes it means massive!
20.  Pets - We brought a blanket home from the hospital, so it contained my smell and the babies, when we brought the baby home, the dog was already familiar with that smell.
21.  Dancing Baby - Do not play this game after a feeding, and if you must play it, don't have the baby over your face!
22.  Puke - Where to begin.....Overfeeding your baby is possible.
23.  Nursing in Bed - Nursing in bed is a wonderful thing, BUT...you must remember to burp the baby afterwards, otherwise an air pocket forms and all milk drank will come up when the burp does, and then its a waste of the liquid gold!
24.  Pretending - your baby knows when you have no idea what you are doing...tell them you do know, and they might believe it! 
25.  Cuteness - Yes, your baby is the cutest one ever born...well, after mine of course!!!!
26.  Swing - Best baby essential we have.  Perfect for naps or to contain the baby while you are doing stuff.
27. Left Hand - Start using your non-dominate hand, because you are going to need it.
28.  Car Rides - Lots of babies love being in the car, the hum of the engine and the bumpiness put them right to sleep.
29.  Baby Book - Buy one, and fill it in before you forget all the information!
30.  Daddy - Let Daddy bond with baby as much as possible, if you are breastfeeding, you will find that the baby might prefer you, as you are their source of nourishment and comfort, Dad will eventually be able to comfort baby as well, it might just take longer.
31  Car Seat Cover - If you are fortunate enough to experience -30'C, a car seat cover is great, it will protect the baby from the elements.
32.  Strollers - I hate strollers, which is why I bought the smallest one available.  Travel systems are NOT any cheaper, and they are NOT safer then others.
33.  Baby Carrying - Baby needs practice, so do you.  Research them before buying.  Some really hurt your shoulders, and others squish the baby.  A reputable store will have some for you to try on with your baby.  Walk around with it on for 20 minutes, you will know if it is comfortable.
34.  Fussiness - It is true, some babies are fussy the same few hours of everyday.  They may not have gas, be tired, be hungry or be wet.  They might just need to be cuddled!
35.  Pumping - This can be hard or easy.  There are tricks if you are like me and have a hard time though.  Warm compress before pumping, and double pumping.  Remember that a baby sucks more efficiently than a pump pumps.
36.  Manual - The hospital doesn't give you one, seriously, they don't.  Google is a damn good resource though, as are blogs aimed at your style of parenting (which maybe you don't think you have, but you do!)
37.  Poo - I could talk all day about poo.  There is a huge difference between breastfed babies, and formula fed babies.  Your baby doesn't have to poo daily (age depending) so don't fear the worst.
38.  Stool Softeners - How could I forget, anyone who has a child vaginally, will probably advise you to take stool softeners, I will do the same!
39.  Snaps - Love and hate relationship.  I love zippers, snaps can become annoying, there are so many, and can be hard to get closed correctly when baby is squirming, or you are in a darker room.  Plus, some outfits have like 20 snaps on them, plus the diaper shirt!!! 
40.  Sleepers - Wouldn't you be more comfortable in a 1 piece outfit then an actual outfit with a shirt, sweater, pants, socks etc.  Easier for changing as well!!!
41.  Pacifiers - I shouldn't even get started on this, so I will only say, do what you want.   But know the difference in sucking a pacifier, bottle, or breast, all can interfere with eachother!
42.  Comfot Sucking - It does exist, it is tiring, but it can be wonderful for the baby.
43.  Doctors - Don't believe everything they say!  They don't know everything, and they certainly do not know your baby.
44. Plan Ahead - If you weren't a planner before kids, you might want to achieve this special trait.  This means all outing, showers, meals, etc work better with a little planning.

This is all I can think of at the moment, if I think of any more, I will add them!

Again, I must say that I am not a professional, and these are not all correct for everyone, but they are for me.  Especially the dancing baby game, over feeding, challenges of breastfeeding, a bassinet, left hand, fussiness, puke, just to name a few.

Remember that you know best.  This is your baby, and trial and error are usually the best way to figure things out.  What worked for you mother, your friend, your neighbour, etc, might not work for you and your baby.  Things change all the time over the years.  Bottle warming used to be done in the microwave, now it is practically illegal.  Feeding used to be done every 4 hours, now they say every 2-3 from the beginning of a feed (yes, this means as soon as the baby is done eating, it may be time to start again), they also say feeding on demand is best as well.  You will quickly learn when your baby is hungry or using you as a pacifier. 

There isn't a right way or a wrong way of doing things...well sometimes there is, but not for everything.  Do what works for you!  This is your baby, spend your time loving them and cherishing the moments.  And above all, remember that you are the most important person to your baby.  They love you unconditionally!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!!!

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